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  1. Masterofron

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    0/10 name. What the hell is wrong with new sources names lately? Over the last year or two UGL names have gotten so stupid..
  2. Noah86

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    This is better than the Jelly Bean Contest.


    I already got my confirmation email for my Vials. I’ll give a feelz report once the pack lands. Never have I been this excited for untested, poorly written introduction with no quality pictures but what speaks volume is at the least he has 5 years of experience.
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  3. getswole89

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    Let's us know if you get any infections brotha hahahaha
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  4. Omegistosalex

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    I want some disease filled vials to inject myself and become a zombie
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  5. Genghis Pharm

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    Hit my line, I got u
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  6. Genghis Pharm

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    We're running a B2G1 sale for the next week.
    No order minimum.
    Free shipping for orders $100+.
    Test E is $25.

    cialis, aromasin, and nolvadex have been added to the product list.
    The bloodwork results have been adjusted. The first person to post bloods will receive a $400 store credit. The second will receive $200 credit. Everyone thereafter will receive $100 credit.

  7. Genghis Pharm

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    Dildo Pharm was taken, unfortunately
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  8. murray312

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    So it's harass new source. Buy from new source. Find issues with new source. Source disappears. Repeat. If I was gonna sell peds on meso I'd just start off with 3 different labels for the whole process.
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  9. Genghis Pharm

    Genghis Pharm Junior Member

    There's been no issues besides critique of our intro, my mans. We've been here and up-to-date on emails.

    Some forums require the mods to vet new sources before making an intro post. Not like that here, though. This forum is free to use by anyone so roasting new sources makes sense. Let's see if I can handle it ;)
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  10. Oldschool

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    Lots of other forums out there. Get lost.
  11. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    You disappeared for two weeks. You had your chance and couldn’t hack it.

    You avoided the scrutiny, waited to see if we all forgot, and only came back because the fuzzy sources left you an opportunity.

    Where’s your product testing results? You’re not gonna sell anywhere close to what you could sell with that. If you’re here to take advantage of the newbs you won’t give a fuck about whether your product is dosed accurately. But if you want to be a legitimate player you better have some sample results.
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  12. 883 jellybeans!
  13. murray312

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    I know how it goes there's been a new source every week since tgi got busted and pristine disappeared "whatever" compounding had hair in his vials.
  14. murray312

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    Your posts are all so fucking annoying.
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  15. jackmeoff1

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    Completely missed this source. Any testing?
  16. bambam333

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    Don’t bother you probably have more in your self stash than what he has
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  17. MadBret

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    Barrack Obama, Donald Trump, a good looking lady and a less attractive lady were all riding together on a train. While going through a tunnel in the dark, a slap is heard. Once out of the tunnel, Obama has a red hand print across his face. The attractive women thinks to herself, he must have tried to grab me in the dark and instead grabbed the less attractive women and she slapped him. The less attractive women assumes Obama must have grabbed the attractive women and got slapped. Obama thinks to himself, Trump must have grabbed one of those women and I got slapped by mistake. Trump thinks to himself, I can't wait to go through another tunnel so I can slap Obama again.
  18. Silentlemon1011

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    You win Meso today.

    As for Genghis,

    Test results?
    Fuck off.
    You're obviously not taking this seriously.

    If you cant be bothered or dont have enough money to send out for labs... then nobody wants your lazy/broke ass gear.

    Man, it's like sources are getting worse...
    There's only a literal fuck tonne of good and. ad examples all over Meso..
    Why doesnt anyone read?
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  19. BigBaldBeardGuy

    BigBaldBeardGuy Member Supporter

    Yea, it would certainly appear that our boy Genghis really isn’t serious about being a source here. He doesn’t answer the real questions and stops in once every two weeks. I wouldn’t order any of his 10 products (yes, that’s all he’s got on his list).

    If any of you newbs or crash test dummies didn’t learn your lesson from Gemstone or Grayscale, the 3rd fuck up will be the charm I guess. I’m sure this guy has fuzz-filled vials too.

    Maybe @The Concrete Runner will get his promo sale from this guy!
  20. Is there a promo going on? Sign me up :p