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    We just sent you a response! :)
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    Hello everyone!

    Cernos gel 0.1% (testosterone Gel) is now available from both Singapore and India.

    Naltima 50 (Naltrexone) is on sale for $28.99/10 pills, as well as Ovunal SC 5000iu (hcg) for $11.99/vial.
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    ZyHCG 5000iu, Ovidac 5000iu, aromasin 25mg, and arimidex 1mg are all in stock for US shipping! Modafinil, cialis, and Accutane will be back in stock on 12/13!
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    As we previously mentioned, we have now in inventory Testenate Depot 250 (testosterone Enanthate) and Sustaviron 250 (Sustanon). Pricing - $19.98/10 ampules.

    These are shipped from our international warehouse via DHL (very high customs pass rate).
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  5. Still have not recieved pack.
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    Unfortunately, we do not provide order support over forums. You have to email to get support:)

    - ExpressPCT
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    Should I have any legal concerns with shipping the testenate to the US? I wish it shipped domestic, I'm a little Leary about it going through customs. Would I have to sign for the package?

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  8. Hey Thanks for that.

    I’m having an issue finding the Proviron in the list of products. Is it currently out of stock? If it is out of stock do you have any idea as to when it might be back in stock. Thank you.
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  9. That would be awesome if you had Myogen in Singapore! Singapore seems safer than india
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    We are currently in the process of contacting a representative from our Singapore warehouse about this product! As it has been the weekend, we have not received correspondence yet, but as soon as we do we will let you know! :)
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    Apologies for overlooking your query in our thread. I believed we followed up on this with you via PM!
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    @ExpressPCT how long does US domestic shipping usually take?
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    Orders are dispatched with 24-48 hours however holiday mail has delayed most outgoing mail by 1-2 days (depending on location).
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    Hello everyone!

    We are now having an early Christmas sale! It is 15% off all international and express international products.
    Code - Xmas15%
    Duration - From today until 15/12
    Please do not include any USA products in your order.

    Happy Holidays!! :)

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    Where is your product list?
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    We have all our products listed on our website (, however if you prefer to order via email we are completely fine with that!
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    For your international store, the test e 250 is 10ml total for $20, correct?

    Anyone here used their test e or the test u caps?
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    It is 10 ampoules but each ampoules is indeed 1ml with 250mg Test Enanthate.

    Our Test Enanthate and Sutanon are both new products and so you will not find reviews yet unless it is from other sources offering that product.

  19. Why isn’t it listed on the website if you’ve already have had it? Wouldn’t it just say “out of stock”? Or have you not got it yet. Not trying to be a smart ass, sorry if I sound condescending. I’m legitimately wondering. Is it a product that you have had in stock previously and ran out or is it something you are looking to get in stock?
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    It is actually an issue of legality, as exporting Anabolics/Steroids from Singapore has become a very grey area as of lately. It is stocked there currently, however we are waiting to hear back about wether it can still be exported.
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