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    Yes as Hammer was unique.
  2. Well maybe we've found a new domestic like 24k pharm was a few years ago with this guy

    Sucks that I won't be juicing till summer. Gotta have time off. Otherwise id be willing to buy a few and test em with Dave palumbos roid test to check if they have active ingredient that's labeled

    Too bad there's no test to check for contamination from heavy metals and bacteria

    But until summer I can't juice anyway so I won't be buying till june
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    My bad.. Shit with Hammer was going down when I started here. Didn't really get a chance to know him well.. Just assumed identifiable markings meant ink of some kind.
  4. blowingup72

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    You said this is a multi person run lab . you guys got anybodys blood work including your own to post on this stuff?
  5. Elite_Labs

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    Where do you purchase this kit?
  6. Elite_Labs

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    We are waiting for some clients to get blood drawn and will post results sir
  7. TRT

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    Hear a liar say that once too.
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  8. Roid test is from davepalumbo.com

    Also www.roidtest.com

    Just Google roid test

    It check s oils and pills for active ingredients

    It does not check dosing just presence of said ingredient
  9. blowingup72

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    so you guys purchased this powder didn't even bother to test it on yourselves and confirm with blood work that it's at least decent quality before feeding it to the public and expect strangers to be your own personal lab rats?

    Don't even have a kit to test to verify what it is and it's already being advertised on here.

    Done with this bullshit thread. Anyone willing to buy from these guys should have their heads examined.
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    Or they keep the money and run
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  11. I think they said they use melt point test to check their raws

    I'm not defending them in anyway just saying I read that

    Perhaps elite can take a photo of the melt test point with meso and the date written on it to prove they at least have the equipment to do that test

    People with knowledge of brewing should know more than me but I think its not an easy to come by machine for melt point testing
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    Thank you to the 2 that chose to jump on the 50% off offer your business is appreciated. We will still offer every Meso member 25% off their first order though. !!!!
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    so tell me a bout your tech. You said you run a vpn. what vpn. is that all. what type of email do you use, is it encrypted? do you have a hard drive no hard drive, how long do you keep every ones info how is it stored. whats your process. you use btc do you use multi sig? encrypt over tor? sorry to ask so much but its important. also how are you testing each batch that comes in? just by bloods? then there germs what are you equipept with do you have a seprate room that is coverd and filter the air. NEED MORE IMPUT!!!!!!!!!! These are real people that can get sick if you do not know what your doing.
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    Hey @Whoremoans you get in on this 50% off sales like Hammers there bitch boy?
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    This guy has been here before if not as a ugl as a member
    U dont just decide to be a UGL over nite and come to meso
    And not be on any other boards
    Come clean now Elite
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  16. Weston

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    If it turns out that your gear isn't total garbage, you should get some pwo injectables and throw them in the mix.

    Do you reimburse for lab tests?
  17. Elite_Labs

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    If the lab tests are g2g we offer $200 store credit, if they are unsatisfactory I will refund their entire order AND price of the lab test
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  18. Weston

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    Is that $200 per item tested? So, if one were to order 2 different products from you and send them off to a lab, you will do $400 store credit?
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    Hey Weston I couldn't help notice after reading how experienced you seemed to be. Consider you "apparently" just did your first cycle lol Question how did you find Meso before joining? Did you have any other handles....just curious.

    Edit- Well @Weston ? You think I'm dumb? ;)
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    Experienced? Not at all. How have I given the impression that I act like I'm "experienced"? I have never had another handle. I found Meso by doing a lot of google "research" on PEDs and Meso pops to the top of most searches.