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    Just want to take the time to pay my respects and appreciation for the excellent service Pharmacist has brought to our board. I have been ordering from him from his opening post and have never been disappointed. He’s honest, reliable and provides quality products. I consider him a friend as well as a supplier of the items we need to sustain our lifestyle. Kudos to you, my friend. Hope you stay with us for a long time.
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    Can you post a picture of your Genotropin? A bit dubious after that one guy claimed it was fake. For $390 I would like to see a picture first. And does it come in the sealed box?
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    You mean the guy who wanted to keep the geno AND get a refund? Lol.
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    Fair enough. But would still like to see a picture of the box and instructions for $390. If it's legit this should be no problem.
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    No box or leaflet, just the product. I wanted to see a picture of the actual Pfizer packaging and leaflet.
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    ok, no i don't know how it looks the box and others they comes with this cartridge and what he sells.

    But the word "somatropina" you will find it in in eastern europe i think. When you check his pricelist you can see that he sell the gh under the name somatropina.
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    yeah i think he mean that guy because i only knows one in this thread they have say that he don't want the growth from the pharmacist because the powder looks not good for him and that he have seen many gh before to know that its not growth. There is no one guy in the world they knows if the powder is real hgh or not, only when they have seen the powder. The Eye-test doesn't work.
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    Here it is sir!

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    Thank you for your feedback sir :)
    Highly appreciated.

    Best regards
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    I cant say right now. Still waiting.
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    Thank you, as always, I appreciate your feedback. Honoured :)

    Best regards
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    Thank you, sir! For your trust and your feedback.

    Best regards
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    Thanks old time friend! Thank you for your trust over the years. Highly appreciated, no worries, I am here to stay. Going on 6 years... T

    Best Regards
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    I remember that guy :) Funny firecracker!
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    I have ordered from this guy several times,
    always quick answer and easy payment
    Thanks pharmacist
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    Loving the feedback - can’t wait to receive my goods!!!
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    So I’m a total dumb ass. I just posted in another competitor thread that I ordered Lyrica and I want to set the record straight.

    I asked the pharmacist if he could get a hold of Lyrica as I’ve been doing research on it’s off label use. He got back to me extremely fast and mention I could get brand name or generic. I bought two packs of brand name and received the package in 12-13 days.

    I was so impressed with the results that I’m placing another order in the coming days 2 generic and 2 brand name. My reasoning is that generic is a better deal but I want to make absolute sure that it provides the same affect.

    I go to pharmacist for all of my non steroidal medical needs (AI, Anxiety, cholesterol etc) as his operation is to me highly reputable and if it’s not a scheduled drug he will do his best to get it for you.

    Thanks again and I sincerely apologize for the mix up.
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    Seen the pic sir? :) Looks credible ? :)