Let’s see those garage gyms!

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Worf, Mar 27, 2020.

  1. Den84

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  2. Cityofgrit

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    Ever since putting in my home gym, I can't seem to stay out of it. I go and lift everyday, sometimes twice a day. I know I should take a break but I seem to end up there anyway.
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  3. Logan44551

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    Pretty fucking stoked, got this bad boy set up. Looks like I'm good for shoulders and some leg work IMG_20200411_134300.jpg
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  4. Uglyrichie

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    Fuck I'm pretty stoked let us know how it goes
  5. Artifex

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    Lucky guy :)
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  6. Brandaddy

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    Haha. I've been doing arms 7 days a week. I'll go out there and just pop out a 4x20 superset of bis and tris. It's not even to try and help them grow, it's just because why not get a sick arm pump when you don't have anything else to do? Lol.
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  7. Logan44551

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  8. BigBaldBeardGuy

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  9. Logan44551

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    Pretty versatile peice of equipment. I'm loving it so far, my buddy hooked me up!
  10. Cityofgrit

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    I know! I went out the other night and thought why not figure out my max incline bench..not even a chest day.
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  11. Cityofgrit

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  12. Btcowboy

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    4.75 inch blocks finished

    Need my damn equipment now 20200410_163311.jpg
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  13. Worf

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    Go to work you degenerate,lol
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  14. Brandaddy

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    I did today. Lol. Put a good 100+ miles on the bike cruising around.
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  15. VaDImadi

    VaDImadi Member

    Don't leave us hanging

    Did you manage to get that one rep max or not?
  16. Logan44551

    Logan44551 Member

    Lmao, took the picture right after warm up set.
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  17. flenser

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  18. Cityofgrit

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    Thank you sir! I just ordered the large set! I was looking at Rogue but these are cheaper. My girlfriend will have to take the weights back to her work around the same time these will be delivered
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  19. Worf

    Worf Member

    Rogue has stuff in stock?
  20. Cityofgrit

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    One of their many sets of plates has 55s available. If you look through their website you can find a couple plates available here and there. Walmart was way cheaper though. I bought a 370 lbs. set. That will at least get me started on my set of plates.
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