Important news: one Chinese famous raw source shut down

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    You are a wretched cunt. Next time I'm in China I'm probably going to Rochambeau your tiny dick until you truly become Nicole
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    Where we go one, we go all. Amen!

    @TX_Hempknight How about my help? No thanks needed! ;)

    Since no new sources arrived till now, I may have different words on your coming vote. That blond bird cattle guy really is not a good choice as a president. Not being with good matter to the Queen in UK, to start wars in Middle East and Ukraine, abandoned South Korea when it is in trade war with Japan, lied and betrayed on his words on the tariff wars with China, being no credit to American and threw hatred to them. Bullshit all the days on Twitter on the stock market(Now fallen) and the Mexico wall.

    All of us know that the USA is a country with united states, lots of American(Blank, Brown, White) immigrated from different countries and came to work and live and build the USA. It is really a shame to being a president, and even being as a friend to anyone.

    In USA history, there are lots of president being with reputation, like Lincoln, Washington, etc. They did great things for US and the world. No one can deny them, even the salvers in the south US. But, Trump, is not worthy of your vote ticket.
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    all I got out of this post was the Chinese kill children to control population numbers. Oh, and they love to mascaraed around as women named Nicole
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    You got that much? All I got from he/she was “me play Chinese, me play joke, me put pee pee in your Coke.”
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    You, being Chinese and under communist rule probably shouldn’t speak of things you know nothing of. Tend to your own garden and fix what needs broken there before you run your mouth about the US.
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    You're a shit source and aren't you a lady boy faggot?

    The factory that was shut down was "Yuan Cheng Gong Chang" by the way; one of the biggest manufacturers of raws, among other products.
    Main reason for their closure was tax evasion.
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    Stupid Tom/Nicole
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    This thread is great! Nice to see you guys again.
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    Welcome back dude. My phone has been all fucked up, got a new one but couldn't recover my contacts. Lmk it's you when you text. I get like 15 random numbers a day right now
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    Will do amigo.
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  11. I haven't been able to communicate him in any fashion for a while. Does anyone know its current status
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    Mentioned that he was out for a week due to a trip but that was probly a week or so ago
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