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    Do you think for a second we're going to allow photoshopped timestamps?
    wrinkled piece of paper with MESO and the date on it or get the fuck out of here with your bullshit.
    additionally, why the fuck would you link a file like that? insert images.

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    Lmao he used to times new Roman for his time stamp
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    This shit is such a joke your really not even worthy of a vetting process. No one is even worried about you you fucking clown. You say your focused on quality so you don’t brew many items but in the next breath you talk about the items you’ll be shortly adding? Why not be honest and say as soon as I get some newbies to bight and place orders I should have some more money to buy raws and brew more items. Also my mommy will be giving me some money for Christmas so I can put that towards some more raws and shouldn’t have to use syringe filters and 60ml syringes anymore to brew hopefully by then I can afford a real setup.
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    Imbed images of your lab equipment with the customary crumpled handwritten tag you fucking goofus.
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    Fuck right off. That is all.
  6. You prefer to post minimal "evidence" but we prefer you post more, much more than a single pic with a couple vials in it.

    Show us your testing reports, blood work and all that other technical stuff. You surely haven't been brewing blindly for "5+ years"?

    You've seen other source intros, so you know what you've brought to the table is literally nothing. Step it up or see yourself out.
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    This. Just wipe the exif and post the pics. I could go grab my old tiggy gear, peel off the labels and run a similar if not better intro than this.
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  8. i'm already getting the Giant/Atlantic Labs vibe from this guy.

    This time with the twist of trying to pass off one pic with a few vials for proof, then stating that other sources post too much and he wants to keep it to a minimum.

    In other words, we probably won't see any more pics and if we do, it will take page after page of requests while he drags his feet and peddles unimaginative excuses such as:

    i'm not at the lab right now.
    One of my partners disapproves of pics.
    OPSEC is too important for more pics.
    i have metadata woes.

    Gag me with a stick. This is all getting to be very monotonous and yawn inducing.
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    Almost as bad as Venom and Venom only offered a couple products too.

    I think we can all already agree that this is a failure right out of the gate. Not even worth asking questions. Just don’t order. Enough said.
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    984 jelly beans. Next contest please
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    This guy is doing jellybean contest too??? He’s got my g2g!!!
    985 jellybeans
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    I think he ran away and is currently trying to come up with a new name for his bath tub "Pharma" operation lol

    Go pay to sponsor another forum you fake ass pharma mfer lol
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    I vote for "Lingus Phart"
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  14. He's peeling the label off of his 3 vials as we speak, trying to devise a new way to pass the vetting process without showing us his lack of bountiful stock.

    Wash, rinse, repeat with this amateur.
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    Hahahaha I'm fuckin dying he's probably sorting through Adobe stock videos right now to find some bs lab walk thru video hahaha
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    I'm in agreement...5 years I'd a long time...Forgive me if asked already, but where did you source?
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  18. bigrobbie

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    Let me ask the question on many others minds, I suspect...are you discord sourcing also? If so, enjoy the drama...@Genghis pharma
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    Mic drop
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    Did I bring the juice? Lol