Is the deep web the only reliable source anymore? All clear net sources=UNDERDOSED!!!

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Connor 25257, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. He don't need no stinking blood work.
    He had no feelz, no bonerz and no gainz, therefore the gear must be bunk. There's just no other logical explanation to be had.
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  2. Connor 25257

    Connor 25257 Member

    No, I’m not opposed. I blast and cruise. When blasting I’ll go as high as 1000 mg, a cruise for me is anywhere between 200-300 mg. At the time I was taking Hilma products, it was time to start my blast. Disappointed as I had no change in mass, reduction in body fat as well as no true jump in any of my main lifts. Whereas when taking gear from a local “gym bro” obtained through the dark web. I went from a 415 deadlift for 5 reps to a 500 for 3 in a matter of 10 weeks. I was doing a 455 squat for 8 whereas I was doing 405 for 8, 10 weeks prior. Goes to show that Hilma products are garbage. I was literally just running Test E only when I was buying from a local. I get that it becomes more difficult to add weight to the bar as time goes on, but Jesus Christ, I had no reaction to Hilma AT ALL. No strength or size, gained maybe 4 pounds, if that. I usually respond greatly in my delts and traps; didn’t get that with Hilma. Not a good product in my book
  3. Connor 25257

    Connor 25257 Member

    So; based off of that alone-it’s pretty apparent that dark web has the real shit: all this crap on the clear net is probably the same thing you’d be getting from that retard, “Big mike” that owns “research station “ aka:frog piss
  4. Gbro

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    That made up my mind. I'm only buying from gym bros from now on.
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  5. Jswole220

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    @Connor 25257 your either a decent troll or one of the dumbest mother fuckers I’ve come across on forums and that says a lot. Every time you respond you make it more apparent how clueless you really are when it comes to anything aas or fitness in general.
    Seriously you can’t be this stupid right? You’re trolling us correct?
  6. Mathg44

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    Because buying from a dude on the "darkweb" makes it more legitimate? Get lost dude
  7. Human_backhoe

    Human_backhoe Member

    On Dec 31 2019 you were asking in Hilmas's thread if they were "g2g" @MisterSuperGod refused to spoon feed you. You had still not received your gear by Jan 7th.

    By the 23rd of January you were claiming bunk gear!

    You hadn't even loaded up by then.

    You are either a troll or a fucking liar. No one can be this retarded.
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  8. Bluewhistle

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    You mean im not supposed to gain 20lbs in 2 weeks plus all of my lifts increase by 30lbs at least? Geese all gear is bunk.
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  9. Iron Vett

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    That was a misquote on my part. I was supposed to be quoting @Connor 25257 but I guess I clicked your reply instead.
  10. Mac11wildcat

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    So a deadbeat useless member here for a year having posted 72 times claims all gear here is fake and you guys don’t just drop everything and believe him?!?

    I mean fuck, look at that avatar photo. He MUST have fake gear.
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  11. TheGinger

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    We don't give a shit about your feelz report. Either post bloodwork proving your claim or fuck off back to Reddit
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  12. movingiron88

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    Nice job brotha!!! Another reverse scamming POS brought to light. What's wrong with these broke ass thieves??
  13. Human_backhoe

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    Thanks. I was wondering why this thread wouldn't die. Although I'm glad it didn't. Fucking hilarious job by everyone. Some of the comments made my day.
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  14. I dunno man, if you cant afford gear.... dknt fucking use gear lol.
    It's not an "essential item"

    This fucker probably shouldnt have chosen a bran like Hilma eithet, one that's been tested by our membership repeatedly.

    Lazy fucking scammers
  15. Connor 25257

    Connor 25257 Member

    So now I’m a “scammer” because I made two separate orders a few weeks apart? Lmao okay, whatever. It’s obvious that you retards will do anything to protect this bunk ass gear. Like I said earlier, you retards are the same dumb fucks who probably follow “big mike” and “the research station” whilst buying their fake ass gear. Fucktards actually believe you’re getting real shit from the open web. Lmfao. What’s next? “Oh look guys I got cocaine from the clear web” lmfao. No my friend, you got crushed smarties. But let your mind keep telling you that anything your getting from the clear web is real. Looks like the good shit will be saved for the rest of us
  16. Mac11wildcat

    Mac11wildcat Member Supporter

    You’re actually too stupid to insult, arent you? Plenty of guys with VERIFIED 3rd party product testing, blood work, and physique results to match. Myself included.

    Be gone.
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  17. movingiron88

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    Hold up, are you really going to take analyticaol lab test results over @Connor 25257 feelz report and him not upping his squat by 100 lbs? I dont know the guy seems to know his shit.


    Yea I'll stick with the analytical lab testing.
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  18. Human_backhoe

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    This just keeps getting better! Every time advice is given or doubt is cast, OP doubles down on stupidity!
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  19. MadBret

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    So let me get this straight...this kid had his gear for maybe 2 weeks. Test e and/or c. Sounds like he wasn't even on long enough to see any gains if he was calling everything bunk within 2 weeks. @Connor 25257 How long were you pinning hilmas gear before you came to this conclusion?
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  20. kosp

    kosp Member

    Why are you ppl feeding so much the troll? You're all actually having fun don't you?