Does anyone ACTUALLY know why dbol makes you feel good?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by DarkSide94, Dec 28, 2017.

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    So I've seen this question asked a bunch of times but the thread is quickly filled with people saying "Oh yeah it makes me feel good too" or "because it's a God seroid" or "that's how steroids SHOULD feel" and other bro like answers. Is there any actual information out there as to why dbol (and also Anavar) seem to give such a good feeling where other steroids might still make you feel good but not even close to the almost high these seem to bring? Just curious
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    Used dbol several times, never saw the hype about the feelings of well being, granted I "feel good" every day as long as I'm well rested and well fed, and my girl has taken care of my libido.

    Not sure you're gonna find an answer to this , as there probably isn't any studies on the effects of Dianabol as a mood enhancer ... and most reported "feelings" are anecdotal at best.
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    True, was just wondering if maybe someone had an answer because personally it does it to me a few hours after a dramatic mood increase and energy sometimes to the point of having to calm myself down at work and I don't even like my job that much lol
  4. The excitement of watching your body transform slowly and your strength increase causes a euphoria and state of awareness that often is associated with "addiction." It isn't. For you, it's Dbol and Var. For others, it's something entirely different. The bottom line is, whatever steroid makes you feel good while using it responsibly, go for it.

    Having said that, give three quarters of a gram of tren a run and get back to me. Think silverback mountain gorilla..
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    I get that but no this is different, it's not placebo or feeling good that I'm gaining, it's literally an almost amphetamine-like mood and energy increase without the stimulant feeling for a few hours after dosing and then it fades to more of a general sense of well being and I don't get it from just test even if I'm making good progress in gains. Trust me I used to do a lot of shit besides gear and I know when I'm just happy cause of the situation like gaining muscle or when something is actually effecting me on a chemical level
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    Idk I was just curious if anyone knew why, but I think @Dw725 is right, probably won't find an answer unfortunately, guess I'll just enjoy it, hah
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  7. If youre suggesting that youre physically stimulated shortly after administering Dbol or Var, im legitimately at a loss.
  8. It's addicting as FUCK. It's literally a high, just like the high you feel from +500mgs test a week but more pronounced. Addicting to the point people end up with liver problems for running it too long. Some people stop giving a fuck about gyno because of the feel good effect is worth the gyno.
    First time I heard about dbol 15 years ago it was a guy at the gym saying very enthusiastic that dbol was the holy grail of steroids and won't stop talking about it... Back then I was getting great results from deca and thought he was exaggerating.

    And yes, I ended up with deca dick for almost a year for running it too long(8 weeks, wish I would have stopped at week 5). That same summer another friend of mine ended up with gyno from dbol
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    You're like the idiot, distant cousin, at family gatherings that interjects in conversations midway through, then walks off leaving everyone looking at each other shaking their heads.
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    You're like the idiot, distant cousin, at family gatherings that interjects in conversations midway through, then walks off leaving everyone looking at each other shaking their heads.
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    The fuck would you run a decanoate ester for 5 weeks for?

    You know about NPP, right?
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    damn your seriously in need of some meds.
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    Anavar doesn't give me that "feel good" effect at all. Dbol does, but the liver toxicity makes me feel a little sick the whole time I'm on it.

    Trestolone gives me the closest thing to euphoria or a high of all the AAS I've tried. I get a mood boost from testosterone, but trest is on another level. It's not just feeling good about seeing my body transform. It's a physical feeling in my head similar to a recreational drug high, only milder. Dbol and trestolone are the only ones that work that way for me.
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    Only AAS that affected my mood that much was tren A.
  16. Test_Subject

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    I haven't found that any AAS affects my mood very much:

    Tren and masteron make me want to fuck my wife if she even looks at me, but aside from that I only notice the strength. I've never noticed any psychological sides at all.
  17. m314

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    I get a specific feeling and mood change from tren too, but it's not all good. It usually starts out well. After a few weeks I can hardly stand being on it anymore. The lack of sleep might have something to do with it.
  18. Eman

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    I've read that it interacts with serotonin and dopamine, likely unstudied specific to Dianabol but I would assume it has a higher level of activity due to the anecdotal reports. I'll look for the article when I have time.
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    I’ll second most of this, with dbol
    Actually never went ahead and bought var worried it wasn’t real.

    That being said, on good Dbol, I feel that energy rush for sure. As was said, almost too much energy, especially my early dose when not about to work out. Some mild euphoria too at times, there’s something to that. It’s fun stuff. Minus the toxicy feeling that comes making meals hard to get down. I’ve never gained like 15-20lbs on 4 weeks of Dbol...

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    Deca dick isn't real.
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