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    AI’s advice is good and comment fair

    Why Does Testosterone Crystallise? | The Men's Health Clinic
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    Ok I'll try that out and let you know. I understand that the water should not be in contact with the top of the vial, is that correct?
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    @IronAnabolics any updates on when you'll have mk-677 ready to go?
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    Correct, Do not fully submerge it. About half way should be fine.

    It has been added to the website and has also been sent for lab analysis. Results will be shared when we receive them.
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    Package arrived today (3days UK-UK). Everything looks good. Excited to start!
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    Thanks. Quite expensive per gram, so I'll have to wait for lab testing before pulling trigger.
    You've got a few orals on sale at the moment, are you planning on replacing with alternatives? Like higher dosing? Thanks
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    (UK Customer)

    Saturday 27th June: Order placed.
    Wednesday 3rd June: Emailed to see whether there was a holdup with the shipping. Received a response almost immediately explaining they were slightly backlogged and that my package would be shipped tomorrow.
    Thursday 4th June: Package shipped and tracking number received.
    Friday 5th June: Package arrived with all items present (plus extra Skittles for that intraworkout nutrition). Everything was well protected by bubblewrap and overall package inconspicuous. Packaging and items can be seen in the pictures.

    IMG_20200605_125530.jpg IMG_20200605_130159.jpg IMG_20200605_131228.jpg

    I intend to begin my cycle when gyms reopen, so I will be posting again regarding the effectiveness of the products.

    Provided the products are effective, I will certainly use Iron Anabolics again. The prices of injectables are good which makes up for the orals being slightly high. The communication and delivery time is (in my experience) excellent. Only real draw back so far is a slightly limited range of products, but given that they are relatively new this is something they will probably expand upon.
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    Really shouldn't posting pics of the outer packaging.

    Also clean your keyboard.
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    It's plain generic packaging, no identifying info. It's no problem
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    that's not the point, it's best if there are no pictures of packaging anyone could potentially refer to.
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    If the packs are plain and generic like that it makes absolutely no difference
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    Jesus, they arrived less than 48 hours ago, along with 100 other samples.

    You guys are going to work me to death.

    Also, I love you all.
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    Even though I used a random username, you managed to figure out that I am your Lord and savior, Jesus

    Not as dumb as they say you are Mr Shik
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    They say I'm dumb? :(
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    Not to worry, I shall be correcting them from now on

    Be a big job but I'm ready to do it
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    Thank you. Also tell them I'm a poet.

    jano be good, jano be smart.
    Jano has sub 48 hours turnaround
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    I'll get them here by tomorrow. 10 different samples were sent in (5 oils + 5 orals).

    All but one came back with excellent results (5-10% overdosed).
    MK677 was 17% underdosed which is slightly disappointing. I have gone over my notes and the calculation are correct so for the next batch I'll get the raws tested.
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    I agree. Was really surprised that someone uploaded pics of packages and that the pics are still online.

    It doesn't matter if it's generic or not; it's bad OpSec to post pics or describe vendors stealth with words. Some information was revealed, albeit nothing specific, but now you know how ironanabolics packages their shipments. If I was the vendor, I wouldn't allow this. To each his own.
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