Citadel Labs (Canada Domestic)

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Citadel, Dec 26, 2018.

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    Thank you!
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  2. Citadel

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    Hello MESO

    I have some good sales on testosterone products right now ( I have a ton of overstock and want to cut it down)

    Please e-mail me and I will send you the deals.


    I am talking heavy discounts for large volume of orders on
    10 / 50 / 100+ item orders.

    Test E
    Test C
    Test P
  3. Citadel

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    The testosterone Overstock sale is ending Friday Sep 20 2019

    Let's let this sale run through a payday weekend before closing up!
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    Been interested in this lab for awhile...
    wantNow..who.s to split vial orders hahaha:D
  5. Axxium

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    Emailed you and no response back....
  6. UpNorth

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    Judging by your posts here on meso

    He was smart to ignore you
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  7. Axxium

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    Yeah so smart losing out on thousands of dollars when I’m a legit buyer.. just like my product to be on time that is all. I guess asking for a proper service is a issue ?
  8. UpNorth

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    You’re a fucking idiot, wait a week and you’ll have your product you clown.

    Sources aren’t Amazon, and PGA isn’t a scammer- so maybe go to the gym or break your neck trying to suck your own cock before you come here polluting meso with your accusations and general buffoonery
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    Rage much ?? Haha acting like a fkn child. Internet tough guy.
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    You're quite obviously a troll. You have literally posted in 3 Canadian threads bitching and complaining..and then SURPRISE! Sucking PGA's dick.
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    You are such a clown why would anyone want to deal with you

    Maybe @venompharma would he a good bet for you
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  12. I've made numerous buys from this source since I first posted in this thread. Emails are always answered in 48hrs or less, shipping within 48hrs and delivery to my door 48hrs after shipping. No complaints with service or product.
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