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    I want to hear more about the last part!
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    TBH I have no idea whether she's personally profiting from this behaviour or not mate.

    We're both on the same page regarding the fact that she has been promoting / endorsing sources though & that's my argument here, not making accusations that I can't back up.
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    Firstly I would like to update, I owe 3 more members refunds - the other’s have been taken care of with monetary refunds.

    I don’t know why people actively feed into drama, or things that really have no place in the events that are going on now.
    If you guys think @Kim is my rep, or my “partner” so be it. It’s actually quite entertaining, I actually saw a sub thread which was devoted just to Kim and OldSchool arguing.
    Who do you guys trust, what about @bolder? Should I give @bolder proof that she’s not my rep? If you want, I can surely do so.

    Old School (you’re on ignore) and whoever else - that really thinks that this is an issue. Please go on and do your research, put on your tinfoil hats and continue shit posting.

    @Kim is a great friend to me, I forgot that it is explicitly not allowed by OldSchool for Kim to be friends with anyone!! If I remember correctly, I believe Oldschool had beef with Kim since TGI and various other threads, before I even came into the picture - whew I can’t wait for the response to this one. If you are friends with Kim, you would know her personality - she goes above and beyond to help people (me included). I don’t owe anyone an explanation for my FRIENDSHIP, it’s quite hilarious that some people believe I do, that some members on MESO really decided to take their time to shit on people. Does OldSchool have evidence, does anyone have evidence of what they claim? At this moment, It’s pretty obvious and fair to say that OldSchool detests Kim and whoever Kim is friends with is also put on the ANTI MESO list.
    But for entertainment purposes, let’s give him a plausible explanation (it’s probably not true anyways right) and let’s see if Kim is my:
    1) Partner
    2) Rep
    3) Good friend
    4) Secret lover

    Maybe if the accusers would look back to the first few pages of the thread, you can develop a “timeline of events” and find out when Kim became either a), b), c) or d)!
    However it seems like none of you guys are interested in presenting facts and would rather use your imagination.
    So let me give you guys the timeline as a gift from yours truly:
    1) Kim posted on my thread asking for my Wickr - regarding extortion
    2) We talked on Wickr about who was “extorting me” and other users
    3) Kim and another member (a vet and old friend of her’s) accused me of being the email hacker TNTline
    4) I gave proof of which, I was not the said “extortionist/hacker named TNTline”.
    5) Kim asked me for help in “investigating” as one of her other friends who is a source (who is now a great friend of mine!! Wow nail me to the cross,. Sources aren’t allowed to be friends) was almost scammed by this extortionist
    6) We then had a 3 person group chat on Wickr, talking about what was going on and doing our own “investigations”.
    7) Then we would follow up with good mornings and good nights, Kim, I and this other source would regularly conversate - not only about MESO/AAS but daily life.
    8) Wow, we have all maintained a good friendship until now.

    Let’s back track for a moment, people saying “Kim” actively promotes sources. I personally don’t think it’s wrong to say a source is good, when she had a pleasant experience with them.. many members do the same exact thing and that’s how members get their new “favourite sources”. For example, I myself even promoted another source on here - Opti. When I was selling HGH, I actually told people that I would prefer if they were Opti’s customers to keep ordering from Opti and his HGH was probably better. Customers can confirm this, and I was on HadesAAS on this point doing so.
    I went as far as to say his HGH was probably the best on the board because of the stellar lab tests, my own HGH did not have many lab tests and only one user tested it from SST and would not release it without store credit. At that time I did not provide store credit for GH testing.

    Now; has Kim helped me in anyway? Yes! She introduced me to two, now good friends that ordered off me, one of them was the first to post a picture review on the thread. Is this weird? If you check the “friend” that did order And review, you would know he orders from mostly every new domestic raws source. Actually at that time when the order was placed and the referral was made, Kim wasn’t even friends with me. If people are familiar with the reviewer, they would know he always orders first to give a source a greenlight or to prove the source is a scammer.
    Anyways, regarding being a friend; did she go overboard? I don’t think so, she never advertised for me nor did I ask her to. Did she get any freebies? Not at all, matter of fact I offered her Kigtropin because she said she was almost out of HGH one time - and she REFUSED because it was “free” and she doesn’t accept free things; so instead I said do it for me as a FAVOR and get it tested. That says a lot about her character.
    As for me giving freebies? I also gave another member a freebie because he said he was not doing well financially, I did so out of kindness. If he reads this, he knows who he is - he’s a good dude and is on MESO and also Hades discord.
    Did he promote me afterwards or even leave a review? No, i never asked for one.

    Now, let’s get to the juicy shit that Oldschool can’t wait to hear. Is she profiting as a partner or a possible rep of mine? No, she doesn’t get anything from me nor do i have any money to give out. She wouldn’t accept it regardless. If you line up everything I’ve ever posted about my actual ex-partner and then line it up with the timeline of events .. you would see that it’s pretty improbable (basically impossible but that would just be rude and calling you stupid).

