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    One more time...have you sourced on another forum or at Anytime Fitness, or where. Just looking for some backup to the "5 years sourcing" claim...
    It's a fair question...
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    He was on yesterday around 9pm. Didn’t comment on anything though as you can see.
    I think he mentioned something about sourcing locally? But I’m not gonna go back and reread anything lol.

    Looks like a troll to me. Or just your everyday run off the mill, dumbass! :oops:
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    Gaykiss pharma

    Nah bro
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    Lol wtf is this??? Are you retarded? Post your wife's tits so i can fap and sleep
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    The five-year mark is calculated from years sourcing locally and a couple different marketplaces online. I've never burned anyone. It would help the launch of this new brand to mention the former or just re-launch under the old brand name again, however, other people I know in real life were involved and I would like to limit the amount of people that know my personal identity.

    I previously quit sourcing for a few reasons. I needed to focus on personal issues and my full-time job. I also needed a mental break due to the feeling that LE would bust in my room any night. Another popular source had been caught on another forum. Word was also going around that another source's raw orders were getting seized. I personally had a few domestic packs that were RTS or were broken open, which is never good. I had too much suspicion that I was being watched and needed to clear my headspace.

    Obviously, the start of this brand is smaller than what I left off with. I threw away all previous brewing equipment to keep my house completely clean and recently started fresh. I don't have the funds currently to start with a huge product lineup and am obviously back to get in a better financial place. Nobody wants to be a criminal. :cool:

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    Okay, this actually made me laugh. Hit my inbox and I'll send you a free pack.
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    "Whisker Biscuit queef"
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  9. More than 3 vials. It's a start.

    Now where's the testing? Those vials could be dosed anywhere between nothing and perfect.

    You don't expect people to blindly inject that shit and give us feelz reports, do you?
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    I got tren cough from his dbol so its g2g! It may have been a piece of rubber stopper caught in my lung though, who knows?
  11. No doubt he'll take you up on that offer too.


    Test your shit and get back to us. It takes money to make money. Testing may seem like some huge setback in the beginning, but in time, it'll amount to a drop in the bucket.
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    Yep, the electric bill at my work is $7,000,000 a month. Shit, they pay me to do this and listen to music 99% of the time! The price of business.
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    Stop posting links. People should not click on those.
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    So you’ve been in the biz 5 years and have a list that has like 8 items on it including orals? Gtfoh.
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    This is such nonsense.
    Maybe you've been homebrewing your favorites for 5 years.... supplying yourself.

    Piece of advice, dont show up here pretending your hot shit, when your list is trash and you're not following Meso rules.
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    Is this the general consensus, if we make a joke that could make you laugh we get a free pack?


    what did the buffalo say to his son when he left off to college?


    Ok let me know if I qualify as well.

    Also Genghis? Sounds like a disease, or is it in reference Genghis Khan of the Mongol Empire?
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    I read that exactly how you intended it to be read.

    Still laughing
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    You're right, seems more like gangrene than Genghis at this point
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    A guy walks up behind a woman at the checkout in a grocery store. He looks at her groceries, pretty basic, eggs, milk, bread. The guy then says "I bet you're single, huh?" She says "You can tell that by looking at my groceries?" He replies'"Nah, you're ugly!"