Is the deep web the only reliable source anymore? All clear net sources=UNDERDOSED!!!

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Connor 25257, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. Connor 25257

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    Things I ordered from Hilma, dating back to approx 16 weeks ago. As u can see, I didn’t even finish 2 of my Test cyp after finding out that it was poo
  2. Connor 25257

    Connor 25257 Member

    048407 is the product code on the Cyp in case anyone was wondering. Oddly enough, the same code that someone else had listed on the Hilma forum.
  3. Figure it out already you simple little barn animal. You won't get any help here. You're just straight up disrespecting yourself now by continuing this thread.
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    I take offense to this. I'm a farmer and have yet to see a animal this dumb.
  5. BIG74

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    @Connor 25257 thank you for posting the pics.

    I obviously didn't think you ordered, but i admit i was wrong.

    You do realize why Hilma never engaged you in his forum section right? You didn't have any proof to support statements.

    At any rate.... Hopefully you can find what you're looking for one these days.
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  6. Eman

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    As they say, don't feed the trolls...
  7. Den84

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    LOL your brain is literally going crazy, you have to suffer from some form of early Alzheimer's ... I tested 4 or 5 brands not just hilma.. Balkan, sp, pharmasource, biotech pharma. And I test the products before cycle because I want to be sure that my cycle will be legit. I test the product just for this reason, and I never even asked for a refund to cover the cost of testing. However Only biotech come back several underdosed (3 mg of oxa instead of 10 mg). All others brands come back correctly dosed, and my lab report are congruous with AL lab report. So AL is a real and reliable project, much more useful to the community than your bullshit.
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  8. randomguy87

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    You are saying thousands of people are saying the same type of gear you have is bunk? There has probably been less than 5 people in the entire thread that has complained about shit like you, over the course of how many years the thread has been open? Every one basically has gotten slammed the same way you have for not posting testing or even simple bloodwork..

    Sounds like you keep switching up gear and can't even stay on one fucking thing for more than 2 days. You should probably just get yourself some lady var big dog
  9. Omegistosalex

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  10. Grab Bag

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    So you were taking clen, training six days a week, and consuming 2900 cals? I think we have the answer to your lack of gains right here, amigo.
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  11. Connor 25257

    Connor 25257 Member

    No I wasn’t taken Clen at that time. That was an extra bottle I had
  12. Gbro

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    Yes, you were. Just admit you're inbred with a sub 100 IQ. We can already tell anyways.
  13. johntt44

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    I can cut on 4100 cals what say you now, panty waist?
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    Op is a bitch in real life and on the internets
  15. Chmewy

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    Hey you dimwit that’s what I’m saying. I’m telling the guy that we have members that test the gear themselves
  16. $BlackBeard

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    @Connor 25257 I already posted Hilma Test Cyp bloodwork for you in the Hilma thread. But, it's MY bloodwork. You need to do your homework and get YOUR bloodwork. If there IS a problem, take it up with Hilma, not anyone here. No one told you to go buy Hilma - it was your decision. Not much more to say than what everyone here has already told you.
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  17. Connor 25257

    Connor 25257 Member

    That’s all good and fine; but answer this; how much body fat did u drop? How much did your main lifts go up? How much lean mass did u gain?
  18. Mac11wildcat

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    I missed this part of Meso :p
  19. lol is the OP ...ACTUALLY throwing shade @Den84 ?

    That's hilarious
    Den84 is one of the most helpful guys on Meso

    OP can get fucked lol
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  20. $BlackBeard

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    Not tracking body fat/lean mass and frankly, unless your using a DEXA scan (which I know you’re not paying for), you don’t know yours either. As for the main lifts, bench, oh press and deadlift have been gaining nicely each week - 5lb increments except the oh press. It is a very noticeable change for ME.

    Are you opposed to getting bloodwork?