Finasteride [5ARI] Induced/Associated Effects

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  1. Re: Help me please -- finasteride-induced secondary hypogonadism, low T/LH/FSH, high

    As you lower the nolvdex your estrogen will clear from the receptors and hopefully it will be a good restart for you.
    I just do not like people that self medicate with out Dr's supervision and proper testing to verify what is working and what is not. i see to many people playing guessing games with hormones and end up making matters worse then the dr;s have a hell of a time getting them back to some what functional. I also see to many people playing monkey see monkey do changing protocol's every 5 or so weeks. Your hormones needs a good 4 months to feel the cellular changes to be permenant.
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    Re: Help me please -- finasteride-induced secondary hypogonadism, low T/LH/FSH, high

    When more doctors gain a better understanding and a willingness to assist men with their hypogonadal issues, self-medicating in this area will likely subside. I agree, though, that most guys in both the AAS and TRT communities should do more lab testing.
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    hey hardasnails1973,

    yea, i didn't want to do it without my doctors supervision but he didn't give me a choice. I believe he was worried about liability issues and did not want to risk it. He gave me 2 options, either, permanently use TRT or don't, to see if my body would recover naturally. Ha, I chose option 3, which was pct based on research on and I was tired of 2 yrs of poor erections. :)

    I've been doing blood work before and during PCT so I could verify the extraneous results with the lab work to see how it correlated to each other. I've doubled my testos levels and hoped that it stay like that after PCT.

    Anyhow, thank u for your advice and i hope you're right about the restart. oneday.
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    Day 62

    Saturday February 28, 2009

    This is my 62nd day on pct protocol and there are roughly 10 days left. This part of the program is pretty easy, no needles to deal with, just have to take my nolvadex pill. I had decent sleep last night and got about 6 hours of sleep. In my deep sleep, I had a very sexually arousing dream and it was a scantily cald girl that was sucking some guys dick. As I was watching this take place, I felt my pecker pulsate and throb with excitement. Unfortunately, I woke up before anything happened and didn't climax. This is the 2nd time this has happened where I was close to having a wet dream (man, I miss those days), but woke up. The first time it happened was 3 weeks ago because I was forgetting to take my nolvadex. Since I've been steadily reducing my dosage of nolvadex I've noticed these gradual changes... Ha, what am i talking about... this whole pct recovery has been gradual.

    Today, I had a spontaneous erection at 11am (55% quality) then another one at 2pm (65% quality), so that was 2 in one day. I have not gotten spontaneous erections after stopping propecia, but pct has partially restored this sexual function. I definitely consider spontaneous erections as a measurement of recovery and this is a good sign. Maybe the estrogen is clearing from my system giving other androgens a chance to interact with the androgen receptors. I'll continue to observe and post any findings.

    your brotha from another motha, oneday
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    Day 68

    Saturday March 7, 2009

    This is my 68th day on pct and it is about time that I update you guys on my status. My nocturnal and morning erections have been poor lately due to poor sleep. I been staying up anywhere between 1-3am in the morning compared to my normal sleep schedule of 11pm-12am, however, I still get mild morning erections of 50%. I'm gonna try and get into a better sleep cycle this week because erectile hardness should've increased as I decreased my nolvadex dosage.

    My spontaneous daytime erections have increase from 3 per week to 6 times per week, but it is still the floppy kind. Things are continuing to improve and it will just take time for my body to adjust to the hormonal changes. I will be on my last dose this Monday and will get blood work done on Thursday. I hope the results are favorable because I felt like shit while on large doses of nolvadex.

    I been having increased muscle strength at the gym and I'm able to add an additional 1-2 reps per week on the heaviest weight I can do. Normally, it would take 2-3 weeks for me to acquire the strength to do 1-2 more reps. Each week that goes by, my pecks, bi's, lats, tri's, and abs are filling out and getting more defined. No matter how much I would workout pre-PCT, it was so hard to make any progress and I feel like I'm 23 again.

    I feel that my hair is getting thinner, even tho I'm not losing 10-15 follicles like I use to when I washed my hair in the morning. One month ago, only under direct sunlight were you able to see the skin of my scalp, now, it is under regular ambient light where you are able to see some of my scalp. I'm scared guys, but really, if you're going to lose your hair and it is a matter of time. I won't take propecia anymore because I learned a life traumatizing lesson and I'll probably consider a hair piece where they stick your existing hair threw a hair grid of fake hair. Shit, I can't believe it has gotten to this point and all hair alternatives are on the table, except propecia. This is LIFE, I'm just gonna have to pony up and deal with it.

