Let’s see those garage gyms!

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Worf, Mar 27, 2020.

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    Something like this, a room with the press, legs and chin-ups posibility.
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    Lol, loving the "hydrogen sulfide may be present" sign.
  5. Thats a @Oldschool gym alright ! ;) :cool:
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  6. Vincentino

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    Just need some more dumbbells and it’ll be complete. Building a deadlift platform tomorrow
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    Play it again sports has plates and they are doing curbside might be worth the call in your area
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    Man that looks sick do you mind telling us the cost breakdown
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    Haven't heard about them in years..damn. I thought they were all shutdown..
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    Got the bench set up. Need to find room for the hammer strength machine IMG_20200407_120606.jpg
  11. Vincentino

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    Titan V3 power rack: $600
    Titan Competition Bench: $180
    Weider Pro Smith Pulley Combo: retails at around $1200-1400 but I scored it for $450
    425lbs in free weights and barbell: $400
    Floor Mats: $300
  12. Keen eye.
    I've got a storage unit where we wrench around a bit. Both motors just got back from full rebuilds over the winter, titled, matching cases. We are stretching the straight leg frame for the 47...6up 3out. Got a 30 over chrome springer and some 5 spoke invaders to freak the squares out. '56 pan is goin back in it's 48 wishbone frame, has split tanks, mini apes, oem extended springer front end, some upswept cocktail shakers, lil trident sissy. Both bikes in the pic are early slabside shovels. I could talk pre '70 HD all day, might need our own thread...
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  13. Jeez that’s a steal ... people are selling dumbells for 3$ a pound minimum right now. It’s pathetic lol
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  14. Vincentino

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    Brother you’re telling me. It’s ridiculous. That’s all I’m missing and I’ve literally looked everywhere. Shitty thing is that I literally only need like 30’s thru 50’s and I’d be set.
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    I was thinking about setting up a meeting with one of them and just punking them for them. I got kids now though, so probably not the best idea. Shit definitely pisses me off.
  16. Well if you guys are interested, Mohammed has the deals on wheels

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    Lmao, fuckin habibs. They resell anything and everything to anyone and everyone
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  18. randomguy87

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    25lb bumpers in stock as of this morning, not ideal but someone may just need a few more lbs. First time I've seen any one Amazon for a while
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    Hey Any of you guys use the power block adjustable dumbbells before? I was looking at grabbing a pair but wanted some feedback on them first. They look really bulky, are they awkward to use? Thanks fellas