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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by pharmacist, Apr 22, 2014.

  1. pharmacist

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    Soon to come!
    JANUMET and other 2 Metformin combos.
    More BP meds and combo of statins.

    Keep an eye out :)

    Also, remeber, always ask for your pharm grade needs. I cant list everything :) MESO does not have that much space :)

    Best regards
  2. Giveitago

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    @pharmacist any idea of the cost of the janumet? Have a friend just prescribed that.
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  3. Made in USA

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  4. pharmacist

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    Not yet sir.
    Clomid and B Complex are missing for the moment.

    Best regards
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  5. pharmacist

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    Good Day,
    JANUMET Original brand name by MERCK SHARP
    sitagliptin / metformin 50 mg/1000mg
    Price will be @75 USD per box 28 tabs. Possible less or discounted for more than 3 boxes ordered.

    Best Regards
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  6. crusingdownthestreet

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    Just wanted to chip in my own review of the Pharmacist. I ordered some Salbutamol from him a couple of months ago, good stuff exactly as I expected and also the stealth is actually amazing.

    Good job 10/10!
  7. phenominal34

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    What results did you get out of each if you could let ya know , Salbutamol is similar to phentermine am I correct ? Weight loss drug ?
  8. rutman

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    I believe it’s just albuterol, under a different name. It’s similar to clen but without some of the side effects.
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  9. phenominal34

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    Ahhh ok , thanks
  10. crusingdownthestreet

    crusingdownthestreet Junior Member

    As Rutman said it's just albuterol. It's asthma medication essentially. It's like clen, but not supposed to be as strong. Clens half life is like 24 hours and this stuff is like 4, which means you don't get sleeplessness usually, also the side effects are supposed to be weaker.

    As far as the results go I've ordered more from the Pharmacist and have started my second cycle with what I have left the first time.

    The cycle was 2 weeks long, I started at 2x 4mg a day with 200mg caffeine each time. Increased this up to 4x 4mg a day, spread out but with 8mg at 5pm which is the last dosage or I struggle to sleep. Caffeine is never taken beyond 600mg a day. Also took 50mg of diphenhydramine each night to stop my tolerance increasing.

    Took about 500mg potassium each day, plus 4g of taurine. (Potassium is depleted from salbutamol/clen so you need to supplement or you get cramps, taurine is used for good heart health as this stuff isn't going to be the best on you).

    I went to the gym 5 days per week. Cardio pretty much everyday for 30-45 mins, with lifting for another 30-45 mins. Had no more than 1800 calories 6 days per week and 1 uncapped cheat day where I was probably eating as high as 4000 calories. After the 2 weeks I had lost just under 5kg, so it definitely works.
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  11. BlownStrength

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    @pharmacist sent you a pm with my order. Thanks bud.
  12. BlownStrength

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  13. K0balt

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    You’ve always been the most solid source I’ve encountered on this board and I know you’re probably getting pestered with this a lot but...any idea when the clomid will be back in stock? I have my next cycle on pause because of this and I don’t exactly trust too many sources when it comes to pct. I’m sure a few others are probably on the same boat
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    HIGHRISK Member

    @pharmacist do you have flibanserin or generic? Thanks
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  15. pharmacist

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    Good Day sir,
    I cant give an exact estimate. Its missing, changing boxes appearance and so. I myself wait for it too... Sorry!
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  16. pharmacist

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    Addiy not yet available. Its registering now. I will add it to the list once available but I am not sure when.
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  17. pharmacist

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    Anytime brother! :)
  18. Is Andractim gel (topical DHT) available?
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  19. pharmacist

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    Good Day sir,
    I am waiting some in stock soon. Will update the thread.

    Best regards
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  20. RikudoCan

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    As always, flawless transaction.
    Thank you pharmacist!
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