    Oh yea, my balls were pretty hard today and it fluctuates from day to day. Some days it is big and soft, some days it is big and hard, then there's other times where it is small and slightly firm, but it has never gone back to pre-PCT size.

    My emotions are much better and I noticed that aggressive tendencies invade my mind sometimes. If someone pisses me off at the gym, I feel like I want to bash their faces into the concrete and jump on their broken spine. (haha) Or, the assholes on the road that don't know how to drive in the high speed lane. I'm sorry that there are douche bags out there that don't understand that the far left lane is called a PASSING LANE, which means if you are going 15 miles over the speed limit doesn't give you the right to stay in that lane, because if there is someone behind you that wants to go faster, then pull the fuck over and let them pass. People who drive like this are oblivious and sometimes they think that they are being challenged on the road, so then they become enforcers and try to step on the brake in the high speed lane to slow you down. They fail to realize that this vigilante behavior doesn't do anyone good because all the ppl that want to pass them will use the slower lanes as bypass lanes, thus screwing the integrity of road. Sorry for going on this tangent but it is something that bothers me.

    Ok, time to sleep now and I'll chat with you peeps later. oneday.
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    hcg, Syringes, Injecting, Mixing Hcg Solution

    Hey quint (from,

    No one showed me how to do this and just researched it on the internet. Remember when you were young and decided take your pecker for a joy ride; did anyone show you how to do this? I guess you just needed a little research material (porn) and afterwards, you went to town with your balls. haha. Basically that is what i did and hit the web to get my needles, hcg, and found articles about how to inject. The hCG is the hardest part of this protocol because you have to mix it correctly and inject it into your body. If u try this program, just make sure there's no huge air bubbles in your mixture prior to injecting the solution into your body. As a precaution, I would flick the syringe with my finger to knock any air bubbles lose until it floats to the top, then squirt out the solution until the air bubbles are gone. There will be some microscopic bubbles but these should be ok. Here's a visual, just picture yourself pouring a can of cola into a glass and carbonated bubbles accumulate on the glass - well, this type of bubbles will form on the syringe's wall and u flick the syringe, the bubbles float up and settle at the top, then squirt until the gap of air at the top disappears. Then you'll see some micro, MICRO-scopic bubbles, these should be alright. When I first, I felt a little scared because little bubbles remained after I flicked and squirted and I couldn't get rid of it, but i guess the bubbles were small enough for my body to absorb. I'm still alive and whatever I did must have been right. Anyways, this web post is just short of me holding your dick at the bathroom, but this should be all the info that you cocksuckers need. (no offense) :)

    I found some articles that may of help:

    - intramuscular injections

    - subcutaneous injections
    link: How to give a subcutaneous injection by Johns Hopkins Arthritis
    ** I used the subcutaneous method but I never drew blood to see if I hit vein or artery. I just stayed away from injecting into my inner thigh. I injected into my love handles and thighs.

    - misc hcg info

    - where i purchased materials
    link: GPZ Services

    - my post on how to mix:
    link: PROPECIAHELP: Unresolved Finasteride Propecia Proscar side effects info & forum

    Mixing Instructions:

    materials needed
    alcohol pads
    - bought a box of presealed alcohol pads
    (link: Alcohol Prep Pads. 200 per box.)
    100 IU, 29 gauge 1cc (1ml) insulin syringes
    - depends on your program, for me I bought 25
    (link: Insulin Syringe with Needle, 29 G X 1/2" 1 CC.)
    10 ML Presealed Vial
    - buy 3-4
    (link: 10 ML Presealed Vial (Clear))
    30 ML bateriostatic water
    - buy 1-2
    (link: Bacteriostatic Water)

    2500 IU hcg ampule (depends on your program, for me I needed 2 for a 2 week program)

    suggestion: buy 3-5 1.5 inches long needles because you need to extract the hcg solution from the ampule to store it into the Presealed vial. Short little half inch needles won't reach to the bottom of the ampule to fully extract the solution. Picture yourself drinking a cup of water and to drink all of the liquid, you need to tilt the cup as you gulp down the remaining fluid. Well, if you use half inch needles then you have to tilt the ampule on it's side to extract all of the hcg mixture and this is very cumbersome. I made the mistake of not getting some long needle and wished I had.
    (link: 5 CC Syringe with Needle, 20 G X 1.5")

