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    I have committed a mistake not I crime man. I'm participating in other threads more interesting than this one. Just to put you into my context, I can't read every week pearls like this:

    - "Lol I got raped on Meso for talking shit to the retards on there".

    or this:

    "Like 15 tenured retards all just destroyed me in the comments"

    Or this:

    "They are like those kids who worship Dylan Gemelli for being adviced with bs cycles and let get scammed with that snake oil hcg Generate."

    PS. I'm a 25 years BB not a kid chiming because a delay with a shipment. My only concern is the lack of feedback from @IronAnabolics, I'm, not and exception but the norm. People get nervous, and start flaming the source and beware everyone, an so one. I know i'll receive my post, I was actually in a hurry but that doesn't matter anymore.

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    While your English is great for a non-native, you're not communicating very effectively at all times, Hank. You've also made a mistake and shown some inexperience/naivety.

    I don't think anyone really wants to chase you from the forums (we all learn and improve together), but maybe it's time to take a long, deep breath and post more thoughtfully.

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    Yep, i actually get into the forum like a bull into a China shop. I almost forget the old good forum days and acquired the bad habits and vices of TG chats, social nedia, etc. i will think twice before getting angry and start prejudicing everyone and everyrhing.

    Best Regards.
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    @IronAnabolics Check the email, I have send you a message on Thursday.
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  6. Hank81

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    Unluckyly, He doesn't attend e-mail contact.
    i fired up a nasty mess to draw his attention.
    You'd better cross your fingers and get armed with patience.
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  7. TenPin

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    My experience is that IA have been as responsive as any of the other suppliers I have used.
    It’s the weekend maybe he having a day off, maybe he’s got COVID and is in bed recovering, maybe he’s just still in shock over the gross stupidity displayed on this thread and can’t bring himself to look at a computer screen.

    Take a chill pill, drop him a pm and wait it out - it’s not Walmart
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  8. Hank81

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    I use manyv sources, most of them UK domestic and neverv experienced this level of disregard.
    Maybe he's sick or maybe you have been luckier than us.
  9. IronAnabolics

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    Everyone who has been waiting for tracking details should have received them by now. I apologise for the delay and spotty communication.

    There are a few customers who received a partial shipment last week. I will get the remaining items sent out by tomorrow, thank you for the patience.

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  10. IronAnabolics

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    What "disregard" are you referring to?
    I ignored one of your emails a few days ago as I had no information that I could pass on to you in regards to your order.

    Any delays on the couriers end is genuinely out of my hands.
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  11. Hank81

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    NP. Arrived today, RM tracking wasn't working.
    I mean by disregard the impossibility of getting any single bit of feedback, like doing a ping and not getting answer from the host. Just to know if someone is there at the other side.

    Anyway, the shipment arrived in time (7 days). I will order again now that I'm aware you don't make regular use of email.

  12. StuChainz

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    I bought Test E, tren E and Dbol about a month ago from IA - shipping was very fast and he always responded within a few minutes on Whatsapp - can't comment on his email responses to counter what Hank's saying.

    I didn't really notice anything from 50mg/day Dbol, but it was my first time using it as I try to avoid orals. Didn't get it tested, but other comments say it's legit so I'd assume it's just that I don't blow up with water weight the way most other people do, and I only used it for 2 weeks as a kickstart

    However, I can 100% confirm the Test and Tren are legit, and due to the shipping speed, decent prices and convenience I will keep using IA as my main source and would recommend him to other UK/EU guys on here
  13. wildfuchs

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    50mg of dbol is quite above the average/beginner dosage and should be extremely noticeable due to the rise in e2, bloat and strength, so that's a strange experience as orals kick in really fast as well.
  14. StuChainz

    StuChainz Junior Member

    Just to clarify - beginner to Dbol but not a beginner to steroids and I weigh 235-240lbs at ~10%, so I don't think 50mg is that low?

    The only time I've ever bloated was my first cycle of test only when I used no AI and ate like crap - this time it was all clean food, minimal sodium, AI was very well dialed in.

    I've read lots of accounts of people who don't bloat from Dbol, so I don't want to use a lack of bloat to say it wasn't legit.

    Test and tren were 100% legit though so I would assume the dbol is me being lucky that I don't bloat
  15. wildfuchs

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    Dbol aromatizes so much that it's used to get your e2 back up if you accidentally took too much AI - and with higher e2 comes the water retention ("bloat") so you not noticing the spike in e2 nor any water retention is unique at the very least.
  16. StuChainz

    StuChainz Junior Member

    Yeah but this is what I'm saying, I took a lot more AI than I normally would to counter any potential high e2 sides, and didn't feel any sides from low e2 despite this so that could be an indication that it was actually doing its job.
  17. Tolo Mas Jr

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    Alguien Con algun tipo de, analisis oral de esta fuente?
  18. IronAnabolics

    IronAnabolics Member Supporter


    Thank you for the review, it is much appreciated.

    I haven't used DBOL myself so cannot comment on it but I welcome you or anyone to send it for lab analysis and we will cover the costs.

    @Tolo Mas Jr
    We are in the process of sending in some samples for lab analysis.
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  19. roids_and_chickens

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    I'm not happy with my experience. I bought test c, boldenone and some orals. The test came crashed and to this day I couldn't make it turn to liquid again. I showed them some pictures and didn't even get an answer. Honestly that does not give me good vibes.
  20. IronAnabolics

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    Test C is notorious for crashing. The best method I have found is standing the vial in a box of super hot water.

    If that doesn't fix it then please send over an email with your order number and I'll work with you to sort this out.