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Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by brutus79, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. Pimppapa1977

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    Could be related..sometimes I have off days too
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  2. pmac928

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    It's been a very physical week at work, maybe that's the reason. It's frustrating
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  3. brutus79

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    It's work no doubt... you have an especially demanding job physically and with how bad you get beat up at work it's bound to affect your workouts... anything change in your aas regimen? Did you work out the same time of day you usually do? Diet change?
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  4. Beast11

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    Diet, sleep, hydration, supps, caffeine intake are all factors.

    What did u do do different from last week?
  5. pmac928

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    I've been working 13 days straight. Hardcore physical labor. I usually only sleep 4-5 hours a night and also change the gear I was using( differant source) from my stash.but the past to chest sessions were the best of my life and today's was Just off. I felt it with m warm up sets. Hopefully it's jut from being over tired.
  6. thanks broskis trying gvt now its awesome.but burns so hard. Loss so.much weight a beginning of school but realized not lifting was hurting me more mentally than using time to lift.
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  7. Fatigue masks fitness. Most likely you didn't actually lose strength, so don't sweat it.
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  8. Jimmyhoffa59

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    6-2 290 25%
    330 x 2 bench
    405x3 squat atg
    475 dead no belt or grips.

    There is this fucker in my gym who makes every big dude look like a pussy, he's 182 42 years old, benches 375x 5 does walking lunges with 315 clean deep ones, deads 505 for reps. Does weighted muscle ups and jumps up on top of rack with 45lbs on his waist, does human flags with 60 lbs on his waist doin sideways pull-up things, and is 24 lbs away from world record weighted pull-up.
  9. Jimmyhoffa59

    Jimmyhoffa59 Member

    I can provide videos of him bs
  10. Notits

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    You gotta film that fool...
  11. Jimmyhoffa59

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    He has the pics in his facebook, if it's safe someone can tell me how to snag them and post them up without the info they carry...he's gonna do american ninja warrior he said, he can also do an iron cross on the rings and a horizontal one...which is harder..
  12. Notits

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    Sounds like you found superman...
  13. Jimmyhoffa59

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    He was a corpsman in the Navy, so he likes me because I was Marines. He looks like a little skinny kid in sweats at the gym. He also climbs like a monkey up the way up the i beams in the gym to the ceiling. He's nuts
  14. Jimmyhoffa59

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    Mother fucker is strong
  15. gr8whitetrukker

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    Doing lunges with 315 is crazy. ..crazy dangerous
  16. Jimmyhoffa59

    Jimmyhoffa59 Member

    He does them for 25 yd sets on the turf section in our gym...
  17. atxwarpig

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    I also no longer have training partners so am unable to one rep, plus nagging injuries(torn Achilles' tendon), so I can't squat as much.

    But two years ago I found all my one rep maxes. All natty at the time by the way.

    Dead:495lb pull with belt and no chalk.
    Bench:315lb 1 rep.
    Squat:395lb 1 rep.
    OHP: 225lb 1 rep(strict form).

    Everything but my bench has to be lower, I never go to high anymore so as not to reinjure myself.
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  18. Bubba8

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    I had back surgery too bro.. What excercises do you do for lower body? Reason I ask is because everytime I do lower body my back hurts.. I try to stay lite but I still have issues.. Sucks I'm the guy with huge upper body and small legs lol
  19. tileguy123

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    How recent was the surgery ? There's is residual pain that seems to stay for sometime
    Afterwards . Like when I was squat or leg press intially it would make my
    Lower back feel
    Compressed even thou my form
    And posture was tits . That pain / ache that felt like compression sometimes effects my
    Lifts but it mainly drifted to the sideline . I do a good warmup with spinal twist stretches and foam roll my back lats traps everything. Everyday. Use perfect form . Also seeing a doctor ultimatly if you have ongoing neuro or ortho issues in your spine is a must .
    My lifts have improved since last post . I'm back to doing bent over barbell rows and squatting 375 right now x 3 . Flat bench is at 325 x1 Not doing deads off the floor but right below the knees off the rack . 315 is about all I care to do there . Prefer 2
    Plates and strict form
    Lots of reps.
    For my low back it's mainly : hyper extensions done till failure .. Hold weights rep out to fail drop weight go again till ur done . Reverse hypers ... And rack pulls (deads off the rack ) . Otherwise I'm tryn to workout stomach a lot