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    I want to definitely give props to this source they are damn good when it comes to customer service and have great prices as well. A friend of mine some of you may know penche recommended them too me and I knew he wouldn’t steer me wrong but when I saw the prices I just couldn’t believe how low they were for some items. This was about 2 weeks ago and I already placed my third order last night. I had an issue with this order and was getting pissed but it was quickly resolved. Long story short after I sent the coin the screen froze so I backed out and it brought me back to the page before you accept to place the order. I took a couple of screen shots of the coin transaction just Incase and checked back in a couple of hours figuring everything would be updated and it wasn’t. Keep in mind this was 5pm in the afternoon on a Friday and they are in a different country. I sent an e mail explaining my situation and 3 minutes later received a response. I sent a few e mails back and forth and boom everything was taken care of. I dropped my old source for Indian pharma after finding these guys they are imo the best I’ve come across.
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    Thank you for the kind words and post! We are glad we could help resolve your issue and further process your order in a timely manner. :)
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    Order touchdown. Everything is here. Fast replies and quick delivery. Now just waiting for aromasin or arimidex to be in stock in US.
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    Arimidex is back in stock on Monday! We also decided to bring Aromasin back in stock for US shipping, it will be available in about 2 weeks!
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  5. I’ve been ordering from the domestic section about 4 times and decided to place an order though the international express. The turn around was about a week and a half. As for the quality, everything is pharma grade, so that pretty much speaks for itself. Any questions I had were answered within 8 hours.
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    Thank you very much for the review! We are very happy you are satisfied with our services!
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    arimidex is now back in stock for US purchase! The brand is Femistra 1mg, manufactured by Zydus.
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    Has anyone ordered from the express International stock to USA using the “speed post” option?

    Is it worth the extra money, or will it likely take about the same amount of time? It specifies it could take 2-10 days, as opposed to 4-10 days... if it’s likely faster it would be worth it to me but what’s the custom risk and does it require signature for delivery?

    Is this sent via Singapore post, DHL, or EMS if choosing the $30 shipping option?
  9. Anyone order by CC from this source? Is it hard or should I just use the BTC option?
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    Sorry to quote you, this is for reference for Wolfman99 below!

    There is a review in this thread above, however while Speedpost is very quick it can not speed up customs and it will require signature! Speedpost is EMS but is operated by Singapore Post, it is express mail service.

    Let me know if you need anymore information on it!

    We have only recently added that option, it acts as a middleman service and sends the bitcoin to us for you, they are very popular on Trustpilot!
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    Depending on what you are ordering, I don't see any issues using the credit card option unless Express pct is offering discounts for BTC (or you are ordering scheduled items).

    Edit: just make sure to use a virtual credit card generator.
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    New website looks fancy, check pm please @ExpressPCT
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    Thank you very much!
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    Modafinil will be back in stock on 11/25!
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    Update - Package was seized (after 30+ days in transit). ExpressPCT was quick to respond as always. Was offered a reship but eventually asked for a refund instead (here they take the seizures seriously). Refund was given quick. Overall great communication too bad my country is strict.
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    Thank you for the post and we are happy to have come to a resolution with you regarding your seized order!
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    Hey Meso!

    We are going to begin our Black Friday sale a bit earlier this week! We will make sure to post the voucher code here on the forum when it begins, but we highly encourage everyone to sign up for our newsletter, as we will be announcing more sales and discounts on select products through out the Holiday months, as well as inventory and new product updates!

    Coming soon to our Express international line will be Cabaser 1mg and Testenate Depot 250 (ampule). We will also be carrying both Xmalon 25mg (aromasin) and Nebicip 2.5mg (Nebivolol) in our US inventory from now on.

    We would also like to ask the forum which products you would like us to carry in both our Express international line (Singapore Warehouse) and our US line (Domestic). We are open to any and all suggestions!

    Thank you all and have a wonderful week!
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    TUDCA! universally needed by everyone on orals yet not available in many EU countries (yet), and the supplement brands for it are really expensive.
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    Thank you for the recommendation! We will look into the availability of TUDCA.
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    Hello everyone,

    Here is our Black Friday sale code - BF18%
    Sale details: 18% off your entire order on any of our Express international, and international products (USA products are excluded).
    The sale code expires on 12/1/2019.

    In addition to our 18% off sale, we will be discounting 2 products every 48 hours. Both of the products we select will only be on sale for 48 hours, and then we will choose 2 new products. We will do these discounts until 12/6. The first two products discounted will be
    Menodac 75iu (HMG) - $23.99, and Menodac 150iu (HMG) - $33.99.

    Thank you all and have a wonderful holiday week!