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    Suggestions for a cat harness that is comfortable & secure. Riley enjoys being outdoor. Right now, we have a harness that is not the best and use only in the backyard [attended]. I am looking to take him for walks. Riley weighs ~20 pounds. Thanks ...

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    Me and Harley used to love going for walks! Haha
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    Back before they became little turds
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    Both I assume, lol.
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    I’ve had numerous cats over the years. I’ve always found the tabby makes to be the smartest or at least closest to human like.
    Years ago I taught my wife’s cat Ollie how to meow mom, lol. And he knew what he was doing. If he wanted a snack he would meow mom to get it, he didn’t meow this way any other time. He also loved to play a game with me. I’d be in the back yard by the fire pit having a beer, I had trained the cats to stay in the yard, well he’d jump in the top of the fence and meow for me to pay attention, then as I walked over, jump down. Back then I could hop a fence, toss him back over, he’d do it again. If I hit lazy, he’d go to the front door and wait to be let back in.
    That group I had then are gone now,
    But I have a tabby main coon mix that has multiple front toes, who is 11, been in inside outside cat forever, he’s huge and orange so cars stop for him, but he’s slowing down, sticks more around the house. Having a hard time beating up all the cats anymore. (I know I evil but I’ve been declawing my cats for over 20 years and when I got a new one had to declaw to be fair) anyhow without his front claws, he not a match for the younger cats anymore. But up to 2 years ago he ruled. Never stopped him from killing everything in the neighbourhood, he’d just chase is down smacking it back and forth till it tired and the bit it. More than once I’ve had to let something still alive go from his mouth.
    One time I was on the front porch, small dog was being walked on the side walk across the street, well that dog gave him stink eye, he was going to go and pound on it, started to fly across the street, the dog owner is now shitting himself, thought about picking up the dog, then thought about his own safety and stopped, I screamed ‘Alex, get back here’. He turned around looked at me, I told him ‘now’ and he came walking back looking all defeated. I screamed sorry to the guy with the dog, lol.

    I have 2 others, one a big fat white and orange female and a tortoise coloured one, that is 14 and has arthritis in her hind leg hip joint. Mind you I give her pentosan injections, lol, yeah pentosan I bought for my wife to help her knees, and as long as I give her a weekly injection she does a lot better. She hated the injections at first, but I think a mix of me getting better and her realizing she feels better is helping she doesn’t fly off bending the slin pin anymore, lol. I feel bad for her because other than that one leg, she’s in excellent shape. I also do manual therapy in her leg to help keep it limber, was thinking of some joint support treats as well. Also tried CBD oil, but it just made her lazier, lol.
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    Yes you are evil especially if the cat goes outside. But, at least you're fair. :rolleyes:
  8. I doubt anyones going to make fun of you walking your cat , at least not within hearing distance of you :eek:...good Dad . ;)

    PS- I never had much luck putting cats on leashes :rolleyes:
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    Declawing a cat is like cutting your fingers down to one knuckle only. You must have a really poor understanding of cats! Damn man, learn about things before you make life changing decisions for others...
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    He had no issues kicking every cats in the neighbourhood ass. Lay on his back and used his back legs or jumped and clawed. Mind you he is 20 lb and covered in thick fur. I would watch him chase down chipmunks, smacking them around until they got dizzy and he’d bite them. He is long and super quick.
    Too bad he’s getting old now, I’d love to give him a bit of test, lol.
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    Actually they cut the knuckle off the last knuckle, Not cutting it down to one knuckle. I doesnt effect their movement at all. I’ve done this to 8 cats, none were paw shy, all could jump/run/ play equal to cats with front claws. It does not matter anymore because after these one pass, I’m done with pets other than my lizard and fish. Sick of cleaning up puke and scooping their poop, lol.

    See this is where I get down to the argument. Did you fix your cat? Just wondering how you can justify destroying the endocrine system of your cat, but look down on me declawing mine. I bet, and since we all run gear and understand how hormones work in our bodies, that fixing your cat is by far worse. If you didn’t fix your cat, then you are free to judge me all you want.

    Btw you never remove back claws.
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    I was making the comparison that it is as if somebody mutilated your fingers down to the last knuckle. That is how it feels for your cat, you disabled your cat so he is now handicapped.

    It is not the same thing as neutering or spaying your cat. That would be like comparing taking AAS(screws up your endocrine system) to cutting off a person's fingers.

    I am not going to insult you. You didn't do it to be evil. You don't have a very broad understanding of cats. You obviously love your cats and was convinced declawing was a good idea. I can't be mad at you for not understanding something. However, I do urge you to learn more about cats, really...

