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    There's been a lot of changes since "9/11". Not only for charges of treason. Changes for the good?....well.....The good for whom?
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    What one wants to do isn't always the same as what one can do. That's basic knowledge that apparently is lost on you. Lol.

    So these people wanted to charge him with treason yet they only charged him with 3 felonies, none of which were treason.

    "Snowden was charged with conveying classified information to an unauthorized party, disclosing communications intelligence information, and theft of government property."

    Snowden charged with 3 felonies

    Batting 0/1. Let's hope your next at bat you can actually make contact with the ball....

    Hmmmm...."and it is God who girdeth me with strength, and makes my way perfect"

    Can you please elaborate on how that advocates murder? Lol. Besides I mentioned the NEW TESTAMENT. the Book of Psalms is the Old Testament. Please try and keep up bc you're now 0/2.

    I didn't question your love, only the devotion for following the teachings. Reading comprehension problems?

    Yes the scope has been expanded. That's why since the Constitution was formed, it's been used as a charge less than 50 times and there are fewer actual convictions :rolleyes:

    I think we're 0/3 now. Pretty bad day for you or par for the course?

    You've done a remarkable job of burying yourself lol. I've yet to see you bury anyone else in any topic but I'll keep looking if you'd like.

    And I've found those who don't study academia are never intelligent to begin with so thank you for proving my point :)

    Don't get your panties all bunched up man. For a military guy you sure are overly emotional.

    But they didn't. They charged him with only espionage and not treason hahahahaha. 0/4 now or do you want to count this one with number 1 from above?

    You're not even in a league buddy. You've been wrong on all counts. You were thrown underhand pitches and still struck out consistently. You're right, I can't compare with that lmao

    What's funny is you label him a criminal and say he should be imprisoned for breaking the law. You're an admitted criminal by using illegal substances. Are you going to turn yourself into the authorities so they can imprison you too?
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    look at the old testament and new, its a joke... 2 differing "Gods", one will tell a man to kill his own son and talk of damnation, the other forgives all and dont kill... because it was writtin by 2 differing generations OF PEOPLE.. NO ONE FUKING TALKED TO GOD AND PUT IT IN A DAMN BOOK. God is an energy force, not some puppeteer man.. thats such a primitive way to look at a higher energy form... Jesus's teachings (actually teachings, not hear say from peoples thoughts on it which is what the bible is) has use and awarness, he was an early bloomer, like buddha and others... we all have that inner potential...
    here is something maybe of interest, google for an audio book called (the 3rd jesus, by deepack chopra, interesting views on the subject.

    defeating evil? yeah like "an eye for an eye" right?
    to me: an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind...
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    you using gear? ever downloaded a song or movie? a law doesnt make the law right. slaves where in the law before, so was beheading for petty theft... deosnt make it right... he is a hero, if the law is against the peoples will and/or knowledge then fuk that law...
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    they will call anyone a Terrorist they dont like or that goes against their shady laws... EG: US does a dron stick, kills over 30 CIVILIANS (recent but happened alot of times).. their familes are pissed and fight back,, ohh look at the terrorists..
    guess who was the terrorist here? not them for sayn get fuk out of our land and fuk off already... you dont think they see your invations as the same thing the media tried to portray them as? Pul EASE. for the people and from the soul means most and matters most, much more than a bullshit shady law and operations. but ill stop. agree to disagree
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    so what if THEY class that in with it to suit their own agendas and formulated laws related... wake up.. put it in a book and its true and right? jeeze... im donelol
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    Damn, say what you want about so called treason for revealing crimes the government wanted kept secret, but this is a person who does truly stand by her principles. The treatment she received in prison seemed designed to kill her. To risk that again shows real courage.

    "In solidarity with many activists facing the odds, I will stand by my principles," Manning said after the hearing. "I will exhaust every legal remedy available. My legal team continues to challenge the secrecy of these proceedings, and I am prepared to face the consequences of my refusal."

    Chelsea Manning Faces Contempt Hearing After Refusal to Answer Grand Jury Questions

    Julia Conley
    March 07, 2019

    Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning expressed no regrets Thursday when she revealed that she faces a contempt hearing— and possible jail time—after declining to answer a grand jury's questions.

