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    I have several historical blood pulls on Hilma so I have a good idea what my results should be ( I do bloods fairly regularly ) .

    The results are always relatively consistent allowing for “no two days your body is exactly the same” , but the range is narrow.

    Switching to Iron and following the same protocols should give blood results in a similar range if the stuff is good quality ( which I think Hilma always is)
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    I thought everything was sorted out but now guys at Pontypridd DO seems to be very relaxed doing their job. Still waiting the post to be sent to the next RM network point after 4 days. [EDIT: Personally-identifying info removed.]

    Tried to contact them or RM int. customer's service but there seems not to be such a service.
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    To much information
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    I am honestly lost for words. Why would you 1)post that screenshot 2)start contacting RM

    You are buying illegal substances over the internet, Have some patience.
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    Sorry but i dont's see how can i Contact internacional services customer support from Royal Mail...If such a services support exists. Seems everythin is oriented to nationals. On the otherhand you have PO a stones's throw.

    Don't take this the hard way but the "ilegal product" argument snells like naphthalene in 2020, moreover within EU.

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    Maybe you want to see it a tiny amount from the sellers site regarding illegal operations, you are "just" buying not producing,selling...
    He might have some concerns about opsec.
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    @Hank81 you have to possibly be one of the dumbest cunts I've seen on this board. You actually posted that. Dumb fuck
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    Try asking the admin to remove that, it's detrimental to everyone involved. Ask for removing Hank as well :p
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    [Post removed]
    Ok i removed the polemic post.
    I would suggest @ironsnsbolics to remove also their Contact e-mail. They don't need It they nevera answer even the more simple question.
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    Love you too.
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    Ok, if youv send £40 to my BTC account i Will leave. Just give me the order.
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    Think twice, you can do more harm tthang good to OP if you pretende to get me banned (hence angry).
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    Hes trying to the that post that down by Millard.
    Not get you banned.

    That post contains information that can lead to someone knowing everything about you.
    Not smart.

    Dont be mouthy to someone trying to help you like @Zebedee is
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    He's posted out. What happens with RM is beyond his control - there's a pandemic going on, in case you haven't noticed.

    What you have done is post tracking info that can personally identify this source - your impatience with RM could put Iron Anabolics in prison for 3-4 years. Please delete that screenshot ASAP
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    i see, sorry for the inconvenience guys. I'm upset because other things and i have been posting very impulsive without thinking twice.
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    You should just leave the forum really Hank
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    you deliver to mallorca,spain? could you explain me pls the oral format ? i think its not competitive like that way, for a normal dose od dbol i would need to have 2 pakets, right?
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    Based on experience with their Test E, tren E, and Dbol, this source is super legit.
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