How the hell are you guys getting all these cals???

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    I remember something about brown rice actually preventing nutrient uptake or something. Don't quote me on that but someone who knows off hand can probably elaborate. I'm more of a potatoe guy anyways.
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    As Oregon mentioned, fibre. Also white rices are bleached i believe, strips nutrients. Vrown food items tend to be less processed and natural, generally healthier overall.
    I'm no nutritionist, I just chimed in as it would be nice to learn everyone's opinions on wholegrain vs white.
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    I eat both, and +1 asians know their food!
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    "Brown Rice Lives Matter"
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    If you make it into a Facebook group I would sign up to Facebook and join the group
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    It's already a movement bro I saw them protesting the other day.
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    You might already be getting plenty of fiber in your diet from other sources. If not, you could change your other food sources to get more fiber in or supplement it. Point is, choose the rice you enjoy more or eat both :)

    Look up at Dw725's post about nutrients. The nutrients in brown rice are less bioavailable so that while it does contain more total nutrients, you won't absorb all or most of it.

    Read the following:

    White rice actually has an equal or better nutritional yield & also has a better nitrogen-retentive effect than brown rice. This is because the fiber & phytate content of brown rice act as anti-nutrients, reducing the bioavailability of the micronutrients it contains. Since no one is reading the fricking link, I’ll just lay things out here:


    Comparison of the nutritional value between brown rice and white rice

    Callegaro Mda D, Tirapegui J. Arq Gastroenterol. 1996 Oct-Dec;33(4):225-31.

    Cereals are considered an important source of nutrients both in human and animal nourishment. In this paper nutritional value of brown rice is compared to that of white rice in relation to nutrients. Results show that despite higher nutrients contents of brown rice compared to white rice, experimental data does not provide evidence that the brown rice diet is better than the diet based on white rice. Possible antinutritional factors present in brown rice have adverse effects on bioavailability of this cereal nutrients.


    Effects of brown rice on apparent digestibility and balance of nutrients in young men on low protein diets

    J Nutr Sci Vitaminol (Tokyo). 1987 Jun;33(3):207-18. .Miyoshi H, Okuda T, Okuda K, Koishi H.

    The effect of brown rice with low protein intake was studied in five healthy young men. Feces were weighed, the digestibility of nutrients was determined, and blood tests were made. Each subject followed a diet consisting mainly of polished rice for 14 days and one consisting mainly of brown rice for 8 days. Both diets contained 0.5 g protein per kg of body weight. The brown rice diet had 3 times as much dietary fiber as the polished rice diet. On the brown rice diet, fecal weight increased, and apparent digestibility of energy, protein, and fat decreased, as did the absorption rates of Na, K, and P. The nitrogen balance was negative on both diets, but more negative on the brown rice diet. The phosphorus balance on the brown rice diet was significantly negative, but other minerals were not affected by the diet. The levels of cholesterol and minerals in the plasma were not significantly different on the polished rice diet and the brown rice diet. Comparing these results with data on standard protein intake (Miyoshi, H. et al (1986) J. Nutr. Sci. Vitaminol., 32, 581-589.), we concluded that brown rice reduced protein digestibility and nitrogen balance. [1]

    As you can see, brown rice does have some advantages over white rice in protein and fiber content, making it technically more nutrient dense. BUT, as stated earlier, it is not that much more nutrient dense, only slightly more, and the body is not able to utilize much of that protein or fiber.

    In addition, the anti-nutrients found in brown rice, known as phytic acid, also make it a bad item to add to your diet. The phytic acid limits the absorption of vitamins and minerals causing adverse health effects and nutrient deficiency in the long run. According to the Weston A. Price Foundation, phytic acid grabs on to important minerals and inhibits the enzymes we need to properly digest proteins and starches [2]. This means that brown rice can also prevent us from absorbing the good nutrients in the other foods we are eating. Some of the reported side effects of brown rice are gas, bloating, nasal congestion, lethargy, cramps, constipation, diarrhea, etc…. all the fun stuff [1].

