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  1. You gonna teach me the ways and mentor me ?
  2. Walker

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    I think everyone around here can agree that even being taught you can't fix stupid and you will always be a blazin homo who just can't keep his trap shut...
  3. dnoyez

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    4 ft
    21 inch waste
    34 inch quads
    42 inch chest
    20.5 inch upper arms
    22 inch forearms-i know its strange
    18 1/2 inch calves atm
    havnt weighed my self..go by how i look.
    jump squats 12 reps with 6 45,s hanging from dip belt
    29 rep pushups with my fat mother and father n law sitting on back
    one arm dog press with 100lb german sheaperd 22 reps yesterday
    333 reps of kipping pullups in under 16 mins
    and humor is good medicine.
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  4. fightingfires

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    49 years old
    205lbs @ 17%bf if calipers are accurate
    bench 245x3
    squat 315x3 ass to the ground
    deads 315x6 sad but only started doing deads 3 months ago due to bad back

    natural till now. started trt 3months ago @ 160mg/week
    gonna start a cycle once my bloods are stable to where the doc wants them
    Will do a journal when I start....will learn lots till then
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  5. brutus79

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    Welcome brother- make sure you have your dead form right. .. I like the "strength camp" videos on youtube for deadlifts - eliot explains it well.
  6. Impressive lifters in this thread and on this board, glad to be among you all.

    Here are my stats. Everything listed below is a 10 Rep Max. I haven't tested out my 1RM's before. I don't think my choices in exercise selection gives very favorably to 1RM work, but I'd like to test out some heavy triples some time.

    These aren't all the lifts that I do, but I feel they are the most important / interesting ones that are worth mentioning.

    Here goes -



    Weighted Chinup
    90lb at 210lb bw x 10

    Weighted Pullup
    45lb at 210lb bw x 10

    Weighted Dip
    120lb at 210lb bw x 10

    Romanian Deadlift
    385lb x 10

    Front Squat
    195lb x 10

    Chest Supported Dumbbell Row
    135lb x 10

    Incline Barbell Bench
    185lb x 10
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  7. brutus79

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    You deserve your handle!
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  8. fightingfires

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    Thanks Brutus...I will look that up. I have always been a stickler for proper form. Always felt that 5 strict reps were way better than 10 sloppy ones. I'm in it for the long haul and joints only take so much abuse.
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  9. lsuandy12

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    196 pounds
    Bench - 340 x 1 (225 for 17reps)
    Box squat - 505 x 1
    Dead - 515 x 1
    Weighted dips - 225 (plus bodyweight) x 3
    40 yard sprint (hand timed) - upper 4.6 range

    Nothing impressive but seeing the numbers on paper makes me wanna work harder for sure
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  10. brutus79

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    That's beastly dude. Makes me feel like a pussy.
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  11. lsuandy12

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    Thanks brother, I appreciate that. My upper body numbers aren't very good compared to my lower body. I'm fairly happy with my leg strength though.
  12. devildog93

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    I think the most impressive part to me is the ability to run a 4.6. I think i ran a 4.8-4.9 when i was 135 pounds right out of boot camp. Well, 100 pounds later and i can just say it is significantly worse. I doubt i would need a stopwatch to time it. Keeping your speed while adding strength is a damn good deal.
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  13. brutus79

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    I think I could hit 4.6 if a cop told me to freeze.... otherwise no chance.
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  14. Not a big bencher but heres my numbers
    5'7 180lbs
    Bench 335x1
    Squat 405x5 atg
    Deadlift 405x10
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  15. pmac928

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    You guys make me feel weak.
    6' 205lbs. I have been steadily
    Gaining strength in my bench. 225x11.245x5 275x1. Today is chest again. I'm going to try and push out more on my max. I've been doing squats sometimes twice a week and feel this is key to my recent strength gains.
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  16. brutus79

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    Get it! 300 right around the corner!
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  17. johnnyBALLZ

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    Awesome, especially for your weight!!
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  18. Beast11

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    6'2 243

    Bench 315x10, 225x20+ (wont be maxing for another month, but guessing around 385x1?)
    Squat 545x1, 405x13
    Deadlift 635x1, 500x9
  19. Pimppapa1977

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    5'7" 170lbs Bench 110lbs Dumbbells (rotator issues) Squat 305
  20. pmac928

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    Guys what are some reasons for my bench to be slacking today? Last week I was reposing 225 no problem 10-11 no prob multiple sets, today 7,7,5