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Discussion in 'Steroid Lab Testing' started by janoshik, May 13, 2018.

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    Janoshik you a random error scamming bitch. I would not trust this guy. You fell of mane.
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    Fuck off, 9 samples i have sent, all of them blind, he is gotten right all of them, ummmm let me see, i gues he knows what he is doing, like he says, most people talking shit about him are those who haven´t sent out shit for testing.
    Yes i know mands did send samples also and i understand his point of view.
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    Got results couple days ago. I sent 2 blind samples. Told jano I was sending oils didnt tell him what i was sending. Screenshot_20190902-114114_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20190902-114105_Gallery.jpg
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    Whose is it?
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    he is active in the home brew section, probably has analyzed his own products.

    @JJ14 if I'm wrong, please share the source
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    Yes I do.
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    What's your price mate
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    90 USD, as with all common raws.
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    @janoshik kind of off topic from your thread specifically, but I would like to hear your opinion again on the tests from SIMEC. After millard explained everything, do you concur that the samples are in fact contaminated?
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    If they do everything as they write, indeed, I have to concur.

    However, my skepticism towards SIMEC is very high based on experience and my observations. You could say I am biased.
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    Ok. Thank you for your honesty.
  18. There's no way this is HU Pharma; JJ, are you a rep?
    I'm sorry but come on...
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  19. I guess that one's been debunked lol
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