Coronavirus affecting everyone and everything

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  1. Let’s not pretend that this well armed country is not capable of turning itself inside out guys.....that’s nonsense.

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    I agree I think there is something bigoer headed our way. I could go on for awhile about this but not today lol.
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    Come on now, you guys have to spill the beans. If you think something bigger is at play speak up. Now is as good a time as any!! There is nothing going on...
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    Do you mean like do people out there think there is an agenda or a degree of "on purpose" behind this whole thing?
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    I'm convinced the agenda is a concerted effort to bore us to death. It's working, too.
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    Right like Smithers saying to Mr Burns sitting there "if only we could put everyone in jail sir" "HOld my beer Smithers <picks up phone> release the virus"
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    Well, in fact, I´m feeling the pain of people that you see in the news, but I´m renjoy the present, the good times, meso readings,etc.
  8. The National childhood vaccine injury act or 42 USC is what I was referring to.
    I don’t think it provides complete legal immunity, like if they make a “defective” vaccine, not sure what that means, maybe if it contains too much mercury lol. Anyway my worry was for the state to use this virus to seize more control.
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    Bad idea to be on DNP at this time? I know the Rona gives you a fever. Hot body+fever bad idea? LMFAO
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    There have been quite a few successful lawsuits claiming harm from vaccines given to children, but the suit is against the federal government, not the manufacturer. I would actually be OK with it if it didn't apply to patented vaccines. That has resulted in essentially mandated vaccines that are patented by a single company with all liability going to the federal government.
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  11. Yeah from my understanding is the federal government has a trust fund for vaccine injuries, so I guess it’s the government that’s taking responsibility. Anyway I don’t have a whole lot of trust in pharmaceutical companies, beyond trusting their drugs are usually better than ugl. I honestly only get vaccines I feel are important, like mmr, don’t want to get mumps which can lead to damaged balls. Last vaccine I got was for hpv cause I have a phobia of warts lol. But I don’t get flu shots. Some are necessary and some not so much.
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    Dear God

    Please give Nancy Pelosi the Covid-19 Coronavirus.

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    I'm not sure if it can kill crazy.
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    interesting read on grocery handling....
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    The tin-foil hat wearing crowd sure does come up with crazy shit in times like this.
    At times, government is so stupid and incompetent they couldn't legislate their way out of a wet paper bag. Other times, they are so intelligent, organized, and diabolical that they easily manipulate the entire world with their elitist secret plan of world domination.
    There is always some world control evil plan being carried out in secret, except lucky for us, the tin-foil hatters are watching out for us and gladly share their half-baked misinformation with anyone who will listen.
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    Occam’s Razor. Learn it and live it. People give others far too much credit for being smart when most of the people in government are complete narcissistic assholes (yes on both sides of the aisle) incapable of putting two thoughts together and doing the right thing regardless of the circumstances.

    For any of the extreme tinfoil hat people:

    The coronavirus did not escape from a lab. Here's how we know. | Live Science
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    This article is just so strawman for me dog, equating that if the virus was released from a lab, then it has to be a man made one for that to be true