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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by ParetoPharma, Dec 24, 2016.

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    Did you check your spam folder?
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    He got back to me! Turns out for whatever reason my messages may have ended up in his spam! Ty for the replies boys! :)
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    I just grabbed some supermans from him

    anyway fuck I went on a vacation for 3 weeks, it’s crazy how your body rebounds. I’m up like 15 lbs, I know it’s mostly water weight but god damn if it doesn’t hurt to work for so long and then go on a vacation diet and totally boost out and puff up.

    excited to get back into a routine
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    Does anyone know if Pareto has
    Winstrol (aqueous solution)
    and if so how is it?
  5. Honk

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    Hey guys is it normal for domestic to want money in mail rather than e transfer. Rarely purchase domestic always got it shipped in, 2 stopped packages later fuck that need domestic
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    I believe they all have e transfer now
    Only thing is that you run the risk of leaving a paper trail with e transfer
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    I prefer CIM over EMT!
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    I am looking to order the 5mg Anavar from Pareto, and some clenbuterol. Has any female had experience with the 5mg dosage, and what would you recommend for a clenbuterol product, the pen or tablets? The tablets seem to be cheaper for the amount of product.
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    Can someone confirm Pareto real email ? I get occasional emails from paretopharma , is that the real email or someone scamming? Thx in advance
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    I forgot to add pics last time; as you can see, I've already sampled the EQ, Test Prop, and Turinabol. My bloodwork is great and the EQ at low doses has me feeling great.
  11. Eq
    EQ at low dose not worth running imo. That's 1 compound similar to primo that works best the higher you go unless people here can refute that with experience
  12. The clen tabs are 100mcgs bro for a lady you should probably go the clen pen route. I loved the pen as you can gradually increase dose. My gf is on the 5mg var well she pops 2 now so 10mg. Loving it.
  13. DescartesBreh

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    I used to run it low dose (250 mg) in between long intervals of time between fights when I was fighting professionally. Both my trainers and I have noticed an increase in my cardio workouts.

    I agree it's not the best drug/dose for bodybuilding, but amateur/professional athletes love it
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  14. Interesting. Me personally did not get much out if eq even at a gram. On a different note I'm trying pareto Nutrobol for first time during my cruise 1 tab before bed and for some reason I've woken up a few times middle of night because I am hungry and had to go kitchen for snack lol. I'm guessing it's the mk. Can any1 else chime in in mk677
  15. DescartesBreh

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    Honestly, though,I was younger at the time (25 yo) and it was my first cycle. I'm sure some of the effects were psychosomatic due to increased confidence.
    The legitimate Muay Thai fighters echoed your sentiments that higher doses were needed for even cardiovascular/endurance benefits
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    I did 20 mg a fay for about 4 months during last blast. My main reason for trying was the sleep and hunger gains I heard all about...

    Pros: slightly better sleep
    Cons: zero increase in hunger, face bloat (which I don’t normally get on blast), and it put my fasting glucose into pre diabetic range after 4 months of usage.

    Conclusion: won’t be touching it again.
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    They may have emt for people they know well. But id say its rare. All my labs still ask for btc, cim or wu for payments
  18. I'm feeling very tired in the AM even after 8hrs. I take 1 pill before bed. Not liking tgat.
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    Guys who have run tren and mast

    I’m running tm101 and fuck me my prostate hurts man. It doesn’t hurt to pee but it feels like a dull pain all day. I noticed it doing single leg deadlifts and it’s been a while now.

    I usually don’t run masteron but as I said no issue peeing or hair loss.
    Am I just fucked?
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    Go and get blood work
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