Gear Church - Any info on this lab

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    Gear Church

    have a buddy that told me about these guys but I never heard of them (although that doesnt mean much). Not much info on meso. Looked on ASF and pretty big over there but I heard lot of negative things get deleted over there. Prices seem fair but anybody know about past quality. Not looking for g2g, just any info.
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    Never heard of em but if it’s on asf I wouldn’t pay any money for it they would protect a source if he sold empty vials
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    Thats what I heard. Everything over there is dick riding and g2g. No hardcore vetting like lot of these meso guys do to new suppliers.
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    Gear church is actually a good one
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    Seen gear church on a few other source sites. Reviews seem good, however I don't know if those reviews are legit or so not.
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    Gear Church has a popular following on the paid boards. Lots of happy people. Very few issues/problems.

    They had an issue last summer on Muscle & Science forum where it turned out the TPP was garbage/underdosed. The good news is Gear Church recalled anything that contained TPP. But if no one had pulled bloods then the issue never would have been caught.

    They fixed the problem so that’s a plus. But if they were great they wouldn’t have had the problem in the first place.
  9. murray312

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    At least they fixed it instead of the typical run around like purity source labs will do to deny the possibility they have garbage gear.
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    Thanks sir. I have never really paid any attention to any boards except Meso, guess i need to venture out more. They seem to have good reviews but i can see where it can be 1 sided in their favor due to $$ whereas here lots of yall bash the sources til they break and leave or they show that they can meet Meso standards (i mean that in a good way).
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    To be honest, ASF is the most scrutinizing board I've found outside of meso. People don't get banned for calling out garbage and if threads are deleted we move it to the pit where the source can't.

    As for GC, he is my primary source for oils. Has been for quite a while. The only issues I've witnessed is the TPP incident twice, he dealt with it as described here and changed his source for it. The other issue is I had some stuff crash during the winter twice and he sent me replacements and then some after I let him know. Bloods have been good except those TPP incidents quite a while ago
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    maybe your right I haven’t been over there in 4 years because I got banned for calling out sources. Any board that’s pay to play iill take what they say with a grain of salt too many alterior motives
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    Thanks. I read up on the TPP issues, that's about the only negative problem I have found. Seems like he dealt with it and moved on, mistakes happen but it was corrected. I'm looking to have a couple of backup places lined up.
  14. That's the only issue I've seen with them in their four years there.
    Plenty of logs from respected guys at ASF.
    Plenty of good blood work.
    Just not any mass specs on things like mast or primo.
  15. I've been waiting 9 days on a order that supposedly already shipped. Can't get any confirmation back except that the rep was "stepping in to figure it out".

    So far not good... don't tell me its shipped when it hasn't.
  16. Scout8541

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    Damn, i was gonna put in a small order but will wait now. Already out $ from another vendor.
  17. I'm not saying they are bad or you shouldn't order... just stating my own personal experience thus far.

    Approaching 2 weeks on a couple bottles of DHB... had I known this I would have never even ordered as I needed some quick to start my blast. Don't even need it now as I got my raws in and made my own.
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    I've used Callahan a few times with no problems haven't tried GC but most reviews are positive.
  19. GarlicChicken

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    That's a long time for GC. Like 3x normal times.

    I'll be keeping an eye on this. Please keep us informed. I'll reach out to some other people to make sure orders are moving like they should.
  20. I've never waited more than 5 business days. They'll get your squared away as long as you're not reverse scamming.