    1. First figure out the calculation given the materials you have. I have a 2500IU ampule of hcg and I want to take 300IU of hcg subcutaneously. I want to add 5 ml of bateriostatic water which is an increase from 4 ml that i have been using. The reason I added 1 more milliliter is to allow the mixture to flow more freely throughout my body. There is no scientific evidence for this and it is what i just thought up on my own.

    (how much I want to take/size of ampule) x bateriostatic water ml = number of cc to inject

    ( 300 IU / 2500 IU ) x 5 ml = 0.60 cc

    remember 1 ml is equal to 1 cc

    - I'll be taking 0.60 cc of the mixture for a dosage of 300IU into my thigh every other night

    2. Wash your hands

    3. Wipe the hcg ampule vial with a fresh alcohol pad

    4. Wipe the Presealed sterile vile with a fresh alcohol pad (this is what you'll store the remaining HCG)

    5. Clean the bateriostatic water bottle with a fresh alcohol pad

    6. Using a fresh sterile syringe draw 4 ml of bateriostatic water and place it into the Presealed sterile vile.

    step by step breakdown:
    a) using your insulin and draw in 100 IU of air then add this air to bateriostatic water to increase the air pressure.
    b) once the air is added, then draw 100 IU of the bateriostatic water(if you didn't add the air from step a) then you'll have a hard time drawing down the plunger b/c of the negative air pressure)
    c) pull out the needle and add it to the presealed sterile vile.
    d) follow steps a), b), and c) for another 3 times, and this will leave 4 ml of bateriostatic water in the presealed sterile vial.

    7. Break open the glass ampule of hcg along the line.

    8. Using a fresh syringe, draw in 1cc of air and then add to bateriostatic water.

    9. Extract another 1cc (1ml) of bateriostatic water and place it into the ampule of hcg powder. You should see it dissolve instantly!

    10. Extract the mixture and put it into the presealed vial which will leave you with 5 ml of hcg solution.
    * you should buy some long needles b/c it can be hard to draw out the mixture from the long ampule vials

    11. Using a fresh needle draw in 0.60cc of air then add to the presealed vial and draw out 0.60 cc of the hcg mixture from the presealed vial. Then I choose an injection site and wipe the area with an alcohol pad and once the alcohol has dried, then i inject myself.
    NOTE: everytime you stick the needle into the presealed vial it will dull your needle.

    12. Put the presealed vile of hcg into the fridge

    I heard that the hcg should last about 1 week to 30 days, but it will lose potency as time goes on. For me, I'll mix a new batch weekly.
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    Day 71

    Tuesday March 10, 2009

    This is the 71st day on pct and after tonight it will be the first day being off the program. This is most likely when the recovery begins and I'm excited because I will no longer be taking nolvadex. Even though 2.5 mg of nolvadex is such a minuscule amount compared to 20mg, but it still has an affect on penile sensation. I remember when I was watching some vintage porn from the 80's and that was really arousing. I don't know why, I don't think it is disgustingly hairy pussy that got me aroused, but it was the storyline. Most hardcore porn these days are just little scenes where they are on a bed, kitchen counter tops, or in the backyard somewhere fucking. But the vintage stuff, ppl actually acted and followed a storyline throughout the 120 mins which was interesting. Now, It is a dead art form and current porn is just Fast Food Porn, where ppl are just having sex then it jumps into the scene w/ a different girl. I don't know how u ppl feel about this but digress. I haven't felt the same enthusiasm towards this genre of porn prior to pct and feel that nolvadex has something to do with this. It has made things are a little dull and uninteresting, so by being off nolva that i may now enjoy past pleasures.

