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  1. You fucking crushed me with the 2nd last pic.
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  2. GearGodess

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    Lol pretty much... that's all it was worth
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  3. ickyrica

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    You like chromie, do ya?
  4. amtont

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    Thank you @BigBaldBeardGuy @Silentlemon1011 @MisterSuperGod @GearGodess and others. Reading that HGHDaddy shit was making me dumber by the second lol. I think its safe to say the average IQ on Meso just increased dramatically with the absence of that scamming piece of shit. After reading his posts I was worried I might need to look into ESL classes to retain my ability to speak English so I didnt walk into work tomorrow and say "Harro Errybody" LOL
  5. ickyrica

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    I miss a real maitai. Wicked fucking bad.
  6. asmith

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    Aight, 7 pages later .. ehm.. So he is probably running legit expensive pharma grade stuff but is a massive asshole? Sounds about correct?
  7. B Ware

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    If that’s what you got out of your read than go away. Time after time he trolled this board and broke the rules by soliciting us through PM. He even offered to pay me to help him. He was mental and you are to if you consider buying drugs from a guy like that.
  8. asmith

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    Easy. I am here to make friends, not the other way around :).
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  9. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    You’ll quickly learn that this is “friendly” here. MESO is a no nonsense place and it’s going to stay that way.

    Btw, how in the actual fuck did you read the thread and draw the conclusion that you did?
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  10. asmith

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    Oh man, I'm gonna step in it now aint I?
    First, didnt read the whole thread, just some 7-8 pages bakc.
    Second, been on a lot of board over time and seen a lot, like *A LOT* of falling outs over all kinds of stuff, typically scams, undisclosed business connections and bunk gear, counterfeits ... So through the last 7-8 pages I did not pick anything up that actually said or tested the gear fake and dialed the rest out. I get it, he tried to solicit people to give him rep ... its shady as fuck... and its also sort of like how almost all sites i've been to have proven to operate given enough time. Hell even datbtru forum/scene turned out shady. I salute you guys for running a clean tight ship. I think I gonna like it here :).
    At the end of the day I was having problem with my own gear, fed up as hell with it, considered going expensive pharma grade for a second and then got some good feedback suggesting that what I had may not be so bad after all. So I am good plus dodged a bullet here. :).
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  11. bbpro1

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    I just put my mosts selling products as promised.This is not all.
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    When you are interested in more other fake stuff, you can contact the hghdaddy via pm here on meso or with your and private mail service.

    You and the turkey bastard only understand that kind of comunication. :mad:
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  12. Yup
    Its underhanded as fuxk

    You know they cant get sales by showing actual qaulity and service.

    So they resort to disgusting tactics to pawn off their shit
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  13. Well, i saw a really bad bloodwork on his nordis tested twice on other boards came back really low
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