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  1. pharmacist

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    Just because a customer cant abuse Baclofen or get high on it. On Zopiclone there is such possibility. Its a different scheduled class drug.
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  2. Ophydian

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    Got my pack 10 days TA as promised. Blah blah blah recycled praise about @pharmacist. Will do business again.
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  3. rester

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    damn good looks man, put it to good use and keep us posted
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  4. cratediver

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    Will do, I'm currently recovering from a test run I would never recommend, when I drop the few extra unwanted #s, will try and do a log.
    I've taken a lot from this forum, time to give back.
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  5. pharmacist

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    A log would be a perfect idea! :) Go for it!!! You wont be dissapointed ;)
  6. cratediver

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    Will do. Couple of numbers I have, unfortunately I do not have baseline: Blacktops after PD dissappeared my igf tested at 156, obviously disappointing. I tested about the same from a very reputable source of serostim. Disappointing. Another run of serostim from another great source here put me in the 300 range. Unfortunately, I'm in one of the states that doesn't allow me to get tested unless I have a doctor's orders so I use ZRT. I'm not sure how accurate they are, I get the igf-1 test, obviously. I'm female, 40, not sure how much my sex matters in regards to this. I've also been using hgh for years. Couple Anavar runs and an awful run with test p, do not recommend. I was strong but loose with my diet, so again, probably not the best example. Thanks again Mr. Pharmacist.
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  7. pharmacist

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    Thank you :) Feedback is always appreciated sir!
  8. Kim

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    Did you notice differences in each in regards to your body and how you felt?
  9. Kim

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    Oh I just saw you’re a female. Cool!
  10. Hawkins

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  11. cratediver

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    Sorry, I've just moved so that's consuming all of my time lately, didn't mean to dismiss your question. I definitely felt a difference but unfortunately, there were other things going on at the time that don't really allow me to hone in on whether it was the hgh or.. For example, genotropin was my first, I slept better, it was coupled with my first run of Anavar and my diet, cardio lifting were all on point. Awesome fat loss, amazing endurance.

    In contrast to that, I ran through a lot of serostim but let my diet slide a bit, and was taking my first and last run with test prop. Less cardio, more lifting, ect. Less fat loss, again, too many factors. I will take the time to write something up once I get a minute. This time, my diet is on point, no anabolics, just fish oil, caffeine and vitamin d.
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  12. pharmacist

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    Yes of course!

    DICLOFENACUM - Voltaren.
    100 tabs 50 mg - $ 30
    20 amps 3 ml $ 50

  13. warwagon5

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    Another super fast touchdown! High quality product and great customer service!
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  14. pharmacist

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    Thanks for your feedback!
  15. Mighty-mouse

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    As always the pharmacist coming through! Perfect TA time and communication. Will
    Start dosing these at 150mg a day depending on thyroid test results.
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  16. pharmacist

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    Thanks a million for your feedback and all your help!
  17. Kim

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    TA always less than ten days. Love the pharmacist! Good stuff!
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  18. Lowt87

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    Two more Accutane landings from
    pharmacist to a Europe country with pretty tight costums

    I wish all my online shops provided the service he does! Just great
  19. Okko

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    Just received my last order
    Very fast eu shipping
    Lots of goodies
    Very good packaging
    I recommend their UDCA : when running tren my bilirubin went out of norm... A week high dose udca and it was back to lower middle normal range
    Best medecine for liver issues (all liver related bodybuilder case studies mention udca to cure liver jaundice or cholestasis)
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    Price list?
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