    The argument that dieticians use concerning the glycemic index of brown rice does have some validity because this has to do with short term rises and chronically elevated levels of insulin. Brown rice is lower on the glycemic index, however, this is not always most desirable feature. Despite being higher on the glycemic index, white rice is actually a bit better because of other factors, including that it is one of the most tolerated foods on the planet and the rapid spike in insulin that it causes can actually help many athletes control the insulin and cortisol relationship. Stay tuned for a future blog post discussing the benefits of white rice in particular. In the meantime, the phytic acid, inorganic arsenic and our body’s lack of ability to process the protein found in brown rice should cause us to steer clear of this food.
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    I always knew....
    I could count on you...
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  9. I just heard all the brown rice is to be detained at the border , Trumps orders ....;) lol
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    Well damn, glad I started the discussion. Thanks for the above there brother.
    Food for thought.
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    I also eat white because it's way easier to wolf down lol I was eating oats and mashed potatoes but the oats were making me look like I was pregnant half the time.
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    Shitake mushrooms are said to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, you can add capsules or get the real edibles there are studies to back it, cordycyeps are good too , I like brown rice , sweet potatoes and oats and berries for carbs
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    For some reason I got a hankering for Oreo and cream ice cream and bought 4 tubs...destroyed a tub tonight lol. Plus a brownie.

    Seems being on cycle makes you do crazy things foodwise.
    1. Whey Protein
    2. whole milk
    3. a bushel of bananas
    4. baby formula
    5. half a rack of ribs
    6. one rotisserie chicken
    7. a sleeve of Oreo cookies
    8. 12 assorted munchkins
    9. a scoop of ice cream
    10. a quarter pint of Franzia
    11. a shot of bourbon
    12. Cadburry Egg
    13. glazed honey ham
    14. a plate of scrambled eggs
    15. a handful of cheerios
    Blend ingredients in blender. It is very dense with muscle nutrients.
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    Meal 1
    150g chicken breast or 150g turkey breast or 170g wild sole, cod walleye or perch
    150 Cal's 0 Carbs 30 Protein

    200g mixed vegetables (peas, carrots, corn and green beans)
    160 Cals 28 Carbs 6 Protein

    100g cooked rice or 100g potato or 100g sweet potato or 100g cooked qounia
    100 Cal's 25 Carbs 2 Protein

    Meal 2

    300g chicken breast or 150g turkey breast or 170g wild sole, cod walleye or perch
    300 Cal's 0 Carbs 60 Protein

    200g mixed vegetables (peas, carrots, corn and green beans)
    160 Cals 28 Carbs 6 Protein

    100g cooked rice or 100g potato or 100g sweet potato or 100g cooked qounia
    100 Cal's 25 Carbs 2 Protein

    Meal 3

    60g whey isolate or 16 egg white (500mL)
    240 cal's 2 carbs 54 protein

    2 whole eggs or 25g almonds or 25g walnuts or 25g brazil nuts
    140 cal 2 carbs 12 protein

    (optional) 1 scoop greens powder
    40 cal 4 carbs 1 protein

    Meal 4

    300g lean steak, extra lean ground beef or any wild game meat or 150g wild salmon
    540 cal 0 carb 60 protein

    200g broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, celery, zuchinni, green bell pepper and/or lettuce
    70 cal 13 carb 6 protein

    Meal 5
    250g 0.4% dry cottage cheese
    180 cal 4 carb 44 protein

    (optional) 1 scoop greens powder
    40 cal 4 carb 1 protein

    10g psyllium husk
    40 cal 10 carb 0 protein

    pre gym meal

    60g whey isolate or 16 egg white (500mL)
    240 cal 2 carbs 54 protein

    UNCOOKED WEIGHT 60g oatmeal or 60g cream of rice or 5 plain large rice cakes
    225 cal 41 carbs 8 protein

    after gym meal
    60g whey isolate or 16 egg white (500mL)
    240 cal 2 carbs 4 protein

    75g virtargo or 75g rice krispie or 75g corn flakes or 75g any low fat cereal
    300 cal 68 carb 2 protein

    During workout:
    20grams (2 scoops) of Scivation xtend (or similar product) flavoured BCAA
    80 cal 0 carb 20 protein

    3345 cal 257 carb 452 protein 98 fat (give or take)

    just an idea food plan, numbers might not be absolutely perfect, but very close. you can adjust weight to up cals very easy...