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Ok...but comparing the 2 price wise this way is misleading if a person doesn't understand dosing frequency and the enanthate ester in the inj and the oral acetate version.
The acetate oral tabs need to be taken ed and not necessarily at that high a dose.
The inj enanthate version is popularly administered on a Monday/Thursday schedule and at least 300mg on each of the 2 days per week....agreed?
Do you think that it's a fair comparison to say that 600mg per week of inj primo E is roughly going to produce similar gains to what 50-75mg per day of the oral acetate would?
If we agree on that we need to adjust the math some.

I am sorry for my late answer, we are very busy these days with launching our new products and web site.

I agree with you that it is not fair to compair injectable methenolon enanthate with oral methenolon acetate, each product has its pros and cons and it is up finally to the user which one of these he ll prefer.

Generally speaking oral primo is quite useful for those who dont use inject. products for any reason and also to females, where one tab per day is enough dosage.

Best regards Dan.


Seems to be some issues with response time & process.

I recently placed an order, it took longer than usual to get back but I know Daniel has been ill. They picked up my money a couple hours after sending it and I had tracking numbers the next day. Be patient, you will be taken care of, Daniel is a good guy.


Hello mates,

Sorry for late answers last few days, I ll reply everybody in the next few hours.

Thanks for your understanding.



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Good morning to all the community! I ordered the dianabol and trenbo-enant as a trial to test the laboratory Ge-tm (Dan I could not pay by bank transfer, I sent you an email, I hope it to pay by wu or money gram). I hope this is the right laboratory. I am very confident. I recently tried various underground laboratories, all have disappointed me deeply. When I try, you will have my reviews. Sorry for the errors.


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yes, gasoline is gasoline.
here's some of the additives used nowadays to make it more efficient though.

keeping with that analogy, hgh is pure gasoline, and the additives are the aas you are going to run along side the hgh.

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Lol no. Gas is not gas. U have 87, 89, and 93. 93 with bein the best makes your car run much better but cost more.

Octane deals with how much the gasoline can be compressed before it ignites from pressure. Certain high performance tuning configurations can require a higher octane which simply means they are running higher compression ratio's and need a fuel which can withstand this pressure.

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