Liberal cities are boring - because of Trump

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    San Francisco is my favorite city. Mainly because they have a thousand vegan joints.
    The homeless were everywhere. It appears many have mental illness with addiction. Not sure why they are living on the street and why they are not provided shelter by the city
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    More like mental illness from addiction.

    My understanding is due to regulations the cost of providing shelter to someone there is considerably more than it would cost one of us to shelter ourselves - which is already much higher than in many other places. Also, the shelters that do exist are notoriously dangerous, so many homeless avoid them.

    What I can't understand is why people without homes would congregate in a city that is so cold all the time. If I had to live on the streets, I would go south if at all possible.
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    Yeah man, I get it and don’t have an answer for it.
    I’m finding myself constantly asking a lot of questions that appear to not have answers. Or maybe they don’t have solutions.

    It was heart breaking to see hundreds and hundreds of people on the street ranging from teenagers to 70+ y/o’s. How does this happen in the US? IDK

    Not sure why they flock to SF. SF is currently the most expensive place to live in the US. The most wealthy reside there yet that have the highest homeless population. I scratch my head.

    Why aren’t the extremely wealthy there just financing a building privately to house these people and provide care? They certainly preach to everyone else about equal wealth distribution
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    There are no Democrats or Republicans...there are no sunnis or shiites...there are only the haves and have nots and there are only so many seats at the table!
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    Homeless flock to those cities because of the wealth. Pan handling pay better there and there are more programs and kitchens etc for them. Weather there is great, mild year around
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