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    I got an answer from him and i am satisfied. Smart Solution for a tough situation in shipping business... i feel not comfortable to Tell details.. he should do if it is no Risk... anyway ...Thank you pharmacist for this Business
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    14 days from payment to landing USA. Thank you Pharmacist for the flawless service!
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    Thanks for your feedback!
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    Thank a million! :)
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    I made several orders from Italy, and European Pharmaceuticals always sent me everything well packed and very soon, usually in 5/8 working days. I am totally satisfied with them :)
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    I bought triptorlin (diphereline) from you about 2 and a half years ago. I was wondering what the expiration time typically is for it. It's still in powder form, air tight in its vial, and I've kept it in a cold dark fridge. How effective do you think it would be all things considered??
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    Good Day sir,
    is it expired?
  9. Drew dude

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    Well, I threw the box that you sent with away a long time ago, and it was in a language that I couldn't read anyway, but I'm assuming that it wasn't old product that you sold me, and considering how diligent I was with its storage, I was hoping it would still be effective.
  10. pharmacist

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    Good Day,
    The Diphereline has a shelf life of 3 years. I do not sell expired of close to expiration products. But the vials/bottls should have on them the expiration date. Its not only on the box. On the vial itself you can find it written. Email me a picture of it if you can.

    Best regards
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  11. Drew dude

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    Damn It. It expired January 2018. I guess I should be more I bought it from you around December 2016. I did a shot yesterday. In your opinion, do you think it would have no effect or just a reduced effect?
  12. pharmacist

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    Its hard to tell. It can be effective, maybe not in full. In the same time it does not have a watch with it and look on the calendar: "1st February 2018? Yes. Good Bye! No Longer good" :)
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    Just received my first order, 10 days from payment to receipt on east coast USA. Awesome service man!
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    2 more orders completed. Easy and quick communication and some generosity on this part. Pretty much my go to source for ancillaries.
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    Thank you for your feedback :) Happy to see yet another happy customer!
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    Hello any chance of pharma grade test enanthate or cypionate thanks
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    Sorry sir, just Nebido and Andriol.

    Best regards
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    Repeat customer, perfect order as always. Small act of generosity, as well. Thanks!
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    Hey P, any chance you can get Losartan 50 or 100 mg?
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    Yes of course! Plenty in stock. 50 and 100 mg. Brand name Cozaar or generics. Cheap also. Contact me via PM or email and let me know.

    Best regards
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