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  1. If this this legit, he'll be compensated. I gaurantee that. You know GC bro. They take care of people's in situations like this. I have a personal relationship with him.
  2. If you'll shoot me your email , I can check on it and get an answer.
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  3. Callhan/ Cooper/ whoever else he is.
    At least his tests on AL came back good.
  4. I'm also Blimpy on ASF. I'm not a shit stirrer nor am I trying to make a big deal about this. I know how things can get when making gear. Feel free to cross reference any of my posts. I recently had a TD from Dynamite Raws and placed an order with GC to go ahead and get my blast going. If I dont hear back from the rep Recon soon I'll hit you up Compound.

    Thanks for looking out fellas.
  5. Ldog will take care of you bro!! I'm sure of it.
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  6. GarlicChicken

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    Gotcha. Well keep us posted man. That's longer than normal but he has been pretty swamped lately.
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  7. Scout8541

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    thanks for all the info fellas. Could be delayed due to holiday mail
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  8. Yeah not to make excuses, and I'll be vague, but he has serious family issues going on right now. You'll be gtg.
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    Ah I was wondering. That makes sense.

    In that case yeah, you'll get your pack. I'm sure of it
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  10. Seeing these threads about domestic packs getting seized has my anxiety on 10...

    fuk. me.
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  11. Yeah I read them last night right after getting my pack Friday. Thank goodness.
  12. Scout8541

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    I read up on a few of them to, seems some arent making it to their destination. Only a couple got actual seizure notices if some sort. Maybe they are getting lost or stolen since is holiday season.Might not have seen all of them though . Either way I am cautious about placing an order, i am waiting on 1 but it might be there, i am out of town for few more days. For what its worth, my trt doc is an hr away and pharmacy is next door so I use them. They mail my scripts including test c, pins, ai, bp and couple other things. Nowhere on label does it specify pharmacy, its usually a random looking name. I think if order is small that it might not raise any flags, but im not an expert. I havent had any problems getting scripts, and a lot of people have them sent legally through the mail. Will be a hard thing to determine if ug or script in my opinion.
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  13. I've still not heard a peep from anyone since Thursday. Not from GC nor his reps (who I also emailed) Obviously it never shipped.

    Maybe I will hear something today now that the weekend has passed..

    This is why I never place large orders. I see some guys spending 1k$ or more on orders and getting burnt. Kind of silly to put all your eggs in one basket if you ask me.

    (No I'm not saying GC burnt anyone)

    I'll keep you updated..
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    I just got a list the other day you’re being ignored
  15. Temp account5

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    Now I won’t order that I saw that what are the details with what’s going on with your order

    fuckin stupid ass paid sss fuckin board sponsor little bitches can’t stand how they do this shit

    I’d tell u to post on there thread but then they might send u under dosed shit
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  16. Scout8541

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    I asked the rep 2 times is something was back in stock. Once he said he will check. 1 day went by asked him again. He said to ask when I put in my order. Is sent the source an email saying I was ready to order but if he had a product back in stock so I could add it. Never heard back, that was 3 days ago.
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    Theirs reasons for everything and eventually everything comes to light.
  18. I've been around for a minute and have brewed gear for several years. This shit isn't rocket science and it only takes a few seconds to reply to an email.

    I feel like he didn't have DHB in stock when he said that he did, otherwise he would have shipped it over a week ago. At this point I don't really care if i receive the order as I have made my DHB. I only brew these days for personal use and all of my friends I usually send to sponsors on the forums and was really thinking GC would be a good fit as I really liked his list.

    I'm not going to bitch anymore nor was I trying to throw this source under the bus. I am just giving my personal experience. If anyone would like to see the emails and timestamps ect.. I dont mind posting them either.

    I hope everyone stays safe and receives what they ordered. Happy holidays!
  19. Jswole220

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    Again everything happens for a reason and eventually everything comes to light.
  20. Jswole220

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    GC is a stand up dude and to me personally he’s not just a source. I have a personal relationship with him. I know it’s frowned upon on meso to be nice to sources or act friendly with them but this isn’t an act. I’ve known the man for a long time and I have a friendship with him outside of ordering gear. The vast majority of my conversations with him have nothing to do with his brand or his gear. GC is one of the few sources I recommend to people. Again for now all I’ll say is everything happens for a reason and eventually everything comes to light.
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