    Anyways, take from this what you will. I’ll come to bat for any one of my friends in real life or the friends I’ve made on here.
    I’m here to again, make things right - instead we have useless arguments and pointless conspiracy theories without a shred of evidence — stuff that I can actually disprove! It’s funny because my ex-partner and I actually talked about Kim, Kim asked me for help with an issue where she got scammed by a Chinese alibaba vendor; and my partner and I actively went to help solve the issue.
    I like @bolder and trust him, if you guys want to continue to pursue the issue then I’ll simply send the evidence to @bolder. Unless... he could possibly be... my PARTNER too!! Anyways, take what info I gave and you guys may decide whether she was A), b), c) or d)!

    Anyways; thank you to the members that have been very kind to me, I appreciate it and the last few customers waiting for a refund. I apologize, you all know what’s happening - and I am hoping it gets over with soon.

    I’m not going to be on this thread for a bit, you guys may contact me on Wickr if there’s any emergency. If not, I’ll be continuing trying to situate my own life while getting this issues sorted out with the refunds.
    Much love,
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    Also, for the 20th time I don’t accept orders nor do I have stock. Seems like your reading comprehension has taken a hit, I think it’s fair to say that you just dislike me. In that case, please take your negativity somewhere else. Enjoy your day little man.
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    It's getting a bit boring now mate. Only the first & very last paragraph has any relevance for guys waiting on their money.

    1: you're her "bestie", so she's hardly impartial here

    2: she's been endorsing you & you've stated (& I quote) "she has my back", so you're hardly impartial here

    3: the debate us members are having is about members being impartial (that word again) for the good of the community. As a source, it's not really any of your business, is it? So don't come on here telling me I'm "posting shit" by airing something I as a member think is important for the community (which others clearly agree with me about, given their posts) because you don't own this thread.

    4: given your previous post about your business partner giving you all of an hour or so to get your shit together & get back to emailing customers after your mate died - you know, the same business partner that went on to fuck you over....you're clearly not the world's greatest judge of character, are you?

    5: I suspect that the guys you still owe money to would rather you were focused on reimbursing them, rather than read yet another essay on your BFF relationship with Kimmy Wimmy. Just a suspicion there mind. I know I would in their shoes.
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    I have held off on posting much here because of the members which are still owed money, but at this point I cant resist.

    @ExtremePIP pretty much spells it out in his post. I'll make this simple for the members. Simple question to the average recreational bodybuilder that is a user and not a source. How many online steroid drug dealers are you close friends with, or better yet best friends? My answer is none. Next question is are you spending 20+ hours of your time working behind the scenes to clear up sources issues? Mt answer is no. Reading his post, kim has a best friend who sources from dynamite and became close friends with another raws source online. And there are more. If you've been here for a minute you know she is VERY active behind the scenes. Do you really think she has no skin in this game? If so why invest do much time and energy chumming up with sources and raw sources? What does she have to gain? Hmmmmm... plain and simple there is something to be gained.

    For you members that want to buy from this failed source you should get your brain checked. He may be trying to make things right but you are giving money to a raws dealer that has been ripped off more then twice and does not have a reliable supplier. So your buying raws from a middleman buying whatever he can find and flipping it. So send your money with a wish and a prayer.

    To you guys backing @ExtremePIP are you really holding a source on a pedestal that took and lost members money. He is a failed source that has cost members a shit load of money and time. Hopefully he does make it up to you but how the fuck are you putting this retard on a pedestal? He fucked up big time and has the arrogance to demand patience and is short tempered with criticism. Where did you earn that right on a members board?
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    Even your dick swingers saw the comedy in my post. I see intelligence is not one of your strong points. I guess that's why you keep losing members money and getting scammed yourself.