    Last night, I had 4 awakenings from my sleep because the blanket made me incredible hot, however, each time I woke up I had a nocturnal erection (somewhat firm and soft). I haven't been able to sense my erections lately because I have minimal awakenings and it doesn't last long enough for me to become conscious to check my erections. But if I do wake up then I take every opportunity to check my erectile quality. I had several spontaneous erections today, even tho they are soft but they are stronger than it has been in prior days' past. I don't know what to make of this and I was hoping for a Miracle on 34th street with PCT. I thought that recovery would be quick and I have to be realistic as to the progress that one will experience on this program. There isn't a lot of post on this subject and all I read is that ppl try some sort of PCT, then one post 8 mths later stating, they are doing better, so it makes it really hard to gauge the recovery time. Hardasnails1973 (meso-rx) mentioned to me that it will take 4 months for my body to acclimate, so it would be exhausting to write journal entries for 4 more months. Also, I know that I would start doubting myself during the 4 months and start to tinker around with clomid and proviron if things are progressing slowly. I'm going to try and stay as calm as much as possible for the next 1 month and a half to see how this program is working. So far, i'm making progress and it will just take a little bit longer to see if I get the results I'm looking for.

    Enough about hairy beavers and self doubt. I'll talk to u folks later. oneday
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    Summary of pct protocol

    here is a summary of the pct protocol:

    -- I take the following medication between 10pm-12am

    Started on Friday, December 26,2008
    Week 1-2 nolvadex 20 mg and hcg 250 IU (only on Mon, Wed, Fri)
    Week 3-6 Nolvadex 20 mg
    Week 7 Nolvadex 10 mg
    Week 8 Nolvadex 5 mg
    Week 9 Nolvadex 2.5 mg
    Finished on Monday, March 10, 2009
    Next 4 months - Analyze progress

    Quote: Now, the saga continue Wu Tang, Wu Tang, mo fuckas!
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    scaredmale30's questions

    Hi ScaredMale30,

    thank you for your words of encouragement. I do get carried away with typing sometimes and put a lot of fluff in my journal that may or may not be pertinent to PCT recovery. I've never written a journal before and felt that if i was going to, that this was the moment to do so. Here are the answers to your questions.

    Q1) How are erections, on a scale of 1 to 10? Can you get hard enough to penetrate? Do erections last or are they constantly disappearing unless you stimulate them?

    As of today, my erections are a 6.5 and have been disappointed with the result. It will get hard enough to 8.0 only if there is some sort of physical or visual stimulation which is good for penetration. I will lose it if there is not enough stimuli and it will fluctuate between 8.0-5.5 range. This is a result of nolvadex and for some reason, it causes weak erections and numbs my excitement.

    For example: When I was on vacation, I was forgetting to take my nolvadex and had very strong erections 8.5-9.0, so I know nolvadex was messing around with my system. Also, in the first week or so, my erections were very strong and I suppose that the affects of nolvadex hadn't fully taken affect yet. Once nolvadex has reached its optimal potency in your system, that it will dull your sexual sensations and make it harder to maintain erections.

    Q2) How is libido on scale on 1 to 10? Has PCT improved libido?

    Hmmm. tough question and here is why. I noticed that I'm looking at girls more but does that mean that libido has increased, even tho there's no sexual intent. Or do u gauge it this way, when you're at the theaters watching a movie then a sexual seen appears up on the screen, as in the case of the new movie "Watchmen", do I get aroused??? Well I had a mild erection which I haven't had in years. Watching soft core vs hard core is different for me after propecia. Only hard core gets me aroused but pct has partially restored my arousal for soft core stuff like in the case of the "Watchmen". I was on 2.5mg of nolvadex when I watched the movie, but if I was on 20mg then soft core porn would not have been enough to induce an erection.

    To put a numerical value on libido, I would say that PCT took me from 2 to 5 and there's still work to be done this department. I still have nolvadex affects so I can't say if things will get better and we'll just have to wait and see.

    Q3) How is physical energy on a scale of 1 to 10? (Not sure if you're ever had a problem with this). Has PCT improved this?

    Ok, this is was the most apparent and pct has made a huge impact. Energy has improved greatly and I'm gaining mass at the gym. I don't know if u workout, but if you're tired then you don't want to push yourself at the gym. That was how I felt prior to pct and now I'm challenging myself at the gym all the time. You'll noticed the burst of energy in the 1st 2 weeks of the program then tamper off a little and plateau to a new high. Your energy will be higher than prepct, but may not be as high as the first 2 weeks. In the 2nd month on PCT, that is when it will climb back up and you'll will probably feel more aggression in the final weeks of the program.

    On pct, energy went from 5 to 9.

