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Discussion in 'Steroid Lab Testing' started by janoshik, May 13, 2018.

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    You see, a certain representative of Pompeyo did run off his mouth a little while ago that tells a different story, about "them" getting me kicked off. Coincidentally they tested terrible on every single test done on them, all them blind.

    It's just a few posts up. So what was it? Does the rep lie or...?


    You see, now DWBO is claiming that I can't test anything at all, while even the people who hate me the most on this forum admit that it really really is not a case. He also claims that weighting standards is not necessary in chemical analysis.

    Well, he ought to tell all the owners of chemical analysis laboratories that they are stupid for buying scales for thousands, he knows better.

  2. janoshik

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    So maybe you might want to rewrite it to "Admin started a testing program over there, found out half the people would get outed for selling bunk stuff and decided to stop any testing program whatsoever."

    Or do you view the situation differently?


  3. B Ware

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    The Jano Exposed thread tells a very different story. Admin sent you two test from same vial and they tested differently. You then claim “human error” and take ownership of the error and say you will fix the problem.

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  4. mands

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    Hahahaha typical human error bullshit from Jano.

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  5. janoshik

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    It tells a different story than the rep claiming that he and his boss got me banned? I agree! Why don't you take it up with them?

    I'd be interested in the responses very much.

    Or do you believe that, in the two above posts I have written something that can be disproved? If so, again, please, do so.
  6. B Ware

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    Why wouldn’t they ban you? I get that people make mistakes but damn you make a lot of them. Honestly, I wish you were the real deal and could be trusted but your not and can’t. There is just to much shadiness that is attached to your name. Hell, now on two boards there are threads calling you either a scammer or a conman. There may even be more that I’m just not aware of.

    I didn't chime in to state any thing untrue or start the usual Meso banter. I only want to educate everyone that you were sent mastE from the same vial and they tested differently. You then took ownership and said you figured out why it happened and will fix the problem. Was just pointing out another case of “human error”. Now please continue to make excuses for something that you’ve already admitted to. Have a good day ;)
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    I don't make excuses, it did indeed happened after each error I made steps to avoid from it happening again. The pity is that there are some people that pretend it's a bad thing and act like they have never in their life made a mistake.

    The latter can indeed be true enough if one has never attempted anything that could be a challenge, which I suspect might oft be the case.
  8. mp46

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    I didn’t contradict anything Jano. I have and always will call your error anything but random. Human error is just that human, perhaps you just need to implement a simple check list to make sure you only fill the pipette once, that’s not a random error out of your control, that’s negligence on your part.
  9. Skull

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    Im surprised this fraud is still aroun haunting our forum an ripping off members. Jus another fine example of what kind of person he is.


  10. cadafi

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    Damn Jano bro, you got a lot of fans LOL
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  11. janoshik

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    Yes, I love how it's all people who have never ever done business with me, but they are the loudest going about how I'm a scammer.

    However, I don't care much as long as my actual customers are happy.
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  12. Sdryx

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    LOL, the only complaints are from YOUR customer's failed testing done by you...

    Is this guy serious!? If his lips are moving, he's lying!
  13. mp46

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    I think it’s funny you assume you know every single person you’ve done business with. I’ve spent more on testing services this year than most sources, and Ive never sold any AAS in any capacity, let the sink in.
  14. master.on

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    Jano has never disclosed a method, shown a pic of his reference standards, or posted a chart of his calibration curves.

    He probably owns no chromatography equipment whatsoever.
  15. mp46

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    I know he has the equipment, he’s posted the pictures. I know he can run the test, he’s done it before. He’s just inconsistent and there’s some sketchy situations he’s been in.
  16. janoshik

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    If you took the time to read the thread you would notice there are overwhelmingly positive reviews from my actual customers and then there's people who have never done business with me at all. Can you dispute that? No of course you can't.

    Congratulations to you on spending a lot of money on testing, AAS and personal training I assume. Now there are a lot of things I find funny about you, yet I resist an urge to have audacity to comment on them.
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    yea Jano. Cause everyone who does business with you tells you who they really are.
  18. Ok Jano I have to say you've worked hard to clear your name since the Mands incident.
    Great job on the DQ results.
    They pulled a quick one on ya and you still passed!!
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  19. movingiron88

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    There are always random errors being made by Jsno. How many testes did you perform before providing false results to @mands ?
    Or did you not replicate testing at that point in time? Please clarify?
  20. mands

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    He never even tested them. Just made up some numbers and sent them to me. Then lied about it for 2 years. Had all the guys over at PM snowed.