    Funny how you have the arrogance to act like you are on the up and up. You are a FAILED source not in good standings.
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    Arrogance.. what a word. The irony.. me acting like I’m on the up and up.. when all I’ve said was I need some patience and understanding - half of the customers owed have been refunded. Oh you don’t like the attitude I’m taking with you? You’re a funny guy, I’m sorry I hurt your frail feelings because I didn’t get on my knees and apologize to you, respect goes both ways. No one else seems to have an issue with how I addressed people - I took my time to message everyone I owed a full explanation + a timeline of how things could possibly be done by, refunded half of the people I owe, and provided proof. However it seems as if you’re hellbent on “taking me down”.
    I’ve already admitted my own shortcomings, and more; to continue shit posting just reveals the stature of your character, not mine. You seem mad that I am not continuing to beg and grovel for forgiveness on this board? Should I do that when I already have done it? Should I do that instead of compensating customers? Would that make things better? Short tempered with critisicm? You haven’t given a shred of criticism or feedback, what else have you done besides trash talk constantly and insult me. If you had posted criticism, I would have taken it with stride. You don’t understand the difference between criticism and talking shit, you have this belief that I owe you my respect or something of that sort. I’ve taken everyone that actually offered criticism and other suggestions on HOW TO and HOW NOT TO handle the current situation with thanks and extreme appreciation, also expressing that I didn’t expect people to be so warm compared to what I had initially imagined; and like I said previously I appreciate that immensely. Sorry I don’t view your words as criticism, it’s pretty disappointing to myself that I have to stoop down to your level - and I probably still won’t get my point across to your thick skull. I respect every member, but I will not respect you.
    Given the situation, you act as if asking for patience and understanding is a crime. Are you someone that’s owed, have you been given a timeline, an explanation followed with proof? If not, then you really have no inkling of the efforts being put in and a decision that I had to sit on and make today. Should I just leave? Would that make your day? Movingiron88 proved everyone wrong! Dyna is a piece if shit and he couldn’t refund everyone. Is that something that would get you off?
    I came back to make things right and I admitted immediately to every possible wrongdoing, and took blame for everything. I also explained the current situation; if I had the BTC to give I would’ve refunded everyone promptly.
    By the way, I’m not even going to reply to the above post.. it seems like your understanding of the English language or lack thereof caused you to become even more confused.

    My only motive here is to give customers their items back, and keep everyone updated. I’ve even repeatedly said I would not be accepting orders NOR do I even have plans to continue as a future source as of now! Yet, you’re here asking people to bash me and “stop putting him on a pedestal god damn it!!” when I’m only back to make refunds. I don’t think anyone has placed me on a pedestal. Might I add given the situation, I really don’t owe a damn dime but I do everything based on a moral standpoint. Here you go, continuing to make that drug dealer analogy. That can go both ways, but perhaps you should reread my last few responses to you.

    You add no value to the situation or to MESO itself, I don’t owe you a ounce of respect.. if you were a half decent human being / sure thing. Also going back to your previous post a few days ago, if you were indeed my customer, you would know how I treat people. The fact that I really had to stoop down to your level is pathetic, and it is immature but whatever.

    You’re not someone I owe, yet you complain more than the people I do. It’s actually quite funny, since you act like you’re all for the community - you should be happy when someone gets refunded. Instead you just want to continue to bash and bash, for what? Continue commenting, if it gets you off; I’m not even going to bother addressing you anymore. Have a nice day man, I’m going to block you and be a “pussy ass bitch” as you so called it last time..
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    There seems to be more going on here in some people’s heads than others.... I was directly affected by this, was paid back, and now I’m a happy. A wrong was made right..... now as a member, I also would like to see the rectification of the remaining member who’s owed and that’s it... I don’t know what some of you have going on in your personal lives, but the personalities just spill all over the place here and it’s getting away from what it should be. Every thread I visit is clogged and derailed with member drama... seems like a bunch of pussy ass whining to one another about who hurt who’s feelings. Who cares!? At the end of the day, we’re all just here to exchange some advice and make sure we’re doing our best to monitor the quality of the sources we buy from. Now, that being said... I don’t have issues with any of the members nor do I have a side I’m on because I see relevant points from both. It’s just going a bit too far
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    I'm just laughing at all these so called vets.

    Y'all don't know shit about the dope game period.. that's what this is.
    The mere fact he's paying anyone back speaks volumes. Plugs don't owe any one shit. This is a game of risk. Not integrity.

    So having said all that. This forum is like any other hobby forum. Got your shit talkers. Dick riders. Suckups and know it alls. Shit never changes. My personal experience has been, if you don't have any skin in the game shut the fuck up.
    Let those with money on the line do the talking. If they get taken care of then the plug has went above and beyond any I've seen in 30 years of the game.
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    Do you have "skin in this game"? Or "money on the line" here?
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    Are you suggesting that he shut the fuck up?
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    No. I asked a question. But you can shut the fuck up in regards to a question I asked another member.
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    I don’t have anything on the line with any of these sources but I support the community. So what? I don’t get that shit. This is MESO. Sparta
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    Hah. I liked your line of questioning, that's all. But sure, I'll shut the fuck up. Actually fuck that. I'm not going anywhere.
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    Suck up. Hit 'Like' and move on.
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    Awww no likey for you... so sad.
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    I did at one point.

    And my point being that all that talk about what he owes people is moot in the dope game. This is a dope game you are nothing but a purchaser of drugs you don't and shouldn't expect integrity, you expect to be fucked and burned. Hence is the nature of the dope game.

    I just find it amazing that someone who owes no one any sort of explanation is actually taking his time and effort to make people right.
    I just know I'm witnessing a very very rare thing in this game.

    All the rest of the bullshir chit chat means nothing in the end if this man makes people whole. Because you know again he could have just disappeared and said fuck everything.