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    I am just so confused because as far as I remember @Michael7 has always had good things to say about @pharmacist and also because his story just makes NO SENSE AT ALL.
    He emailed this source "months ago" and is just not getting around to asking for a reply? Huh? What???

    And then @pharmacist gives details of that shady ass transaction?

    So what was Michael7's point in even posting this???
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    You got me tank man
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    Oh , Faith is totally neccesary brother! Without it holly water becaomes tap water :)

    Contact me anytime :)
  4. pharmacist

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    No sir. It is intented to be self administrated at home. Its a very stable molecule!
  5. pharmacist

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    Amazes me too. Well... he made the same post a week before but deleted it. I got the notification via email. Then reposted it. A bit strange but maybe the guy had a bad week, a bad hair day... who knows?!
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    Thank you for your feedback :)
    Appreciate it!
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  8. pharmacist

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    All emails replied sir! :)
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    None available sir. Sorry!
  12. pharmacist

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    Its not a precise date but its not going to be longer.

    Best regards
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    Thank you very much for your feedbck, sir!
  14. pharmacist

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    Please note!
    Very important info!

    I do not own a website. I do not sell thru a website.
    Never did.

    Thank you all!
    Best regards.
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    This source is great for 100% genuine ancillaries. Took exactly 1 week to my destination.
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    Thank you @yeyehappy !
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    Can you get Contrave?
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    Contrave not available. But I have its components (naltrexone and bupropione separately :) )
  19. pharmacist

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    Thank you for your feedback sir. No worries :)
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    Only got good things to say about this guy. Reliable and will rectify any issues (including those out of his control). Top draw @pharmacist :)
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