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    Thank you for an amazing service you provide!
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    Another flawless transaction, 2 weeks to the US, incredibly generous with the extras, thanks again, sir.
  3. ThE SiCkNeSs

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  4. pharmacist

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    Yeah, 2, 4 and 8 mg. Contact me for details.

    Best regards
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  5. pharmacist

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    Thank you for your feedback, kind sir!
  6. Omegistosalex

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    Hey man can you get phentermine?
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  7. pharmacist

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    Sorry sir, not available.
  8. legendary

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    Test cream, progesterone cream and estrogen cream?
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  9. pharmacist

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    Good Day sir,

    Test Cream no. Only gel capsules - Andriol.

    Also available:
    Utrogestan - Progesterone
    100 mg 30 gel caps per box 25 USD
    200 mg 14 gel caps per box 27 USD.

    Progesterone cream 10 mg/gram - 40 grams tube.
    15-20 USD.

    Best regards

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    Repeat customer here. As always, a pleasure. Pharmacist went out of his way to help me out. As always, communication was great, T/A was just as expected, order was perfect!

    10 out of 10!
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  11. cadafi

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    Hello, any plans on getting pharmagrade testosterone enanthate?? I know you sell nebido and gel caps
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  12. pharmacist

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    Not anytime soon sir. I mentioned it before... its a compound no longer used in medical protocols and treatments therefore is no longer a need for it in pharmacies and hospitals.
    I do not supply my stock from black market so I dont have access to it as long as its not in pharmacies.
  13. pharmacist

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    Thank you very much for your feedback, sir! Always a pleasure to hear from you :)
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  14. cadafi

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    Hello, what do you mean it´s no longer used for treating patients, here in spain we have testex prolongatum (Test Cyp) in pharmacies, in colombia they have Testoviron in paharmacies, so it is still in pharmacies all around the world, also sustanon is sold in pharmacies around europe.
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  15. pharmacist

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    Yes, agree with you, here and there you can find some Test in pharmacies. Nebido for example. But old molecules like Test E and Sustanon or for example Decadurabolin are very rare now. Sustanon is not that available in pharmacies. I think its not available in any phamacies in Central or Western Europe. Not even in Eastern Europe. Here and there you can find Test in pharmacies but its rare.
    And I am only reffering to Europe. I have no idea what is available in other countries from other continents :)
    And I will stand by my oppinion! testosterone old molecules are not so prescribed by doctors in our present times.
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  16. Omegistosalex

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    If you are interested in greece test e is widely available but just that and deca. But anyway you have a great selection as it is and offer great service so no reason to change anything
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  17. Nolij

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    Do you carry retin a for the face ?

    Thanks pharmacist
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  18. pharmacist

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    Good Day,
    I have a cream containing Tretinoin.
    ISOTREXIN cream Isotretinoinum+Erythromicinum
    30 grams tube $ 45

    Best regards
  19. Michael7

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    Sent an email months ago to order and still no reply . Been a customer for years
  20. bickel29

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    Have you followed up with him since you sent the email? What did he tell you?
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