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    Yea I have been using slin since about 21.. been close to 13 years now.. getting fat could happen but going hypo and hurting yourself is an understatement lol.. it’s the most dangerous hormone in my opinion.. wrong amounts will literally kill you. I have had seizures from hypo before.. it’s unpredictable because the sensitivity will always change depending on what hormones you are running with it.. be safe and get the gains!!! Impressive a f cycle bro!
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  2. Enough said fellas no need for slin in my life then lol.
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    Yea if you want to do it; I would highly recommend having someone with you for the first little while. Research signs of hypo.. have them monitor you for a few hours after taking the humalog! If I didn’t have my girl with me I would swear I would be dead lol.. the confusion and sweating and all the other signs of hypo sometimes can prevent you from taking sugar to quickly get your sugar levels back up. Which could end up killing you.. so you would need someone there to do it for you.. like I said, used correctly, will cause crazy gains! Lantus isn’t as bad because it’s longer acting so works slower.. but in my opinion, less gains than fast acting.
    Let me know if you have questions, I have had to take it for life haha!
  4. I've just started gh about 3 months ago and plan to stay on for life so thinking about skin is perhaps bit premature but once I get some research in I will hit you up. I appreciate it bro. What's your take on t4 and all that stuff with gh. Read manybtimes that gh without t4 is wasting half the gh.
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    Good question bro, but I am afraid I can’t help with that..

    I am currently skin dependent, the likelihood of getting a messed up thyroid is super high because the 2 disorders are linked.. so I haven’t messed with my thyroid at all.. hopefully someone else can chime in..
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    Slin was by far the most anabolic substance I have ever used but it was also the most stressful. Checking my bloodsugar daily to document resistance, making sure my carb intake was perfectly timed through out the entire day...the commitment is huge with slin but so are the gains...
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    Is anyone having issues trying to log in Tutanota?
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    Hey guys does anyone here have any experience with DHB. Planning out my next cycle and would like to hear some thoughts.


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    Sorry can’t help you on this one

    It looks and sounds like a great compound. But I run such big stacks and when trying something new I like to know what it does. So essentially I’d have to try it coming off a cruise and play with it. I’m not at that point with what I’m doing so it won’t likely be for a while. I do intend to try it though.

    For guys who don’t use big doses like myself though I’d love to see them run stuff like DHB and primo almost exclusively. I did it all wrong started off with heavy drugs 20 years ago so the more mild stuff doesn’t do a whole lot for me.
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    I would love try some DHB, on paper it sounds like an amazing compound. But the nasty PIP stories I have heard, keep me at bay!
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    Did anyone try BODYTECHPHARMA.COM?
    It's a sponsor on BOP with good but not many reviews. Prices are considerably better than other Canadian sources which is definitely possible since we know how cheap it is to buy raws and make vials.

    Would like to order from them, can any1 recommend?
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    Nice try Pal....everyone knows this is by far THE WORST LAB IN CANADA. The only place you will ever see good reviews is their own board which is an absolute Ghost town
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    Not trying anything, I'm quite new in Canada but know the business for years and I'm surprised how much ppl charge here for roids. So was just looking for something cheaper, but I rather stay with Pareto then.
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    Just out of curiosity what makes them the worst lab in Canada? Looks like they've undergone totally new packaging and branding. Quite a few new items added to their list as well.
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    Do not cheap out on your gear. The cliche "everyone knows how cheap raws are" is a fools quote. i think many people also think its just the raws that go into an organization. There are many factors mainly sterility that I like to pay for with my gear. If that means i pay $65 for a product that costs a guy $10 to produce thats fine with me because chances are he is using the best possible equipment. Its not a guarantee but the chances are significantly higher than when a guy is selling that same product for $25. Use a reputable long-standing source that sells products for a reasonable price. The potential problems you could face when saving a couple hundred dollars on your order...just not worth it IMO. its funny guys will drop two hundred dollars at the club on the weekend on "fun" stuff then pinch pennies on a product they inject into themselves.
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  16. I could not have said it better my self bro. Way too many guys are always searching for the most economical source and I get it this game is an investment but it's an investment in yourself and your health and well being. It baffles me that people are wiling to inject shitty gear that when cheap is likely not going through very many quality control measures. Sterilization and the brewing itself to high standards is not a simple task as many think. I've had buddies who have had to go to emerg due to reactions to "cheap" gear. Fuck that I'd rather pay more and know I'm getting the best especially when more is not much more. Reputable source who have been around a while is a must. Those who stick around and do not change lab names etc are doing something right obviously.
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    Being around for a while still doesn’t equate to a clean room or lab or anything else. Unless you’re someone big like Pcom (and even then, they’re still a UGL) you’re still pretty much getting “bathtub” brew. We can only hope a source is investing in a clean room, doing their best to have a clean room - as close to sterile as they can, testing their raws and testing their finished products. And one of the domestic UGL’s has proven you can test your raws, test your finished products AND put out gear at a low price. You hope you’re getting sterile gear just because you pay more, but the only place you’re guaranteed to get that is pharma.
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    What about venom brah???? He spent 3k on his setup
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    Lol, you mean this??? Clearly state of the art sterilization!
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    Stop posting Paretos lab
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