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    I'm brand new here, but I thought I'd try place an order with these guys since I saw a rep from a more popular lab saying that a new customer needed a referral. So I thought I'd take a shot with citadel. I'm just reporting how the order process went. I wont bother with a review of the gear because I doubt it would mean much. But I ordered 4 packs of tbol and it went like this:

    Thursday June 13 8:29 am I asked if I could place the order
    At 9:01 I received a reply with confirmation, total price, and payment instructions
    I replied to that at 9:17am as well as made the payment.

    It took until the 14th at 12:14 to get a reply asking for a name for the receiver. I also received notice the payment had been accepted at this time Answered at 12:19

    On June 15th at 8:44pm got a response saying thank you.
    Immediately replied asking if the shipment would be made on Monday to which I haven't received an answer.

    I feel like I took a stupid risk with this but I still have my fingers crossed. I'll update if/when the package arrives.

  2. Wow. That got really detailed when it didn't need to be. If they provided payment info and you paid and gave your shipping address, sit back and wait. Most sources don't want to be exchanging more than the minimum number of emails.

    That's just how it works. Some don't send tracking, some don't send a "pack was sent out" email. Just be cool and for the love of god, don't hound them unless a couple weeks go by without a td.
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    Annnnnd I'm an idiot. As I was writing that last post the package was being delivered. He had even sent a tracking number on the 15th that I didnt see, like a bonehead. D'OH.
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    Patience always. Good things come to those that wait...A wise man once told me this....
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    Yep. You're an idiot.
    You're ordering illegal drugs.... Shit isn't going to go down the same as ordering off Amazon ffs.... Lol o_O
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    This is my first post on the forum, and my order went really great.

    I sent out an initial email, but the first response from the rep came in about 48 hours. Ordered some test, var, fat burner for the wife and some pct. Rep was very prompt in responding, gave a detailed price list of the items i wanted and shipped the package the next business day after making the payment.

    Package was received by me a couple days after shipping and all looks good so far (this was like ten days ago). This is my first cycle and there is a noticeable increase in strength and endurance after being on 300 mg test e per week.
    So far so good and i would recommend the lab a hundred percent.
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    Two questions:
    1. You said you ordered for your wife. Yet you say you notice your strength increasing already...?
    2. You have results from less than 10 days on Test E?

    Please clarify. Do you mean the Var is kicking in already?
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    Totally forgot to update my experience with this lab. Communications were excellent, delivery and packaging were good as well. Currently cruising on their test and seems to be doing the trick. I would definitely order from this lab again too try different compounds.
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    Sorry, i actually meant i only got the fat burner for my wife, all the other stuff was for me. Came out the wrong way i guess.

    And i don't see any physical results yet just looking in the mirror, but i do sense a heightened level of strength and endurance, especially today when i bench pressed an extra 20 lbs (I know its not a high increase but still) and still felt fresh. I am sweating a lot extra than when i wasn't on gear though, don't know if its bad or just my body getting used to the increased test levels. Also I haven't started the var yet, plan to start a test+var cycle starting the fourth week.
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    Ok keep us posted how your cycle goes.
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  11. The sweating could be a result of hormone fluctuations or higher Test levels. i get that on TRT. i'm a walking furnace that's grown to hate the summer heat over the past few years because of it.

    Good luck on your run.
  12. I've gotten used to being a walking furnaces my self.
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    I find the best part of that is chicks always want to snuggle up to you to get warm. Especially in the winter eh?
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    People complaining about 200$ min orders and waiting 2 days for an express package ... guys calm down lol.

    I order from Pareto but have heard these guys are one and the same. Might order from them next time I need something if they’re actually Pareto.
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    I usually order with and it's proven pretty reliable so far. This email of the rep isn't on the main OP post, but everything suggests it's the pretty much the same source or lab as that, just a different rep. I've got no idea about Pareto though.
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    I also got an email a few days later from the above guy after emailing the original Rep in this thread. I'm thinking about giving them a shot but havnt found much history on them.
  17. Asassin_Kapio

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    The same thing happened with me, he quoted the email that i sent to the original rep as proof that he was legit. I placed the order and got delivery in 2 days, products are Citadel branded but the jury's out on whether the product is exactly the same as the original rep, as i haven't ordered from the original rep.
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    It would be the same product if you were contacted by a rep from the company?
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    You know the only ones complaining about being too poor for $200 minimums are the ones from Quebec. LOL
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    I would think so. The results have been great for my first cycle, and with just 2 weeks left for my cycle I've added 40mg clen per day.
    As long as the product is good i wouldn't care much which rep i got it from, and in this case it might well be the same product. I'll run tests after my cycle and i can give more concrete answers then, but at this point I'd say if you want to buy from them go for it and all the best.