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    Man my surgery was years back but, it was failed surgery. In the meantime I have had more problems.. I just do what I can to keep from going under the knife again.. If I do lower body lifts there usually very light.. I do see doctor quit often and of coarse he wants to cut but I opt out of that..hopefully in few years after I get in better spot in my life to be able to try another surgery I will. Until then I'm gonna keep it light try to warm up good,massages ect... Thks for your reply I'm gonna try some of your excercises..
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    Bench: 135lb for 10 reps but I could get 11 if I was pumped up enough ..
    Squat: 165lb for a negative but I couldn't get back up..
    Deadlift: 185lbs for a single..

    I can do 65 one arm pushups while reading a book in the other hand..
    16 one arm pullups while eating a sandwich and finishing it
    and I can walk on my hands for 3 1/2 miles without falling once..

    That would be something..

    380 rack pulls pretty easy for many reps
    300 bench at 180lbs.. bad shoulder so now I do pushups on an incline
    340 box squat for many reps..

    I can also suspend my girlfriend on my penis
    for 35min, without ejaculating..


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    I got 2 pints of icecream..
    I can't remember which kind, but I do remember they are going to be good..

    I gotta start taking my fiber in a milkshake
    O damn, maybe almond milk and a pint of icecream with fiber.. good idea :)

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    I add oats to my shakes as well as wheat germ ;)