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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by pharmacist, Apr 22, 2014.

  1. GTW

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    I've had only positive transactions for many years. The best. Thanks again.
  2. pharmacist

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    Sadly only available for European Customers.

    androgel available! Topical testosterone cream/gel.

    New appearance! Now comes in a bottle with a dosing pump.

    Best regards
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  3. Klimmzugernie

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    Received my 3rd or 4th order this week. Great guy. I wish all sources would be like him.

    Thank you so much brother
  4. pharmacist

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    THANK YOU ! :)
  5. Steady Pawgin

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  6. bigsonbitch

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    Hey brother I sent you an email but never got a reply - I’m trying to place an order but I had a question which is in the email I sent before I placed it.
    Want to make sure you’re receiving my emails
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  7. Snipe_HNIC

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    Excellent service @pharmacist pack got to me in no time!
  8. pharmacist

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    All emails replied sir!
  9. pharmacist

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    Thank s:)
  10. BlownStrength

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    Shipment came on time. Great communication! Thanks again bro.
  11. thinman

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    Is clomid back in stock yet? If not, ETA?
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  12. pharmacist

    pharmacist Member

    Not yet sir...
  13. Omegistosalex

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  14. pharmacist

    pharmacist Member

    Yes, the original avodart.

    Best Regards
  15. rutman

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    Recently received my first order. Been waiting to see if this was a legit source I Anyway everything went great, as expected. I had some confusion on my end which was quickly addressed. Thanks again for the great service!
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  16. Sss23

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    When will clomid be back in stock?
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  17. Mighty-mouse

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    Welp guess I can stop acting like a bitch now!! Asin TD!!!!

    7E607A9E-57DC-469C-AC3E-F46AB742BC75.jpg A7AFB577-BB74-46DD-A0EE-D8FA15BEF013.jpg 7271CE21-B242-4A79-89A6-184F31D0B394.jpg

    More to follow
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  18. Kim

    Kim Member Supporter

    Got my pack! Thank you!
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  19. Aesthetictech

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    Have had lots of TD with Pharmacist. Everything always makes it. Never ANY complaints from me.
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