    Q4) How is sleep on scale of 1 to 10? Has PCT improved this?

    This is another area where things have improved and my sleep quality went from a 5 to 10. Now keep this in mind, I have a comfortable situation here at home and there's no external factors such as stress, noisy neighbors, or a crazy night life that keeps me from sleeping right. If you are able to have a peaceful environment to sleep in and a good sleep schedule then on this program pct has helped greatly.

    In conclusion, pct elevates testosterone but wreaks havoc on your emotions as well as impedes your ability to sustain erections. Remember, that nolvadex blocks estrogen from the receptors but you cannot discount it's necessary role in erectile quality and sensation. Over the next couple of weeks, I'll pay close attention to my body as the nolvadex works it's way out of my system and the estrogen levels dissipates. Hope this answers your questions. oneday
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    Re: Help me please -- finasteride-induced secondary hypogonadism, low T/LH/FSH, high

    What are your thoughts on you think it has more positive sexual effects? I've seen some guys say it gives them porn star capabilities, and then some say it really doesn't help libido or erections.
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    Re: scaredmale30's questions

    Oneday, thank you or the time and effort you put into detailing your pct. it has been very educational and a great help to me and i'm sure many others on this forum.

    Perhaps you would be kind enough to tell me where you purchased your nolvadex?

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    Re: scaredmale30's questions

    Oneday, thank you or the time and effort you put into detailing your pct. it has been very educational and a great help to me and i'm sure many others on this forum.

    Perhaps you would be kind enough to tell me where you purchased your nolvadex?

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    mqsymth's question

    I bought nolvadex from and it seems that they are forwarding future purchases to a different reseller. If you go to the link that I provided and click on resellers, you'll be able to buy nolvadex off them. I bought stuff only from and I cannot attest to the validity of the resellers. Let me know how you make out. oneday.
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    It has been nearly one month being off of pct and not posting to any forums. I still feel like I'm still being affected by increased estrogen in my system. My eyes seems puffier due to water retention and my theory is that as the receptors clear from the nolvadex disuse, the increase estrogen in my body are influencing the receptors, therefore I'm retaining water in my face. My sleep has gotten worse where I'm waking up 3-5 times more per night compared to PCT. Now I can get 3 or more erections per day and have more spontaneous erections but it doesn't occur everyday. Watching movies with a sexual scene will give a slight arousal and cause a mild erection which only started to happen after PCT. My ejaculate is more voluminous only if I get really excited otherwise it is watery. There have been times each week, where my erections are rock hard, but generally it hovers at 65-75%.

    My emotions are generally good, but I get a little down when I look at my thinning hair. PCT has made my hair thinner and that is enough to bring down my mood. At these moments, it makes me think about what I should do about post PCT and whether or not to try to eliminate the extra estrogen in my system with Proviron or to try Xyrem. Hmmm, what do I do. Also, recently I noticed that my adrenal system isn't functioning right after propecia. My fight-flight response is all fucked up for example, generally I have to give presentations at work, so I use to get a little nervous and my heart would pound out of chest prior to the delivery of my material. Now that doesn't happen anymore and there's something wrong with this picture. I know that when I use to get horny, my heart will pound out of my fucking check and I would get butterflies in my stomach if I'm around a very attractive girl and that only happens if my adrenals were functioning correctly. I'm continue to ponder what I'm going to do about adrenals, extra estrogen in the system and thinning hair.

    - More erections per day and some days it is rock hard
    - Still fighting some estrogen effects
    - More weight gain
    - Some water retention
    - Considering POST PCT action to reduce estrogen
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    Post pct

    Hardasnails1973 (moderator from told me that, "Your hormones needs a good 4 months to feel the cellular changes to be permanent," but I have only been off of PCT for a month. I value his opinion and I'm having a hard time waiting for the horniness to come back. haha. Doing PCT was the easy part but the hardness part is being patient to see the outcome. Whatever the outcome maybe, I have about 3 months left to see what the results are. Then I stumbled across 3pm Recovery thread ( and makes me wanna give GHB another chance. So far, there's like 5 people who has tried GHB and some were successful while others had to quit due to side effects. I was one of the quitters because it wasn't giving me the results that was mentioned by ithappens ( paulwaters2006 ( (what happen buddy, you never talk anymore?). Anyhow, the drug was hard to get because it is like a schedule I drug or something like that which you needed to prove that you had sleep issues before they gave you a prescription for it. So, I did a sleep study which validated that I had sleep issues, so they gave me the prescription. One week later, the drug arrived and I measured 5 ml then split it out between two bottles. You take one bottle when you sleep then 4 hours later you take the second bottle. A typical dose is 6 ml and maybe that is why GHB (Xyrem) was not successful for me. I noticed that I lost all nocturnal and morning erections which got me scared so I stopped after a week of treatment. Also it corresponded to the time when I started to think about PCT and wanted to start that immediately.