    Your edit about not removing back claws is actually another sign that you really don't understand cats... Learn more about the devils you love!
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    I’m sorry but you disabled your cat by fixing it. You are no less evil than me. Actually less damage is done to a cat by declawing than destroying it endroctrine system. If not, then we should all stop investing money in studies on hormone replacement because to better for us to loose our hormones
    And my cats are perfectly fine. All of them have been. My last batch live into their 20’s which I guess is good for a disabled cat.
    And it’s too bad your knowledge about cat anatomy is limited because it’s cutting off the first digit of your finger not cutting to your last. So I guess you need more education as well.

    As far as not removing rear claws, are you trying to suggest I should have removed them as well? By leaving them how am lacking knowledge. Sorry but since I’m so limited I need things explained in detail.

    Anyhow here is a picture
    Google Image Result for
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    It's not about being evil, nobody is calling you evil.

    It's about limiting your cats abilities. There is a reason why all the cat people go nuts when they hear about declawing cats. You should hear their side of the argument.

    Okay! I have a stray that has been coming by here for a year and a half now. I already have 3 damn cats I can't really have a fourth. But I can't really shoo this cat away either. He still has his balls, for now. I will get them cut so there won't be another litter of kittens in this neighborhood.

    Spaying and neutering cats can be a good thing because we breed the hell out of them and produce too many. Dogs are a good example of over-breeding.
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    What ability has it limited in an indoor cat by declawing?
    None. They still fake claw at everything to leave sent, they still jump, run, climb. Their agility has not been compromised.

    I’ve heard all the reasons, from arthritis because people feel that the joint on the top of the toe is used in the ergonomics of balance fir their feet and that they will become lame overtime, which is completely false.

    I’m sorry but fixing an indoor cat is by far worse. How is that not limiting a cats ability? I guess it’s ok because others have decided for the better of the animal it’s ok to do fix them?
    Increases a whole host of health issues, that can be proven even in studies on other mammals.
    Btw I fix my cats also.

    I figured that the life they get to live in my home is well worth the loss of their claws. Do you feed your cats lobster and cold smoked salmon? lol.

    When younger I’d run on all 4 chasing them in the back yard to play with them, fuck I give my cat with rear hip arthritis pentosan injections and daily physio therapy.
    My cats love me enough that I have been ablie to train the majority to stay with I’m fence. Only the two tabby males I have never been able to do this with.

    It’s funny all anti declaw people think the cats are emotionally damaged as well, which doesn’t happen, I can touch all my cats paws, all 9 I’ve declawed over the years. Shit I’ve had two in a row that massage the back of my wife’s neck every night. I guess they suffer thru the pain to do this, lol.

    But anyhow my pet. So I’m not going to argue with you over this anymore.
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    If that was true, then there wouldn't be a purpose to declaw. Not arguing, just point out :)

    I agree and that's why I am not shitting on you. I realize that it is better that the cat is alive and declawed than dead.

    I don't eat lobster but yes I do try to feed them Swedish Gravad lax which is cold smoked salmon. I try to spice things up for them every now and then. Honestly, they don't like the salmon. They prefer wet food or tuna in a can(and it's mainly the juice they like.) My cats are silly.

    I wasn't arguing with you from the start, I said you should learn more about cats! Thanks for sharing your opinion on this matter.
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    Here is Stranger, he has been coming here for a couple years. Stray and I think his growth is slightly stunted from malnutrition.

    It took a good 6-10 months before he would sleep inside. My other three cats are pretty nice about sharing their territory.

    He will usually have some scratches in his face and on the back of his neck.
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    He looks like he scraps. Nice looking cat.
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    I started to make cold smoked salmon at work because my one cat Nick loved it. He could smell the package and would vibrate meowing all werid. Buying it was pricy, I could make it for 1/2.
    Btw I’m a butcher/master sausage maker.
    That cat was a runt when we got him, sat on my lap for dinner every night for 15 years. I remember when I went thru my hot food phase, damn me and that cat could eat some serious heat. I had friends and family walk away from dinner and Nick and I are chowing down. He would snuggle like a baby under the blankets in between your arms in bed. Poor guy had issues with his hips because of being a runt, that was expensive to repair. The balls of his femur actually cracked and eventually broke off. Then he would meow to be picked up to be placed anywhere. Then one day, I see him on the top of the garage, faking little bastard could jump, lol. He was so lazy, my wife would vacuum him, he’d lay there and loved it. I’ll never get another cat like him.
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