Important news: one Chinese famous raw source shut down

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Tom, Jul 15, 2019.

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    Damn Icky almost spit out my coffee
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    I have the hots for Tom. What can I say
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    This thread was a treat to read.
  4. @Tom - You do understand its illegal in the USA to speak English this bad ? Its a fine punishable by a $1000 fine and 30 days in jail for the first offense and I see many , many offenses here ....o_O

    Id shut my mouth if I were you , and dont think about coming to America Im sure the authorities are already waiting for you with warrants for trashing our English language ....;)
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  5. Under Trump Law there will be no more misrepresenting the English language . Speak it properly or leave is now law....:p
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    Fortunately, I have no plan for moving to US now. But, well noted with thanks for your advice to improve my English. :oops::oops:

    I love my country, for the history and culture and human. What you worry so much about Socialism and Communism are not a problem for most of our Chinese people. ;)

    By the way, do not buy the words from your POTUS. He bankrupted his casino and boast his poor achievement and has no credit as a international politician. Even the media who said about the China banned Google, FB, Twitter, etc. From these points, I do believe the US government and medias just try to fool you people. Only let you know what they want and then to make profit from it. You can glance the Chinese website and forum, like Quora) and Twitter) and Reddit).

    Times move on and China is different from the one in 30 years ago.
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    this coming from the guy with at the very least a half dozen lies to his name. Nicole, Tom #1, Tom #2. What's the name today dickhead?

    can we move on from today with you eating a bullet? Maybe hang yourself?
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    Yes, communism and socialism are so great and that’s why everyone is rushing to Venezuela when it’s closer to Mexico than the US. You HAVE to say good things about your country or you face death or imprisonment. That is the one good thing I actually like about your commie country, because we have pieces of shit who use their freedoms here to bash the very country that gives them freedom to be the shit heads they are. You on the other hand - @Tom, probably need to stop being a ladyboy and just be a man or woman since you are losing viagra and won’t be able to get it up for much longer, due to all that estrogen you take to maintain your new identities. As @ickyrica said - eat a bullet or hang yourself.
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    I prefer the later. It's more entertaining in my head
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    You're talking about aasraw (dot) com aren't you?

    Because you put their name in this thread's tags idiot.

    I don't know if it's true but if you're going to make claims at least fucking say it.

    In your defense purplepandalabs said the same shit:

    Largest Chinese Raws vendor bust and How viagra(sildenafil) Raws will disappear in China

    And from my understanding aasraw (dot) com fits those descriptions.
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    What is going on in this thread
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    pics of ur wife's titties and we believe u
  14. MSG labs will no longer be selling deadly dosed dick pills, that's what's going on. i'm ruined! RUINED! and it's all Tom's fault!
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    God damnit, I really wanted death dick pills
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    My bad, only tadalafil, Yohimbine, Dapoxetine raw powder are available. viagra was not available from March from us, if I am not wrong.
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    Why are you even posting? Dipshit. @purplepandalabs has Viagra for sale, brah.
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    To remind some members who do not order from us, to check their sources' websites and they are still alive, if they placed orders, to avoid any potential loss.
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    I do not ask for your believe, man. It is just a reminder for someones who may need this.
  20. Tom

    Tom Shenzhen OK-Biotech Company Representative Supporter works well. Thanks for your caring!