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    20190930_154259.jpg 20190417_145355.jpg 20190403_163507.jpg
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    I didn't want to be the first one saying something but I agree that cat is CUTE!

    I like the dark coloration especially around the nose too, really nice spread on his colors!

    Edit: I am assuming it is a he, a lady wouldn't lay like that last pic :)
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    Shes a girl. Fucking Penelope, haha! Nelly for short!
    When I get up at 4am shes laying upside down in the dining room waiting for a belly rub. Friendliest cat I've met!
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    *cat person (cars too, but not my intended wording in this case)

    *in (yeah, I grammar Nazi myself too when I typo)
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    Kimarhi on the left and Seymour on the right. Brothers from different litters. Seymour knows packed bags mean we're leaving and he likes to lie on or get inside packed bags to prevent us from leaving. Kimarhi just follows his big brother. And he is big, Seymour is 18lbs.
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    Kimarhi has the same thinning by his "eye brows" as my Calisto does.

    20190822_161917 (1).jpg

    My favorite photo of Io when he was a little baby.
  9. Heres Flo our 1 yr old . Shes half Blue Persian/half black alley cat but looks almost full Persian. She also has the soft voice of a Persian but she likes to scrap like a alley cat . Flo just about tore the house up after a mouse at 3am ....

    007.jpg 008.jpg
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    That's a rare sight to see a cat that actually uses a cat tower. The ones I bought were never used, they used the box it came in...

    I did build my own though with carpet and wood and that one they like.
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    My dad just got a kitten I was thinking of getting one of the towers at Costco for a Christmas present to give him. What's your thoughts on it?
  12. I built this cat tower with an old wood cabinet turned upside down . A 4ft wood pole wrapped in jute rope and some second hand carpet remnants was fun building ;)

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    Kimarhi still sleeps in the top of the one we have. Seymour is too big to fit on it or in the cubbyholes.
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    Screwed that up was saying I should see if he's built one since he's retired all's he does is tool around his shop
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    I would wait to see what he likes.

    Or maybe get it and put cat nip on it, that way he is used to it since he is a kitten. Cat towers are hit and miss IME.

    A laser is a great investment, even larger cats play with them! :p
  17. I encourage "Real Men" to try and make things theirselves instead of buying everything....todays MAN has lost his creativity and self-sufficiency , relying on Walmarts (China) to supply everything .

    I challenge all Mesolites to pick-up some wood and hammer/nails/screwgun and make it yourselves !!.... DIY FOREVER !! ;) :cool:

    PS- Cant figure it out ? Thats what YOUTUBES for....:D
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    Devil horns in the air emoji thingymabobber FOREVER
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    My cats use the shelf more than the cat tower. They love watching people over the fence.
    I usually put a couple blankets on the top here for them to lie on. They don't use that bottom hole at all. But it's a great scratch post for them. They tore through all the scratching posts I bought them before. The rope that is on the average cat tower breaks too easily. The tower is 6-7 years old and it mainly needs some reinforcements on the bottom top corners.
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    I love cats more than anything, oh my god.