How To Cap "101"

Discussion in 'Steroid Homebrew' started by XKawN, May 30, 2016.

  1. MisterSuit

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    Do any of you use an anti-caking agent?
  2. Iron Vett

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    I use a size 0 capsule so I can handle the little bastards easier
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  3. Where the hell has @XKawN been? Hope he isn't a @CurrentKawn repaying his debt to society... :(o_O
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    After I posted the question I actually started thinking the bigger ones are probably easily to work with. Thanks bro, Ill go with the larger size.

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  5. rubisean

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    What i use 20171013_195819.jpeg 20171013_201217.jpeg
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    Where the hell? Straight out of nowhere. MSG called me so i had to pop in. Where my peeps at, lol.
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    I see rubisean is here. I bow my head because I'm not worthy.
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    @MarkW44 read this thread if you want to make orals.
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    @XKawN if I remember correctly you gave me the holy grail on the math for correct mg on hormone to filler ratios.
    You sir are the man of this thread.
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  10. Bob573

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    Anybody got thoughts on just mixing cornstarch with a raw oral? measure it out and put it in a smale blender then just scoop it from a plastic bag with a teaspoon or do you think there could be some separation afterwards? A lot of raws don't seem to dissolve well in solution so I don't trust the consistency with that either. I just find the capsule machine a pain
  11. Iron Vett

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    Corn starch is a terrible filler. It’s sticky and very fluffy and he’d to pack. Baking soda is a much better choice. Also, just mixing loose compound in a bag won’t give you very consistent dosing. The loose compound can actually be more or less packed in the container it’s being held in therefore having varying doses in each measurement. The reason capsules work as well as they do is because the mixture is packed into the capsules. The density between capsules will be very similar so the dosing will be similar as well.
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  12. ScottyB_NFE

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    Alright so here's the issue I'm having, I've done plenty of caps at 50 mg and I've even fenagled getting my Car down to 5mgs (a very difficult process weighing out caps individual) but I've got arimadex that I need down to 1mg. My scale reads to 0.01. my concern is doing 100 caps with that low of a mg active ingredient and getting it dosed correct. Please help my fuckin nipples are sore as shit lol
  13. fofo

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    How much arimidex raws do you have at hand?
  14. ScottyB_NFE

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    I'd have to check but I think at least 10g
  15. Mathg44

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    Can you mix hormone and filler in a blender or it will damage the hormone?
  16. Zebedee

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    I'd assume the effect on the hormone would be no different to that of triturating & blending with a p&m. So no.

    I don't see it being an effective way of blending though regardless. If it was, compounding pharmacists & small scale lab r&d would be buying & using $25 kitchen blenders rather than pissing about with geometric dilution with a p&m or spending $1k min on a small v-type or 3D tumble blender.

    I think everything I've read / watched on pharma dry powder blending involves gentle, low shear blending.
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