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    Just a quick and simple review of some items. See below.

    Brand: Pareto Pharma (Canada)
    1. DHB 1 Test Cyp: First time running this compound for 6 weeks now (400mg a week). Everyone says PIP is horrible, honestly its absolutely 0/10. Pareto's test however has always given me slight pip and 7/10 swelling. This is a 0/10 on swelling and pip.

    PROS: IMO this is an amazing compound. In terms of muscle building it feels like the first test cycle you ever ran. Muscles feel very "tight and hard" if that makes sense? Absolutely zero estrogen sides, zero bloating. I feels like 100mg of Anavar, but consistent dry muscle tissue gains like test. Strength imo is a 3/10, I dont feel much but I don't train for strength. In comparison to test mg per mg I would say is 35% stronger than test. I would compare the gains to 400mg of NPP with 300mg of masteron.

    CONS: Strange blood filled cyst like pimples is random areas. This is veryyy strange, once a week I get a pimpe in an area pimpes normally dont form (on my ribs, on my inner theigh hamstring area, on my inner arm). These pimples are painful, bruising and to pop them you pretty much need to stab yourself with a thumb tack and let the blood leak out. Lmao sorry for being graphic but I hate pimples. Another con is 1-3 DEEP painful pimples in mid back per week. Lastly lethargy and appetite suppression. This compound feels quite toxic. I would compare the lethargy to 3 weeks of 30mg dbol or 10 days of superdrol. My body ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT WANT CLEAN FOOD. I cannot stomach chicken/rice more than once a day... I am normally a disciplined beast able to get down 4-5 meals chicken rice a day. Instead, I have to supplement with subway to kill those bad cravings. Clean eating on this compoundIis impossible for me. I am 7/10 tired all day everyday. Decreasing my training ability but at least 40%. So being able to train less frequently, with less intensity and unable to eat more than 150-175g of protein a day makes me question the return on investment when taking this compound.

    CONCLUSION: I will continue to run this compound no longer than cycles of 4 weeks at the start and end of a cycle. The lethargy and appetite suppression is a major downfall but due to the shock of a new compound in your body, I feel makes up for what your losing diet/training wise. The price pretty good for what you get in my opinion, and this will be a staple in my physique goals in the future. If you're not a fan of being bloated, getting gyno and high blood pressure from Deca or high test I highly reccomend this compound.

    Muscle building: 8/10
    Muscle hardness: 8/10
    Muscle preservation: 7/10
    Strength: 3/10
    Fat loss: 0/10
    Erectile dysnfunction: 0/10
    Sex drive increase: 6/10
    Water gain: 0/10
    Gyno: 0/10
    Achne: 7/10
    Injection pain/swelling: 0/10
    Appetite suppression: 9/10
    Lethargy: 9/10

    Let me know if you have ran this compound and what you experienced.

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    I ran their Mk677 1 tab a day. Absolutely insane uncontrollable hunger. You WILL absolutely get fat on this and there is no if ands or buts! However this compound healed two SERIOUS injuries I had in 3 weeks. This is the first compound ive ever taken and thought to myself "wow is this magic?".

    But the hunger just isn't worth it. Ide only take this 8-10% on a serious business npp,test,Anavar muscle building cycle. I would wakeup almost in tears at 2am so hungry I would run to Dominos and devour an entire pizza 4/7 days a week minimum.

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    i have blood work scheduled for next month.

    But! I think I figured it out. I was doing single leg dumbbells dead’s this morning and I let my glute do all the work and I felt a ripping pain right where I felt the prostate pain. So I think I have a pulled muscle around this area. When I keep my hamstrings more activated, my hip doesn’t “roll out” as much and then literally tear my ass open. Hard to describe feels like my glutes ripping off my ass.

    but back to the thread. Tm101 is insane, especially for libido. I don’t want this to end
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    Hate to sound like a creep but... pics of these blood zits? Never heard of this
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    Not that i did pareto's dhb, (another lab @ 300mg week) but around week 12 i got what i thought was a really big deep zit on the back of my arm. Turned out to be a cyst that i had to have hacked out. Never had one before. Coincidence?
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    I’m going to be running a tren blast in the next few weeks and I’m adding mk. I’ve never ran mk, but my thought is it will help with appetite and sleep. Anyone ran it with tren?
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    I haven't used Mk with Tren but It's most certainly going to raise your appetite to an insane degree, Personally It didn't help me with sleep but instead made me feel as if I didn't even need to sleep when I took it later in the day. Overall It was magical, I feel that It would probably be a great addition especially if you're experiencing any type of appetite suppression. The hunger is just simply an ongoing thing, You might eat and feel full for a short time and then be starving 20 minutes later. The sense of well being is also a factor in which I truly haven't experienced with any other drug in a long time except with a strong painkiller of course haha
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    What else were you using alongside the DHB?
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    Did you contact them? Or a doctor? That sounds extreme, especially given another user below stated a similar thing using DHB

    I think we forget that there are literally zero medical studies long or short term on many of these drugs

    I think it was Matt Porter who died recently and he was running a DHB log before his death. Not saying it’s related, but it makes you think twice.
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    I knew Matt personally he was my coach for 4 years. He already had heart problems to begin with and he continued to push the envelope.
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    That’s unfortunate.
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    The cypionate version will have no pip
    The base did have some pip as it was non estered.. but it was insanely strong. I used it as pre workout (300mg/wk or 1/2mL 6x a week except on 1 rest day) and it was pretty great run. I put up with the pip as long as I could. Have 3 vials left and I'm probably going to run it even with the pip.
    They have since from what I heard improved the process and prepared it with the cypionate ester

    I'm probably going to order some pareto diababol. Never tried their orals just the oils which were great - I assume the orals are GTG?
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    Dbol was good. 20-30mg was strong for me. Only thing I didn't like was the lower back pumps. Quite painful, but not to say I would never use it again.

    Currently running their tren ace and test prop 350/350 is quite nice

    Have used Test e, test prop, NPP, equipoise, arimidex and cialis. I don't think you can get a bad product from this lab
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    best D bol I’ve had has been from Pareto

    you’re gtg
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    Top notch lab with great customer service!
    From payment to delivery - 3 days flat!
    Very professional rep & prompt communication!!
    Oils flow smooth!!
    A+++ IMG_20200217_133759_2_1 - Copy (original).jpg
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    Looks like new packaging hey
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    Yeah. The tops are new. They now contain a logo. I got a couple test prop with them, but TM101 with the old top. Sill been getting the old packaging for everything oral
  18. Yeah the labels are beautiful. Has that shine to the lettering etc.
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    Looks slick

    anyone use the ru588? I’m shedding like a bitch from tren. I don’t want to go in propecia due to horror stories

    Has anyone used the RU588 and what’s your thoughts? Does it actually work like the photos
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    Propecia won’t actually do anything, it kills dht getting converted from testosterone . Trens is causing androgenic alopecia. Tren doesn’t convert to dht or raise dht levels. Ru5881 will work as far as reducing hair follicle Miniaturization. It however does nothing for regrowth. Your regrowth depends on genetics pretty much. So it works as far as stopping it, not mch for regrowth. If you’re still growing hair though, and use ru5881 daily.You should notice your hair get fuller eventually just depends on your growth rate.
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