    Fast forward to now, so I read 3pm Recovery thread and yesterday I decided that I would try Xyrem again while my body is recovering from PCT. GHB makes you sleep and release Human Growth Hormone (HGH) so it should help my body repair itself faster. Last night, I started with 2.75 ml for the first dose and 2.50 ml for the second dose. After a 20 min wait, I felt like the ground was shift underneath my feet and felt very gitty. Once I crawled into bed, my head was spinning and a lot of thoughts started to flash through my mind. As I stumbled from thought to thought in rapid succession, I came across a memory of a girl with fake tits that I met and she was total digging me. She has a kid which made me hesitant to pursue a relationship her, but in my euphoric state, I would totally bang her and didn't care if she had a kid or not. While I was on that memory, I became aroused and got mildly erected which didn't happen at all when I was first trying Xyrem back in December 2008. This afternoon, I got a spontaneous erection, but wasn't as hard as it has been in the past few weeks. As for sleep quality, GHB knocks you out and woke up 1 time which was to take my second dose. I woke up this morning feeling the side effects until 12pm which consisted of a stuff head and felt mentally sleepy (slow to process information).

    I'll be taking the same dose of Xyrem tonight. good night, oneday.
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    Re: Help me please -- finasteride-induced secondary hypogonadism, low T/LH/FSH, high

    Report on Xyrem more oneday, its a very interesting drug.

    Why dont you try some arimidex after the pct to bring your estro levels a bit down

    I finally didnt understand is water retention and puffy face due to high testo or high estrogen levels?? Or rather high cortisol ?? I thought high cortisol caused all this

    Have you seen any good doc lately??

    How is energy and mental clarity??
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    Re: Help me please -- finasteride-induced secondary hypogonadism, low T/LH/FSH, high

    Here's what I do about my thinning hair.

    I'm current on testosterone replacement therapy using Testim everyday. As we all know this TRT creates extra E2 and DHT. The extrat DHT causes hair lose.

    I currently take Toco-8 by Primordial Performance(read about it on their web site) 2x aday and I wash my hair with Nizoral 2% 3x aweek. I make sure to gently rub in the Nizoral on the top of my head and let it sit for 2 min.

    this has stopped my hair loss and the Toco-8 has actually made a small amount of hair grow back. But it's a constant battle between Testim and Taco-8/Nizoral.

    BTW have you found a supplier of Proviron or nolvadex that will take visa and not make you use western union?
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    Re: Help me please -- finasteride-induced secondary hypogonadism, low T/LH/FSH, high


    Whatever happened to getting new lab values after stopping the nolvadex?

    It's weird but it seems like almost everyone never gets their final labs done! Maybe I just missed yours. It's the only way to know if your T levels are staying up.

    Please post them if you have them. Thanks.
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    Re: Help me please -- finasteride-induced secondary hypogonadism, low T/LH/FSH, high

    I'm glad I found this thread because it's too much of a coincidence now that I think back on it but I also took finasteride because my hair was starting to thin but I only took it for a month because my semen volume was almost nil and my orgasms were no longer intense and I didn't like either of those things. So I stopped the medicine cold turkey. Within a few days, I started having ED issues. I never connected the two events and had actually forgotten about taking the med until I ran across this thread. I just thought my problems of hair loss and ED were connected and were due to my age (35) but now I am not so sure because I have never been the same since :(. I am 50 now and currently on tamoxifen but my T level is not increasing that much so I am still looking for answers to fix that and hoping it is not too late.
  20. Re: Help me please -- finasteride-induced secondary hypogonadism, low T/LH/FSH, high

    Let me say that in near future is that the drug company may have a huge ass lawsuit on them. I would love to be the lawyer working on that case.