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  1. muscletrain

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    Damn brother looking great, I keep hearing about cardarine gotta look into it. Keeping my cut simple at 32 now with just 300 Test E, low cals, and some Opti's. Was thinking of tossing a bit of t3 on top, would you recommend the cardarine?
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  2. muscletrain

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    I have and it seems to do it's job, no regrowth but it's a potent anti-androgen. People said it still goes systemic but I didn't feel any nasty side effects or feel any permanent fuckups after stopping. I'm the same way would love to run fina or duta for maximum protection but will not risk the black label side effects.

    Best bet without fina is RU, Nizoral 5% since its available in canada twice a week, and Minoxidil twice daily. If you need regrowth it hurts like a bitch but look up the needling machines set it to 1.5mm and go to town once every 3-4 weeks stimulates actual regrwoth but looks like a tattoo gun lol.
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  3. DescartesBreh

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    Ordered from Pareto and am extremely impressed. I ordered some EQ, NPP, and turinabol to run along with my TRT script. It was delivered the very next day and they added a gift (a vial of Test Prop!). I've never been treated so well by a company.

    Thank you, Pareto, for everything
  4. Scotian

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    What’s everyone’s favourite cutting cycles excluding tren? thinking on dropping tren in my cycles for good.
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    Nothing will be the same .. you’ve tasted the nectar of the gods..
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    Honestly man I didn’t notice every single drug on its own because I’m running a few. I’ve always had excellent stamina. This was the easiest cut I have ever done and I think of course my combination of steroids did most of the heavy lifting but I also had a really really clean diet and did 30 minutes of moderate cardio 7 days a week along with 6 days of heavy weights.
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    Your sick in spirit LVBB your posts are a reflection of pervision and total insanity, other than that Merry Christmas you sick bastard!!! Lol
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    Not French broham , don't leave trails as to my residence, I'm not as stupid as some , Merry Christmas cheese bra lol
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  9. Munky

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    Pareto tren/masteron blend if you like tren , intermittent fasting with clean monitoring of calories and nutrients, shit loads of clean water
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    First order done from pareto1, Cant wait to try pareto.
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  11. 1500club

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    test prop and Anavar w Helios or clen. And an hour of cardio 3x a week rowing or stairs.

    I also use tren ... lol
  12. Right! Hahaha
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    Hey I don't post much but I do find something annoying, and perhaps Pareto could do a New Years Resolution this year...oh ya Citadel their other lab as well.

    Cool it with the Schilling and bullshit posts....You guys aren't welcome on CJM because of it. We all know there is an agenda with that site, but atleast they keep it to their board. You guys are so transparent to anyone who has a clue it hurts. I mean all these jr accounts on meso, sst, and cjm with bullshit bump your thread posts are annoying to say the least. Its a good product let it sell itself...Why are you guys so greedy? Great communication...pack arrived in two days!!! hooorah! It gets old.
    So start the new year right, stop using and creating all these fake accounts and grow organically.

    Feliz Navidad and Feliz ano nuevo
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  15. EazyE

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    No disrespect but Pareto really could care less about this. Call it schilling, call it advertising, whatever....people will buy what works and what they have access to. As an aside, Pareto was accused of this same scenario on Redditt/SST a while back and the accusations were unsubstantiated.
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    A bit ironic

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    Does an UGL with zero negative reviews really need to "schill it up"in the forums??! NO !!!!!
  18. rufflesbaby

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    Any opinions or experiences with some of the Pareto sarms? The Mk677 was absolutely amazing for putting on weight, I have no doubts just kind of interested in some results/experiences some of you may have had. Mainly RAD-140 and LGD-4033.
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    Guys is everything good with our man Pareto1? Generally he's absolutely on point and replies almost within a 1-4 hour window, but he hasn't gotten back to me in a couple of days now.

    Just hoping all is well.
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    Yup he's around lol