    Manning appeared before a grand jury Wednesday after being subpoenaed, apparently to discuss her 2010 disclosure of government and military documents about the U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to Wikileaks.

    The subpoena came about three months after federal prosecutors in Virginia's Eastern District, where the former Army intelligence analyst was called to testify, inadvertently revealed that they had filed sealed charges against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.


    full article
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    The jail where he received the drugs and treatment to become a transgender and from whence he emerged post-sentenced utterly uninjured?

    US Military prisons are about as dangerous as a morgue.

    Please. Literally everything in that article is propaganda.

    Manning has been milking cash from gullible activist orgs since before he was even sentenced.

    Good on him, cash, fools, separation, soon, etc....
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    Not sure what you consider harsh treatment, or propaganda for that mater, since the events discussed in the article are factually true - well, other than gender, but I'm OK with calling him a her if that's what she wants.

    The Humiliation of Bradley Manning

    "At Quantico, Manning, who is accused of giving hundreds of thousands of pages of classified material to WikiLeaks, was subjected to harsh treatment. He was locked in a 6-foot-by-8-foot cell for 23 hours a day and was kept naked for long periods. His incarceration led the U.N. rapporteur for torture to complain that Manning was being subjected to cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment.

    According to the email evidence, the controversy over the rough handling of Manning prompted Quantico commander Marine Col. Daniel Choike to complain bitterly that not one Army officer was in the chain of blame. Choike’s lament prompted an email reply from his commander, Lt. Gen. George Flynn, offering assurances that Choike and Quantico would not be left “holding the bag.”

    However, concerns about possible repercussions from softening up Manning did little to ease the conditions that Manning faced. His Marine captors seemed eager to give him the business and make him an example to any other prospective whistleblowers. Only after a sustained public outcry was Manning transferred to the Army prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kan."
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    Ah the UN, who would call a screening of Season 2 of Friends torture (maybe correctly), again... sourcing from non-activist sites or better yet, him having left prison literally any worse for wear instead of having been treated to a sex change would be far more compelling sir....

    Anti-war.com and Consortium *may* have an ideological axe to grind and just *maybe* don't do much scrutiny of anything that supports their narrative.

    Just ya know... maybe...

    People who are actually tortured don't leave prison the way Manning did.

    People with bullshit narratives supported by the willfully credulous do though.
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    The same millenials that live their lives on phones with built in GPS? That are losing jobs for posting stupid shit on facebook?
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    So you would defy a grand jury under threat of prison? And for the record, there are no sources without an axe to grind.
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    Serving and blind faith don't make you anymore a patriot than anyone else.

    The notion of patriotism itself is fucking laughable to begin with.

    I was born here, inside this particular set of invisible lines. Therefor 'Merica, Fuck Yeah!

    Our government is just as corrupt and dysfunctional as any other. Our infrastructure is a fucking joke, and our educational system a thinly veiled means of institutional indoctrination.

    The ideals and the dream that they sold you as a kid are fiction.

    It's all built to keep industry rolling and all the worker bees working.

    Wake the fuck up.
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    @flenser Didn't mean to leave you hanging on one of the few political threads...

    If I had already been there, was treated well, and my whole liveliehood is based on said stance? Yes.

    Mr. Manning is in quite the inverted position regarding prison threats of this nature than most citizens would be.

    I don't disagree there. Which is why the sources get taken into account.
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    I suppose we take our heroes where we can find them. Being one of the very few remaining outspoken anti war personalities, Manning's preference for auto incarceration isn't something I would trust from some freshman psychology analysis (no offense intended). Neither would the court, apparently, given her current situation.
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    I'll give you that. The anti-intervention or anti-war folks are discarded the second there is no election hay to make from them.

    Both parties are vehement warhawks. The opportunities for graft are just too large to ignore.

    And ALL psychology analyses are freshman, because it isn't even remotely a science yet.
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    Ha, my wife being a psychologist, I couldn't agree more. Science it is not. Most of the time it's not even valid statistics.
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    Cool story bro.
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    Quite the intelligent response.

    Clearly you've put a lot of thought into your stances.
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