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Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Wunderpus, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. Omegistosalex

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    If you want send me a message, i will hook you up
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  2. B Ware

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    Some of the members here reached out and hooked me up. I truly appreciate everyone who did and thank you for offering. I guess everyone on this board isn’t a complete asshole :D

    I’m excited to start out with Creeping death 2. Of course I’ve modified it a bit. I can already tell it’s going to be one of my favorites. Only wish I was still on cycle to give it hell :mad:
  3. Btcowboy

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    That's my favorite program if his so far. Glad you got hooked up.
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  4. showstoppa

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    Hey brother was away for a while. Sent you a message. I'll take care of any you need.

    Appreciate you donating to the cause. Anabolic lab is a great thing for everyone.
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  5. That was the program I started with also. Must say my back and legs grew significantly from that program. Honestly it was that program that taught me how to really smash legs.

    Edit: meant the first Creeping Death. The second one is good too. Great volume and exercise selection
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  6. Omegistosalex

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    I am running the taskmaster now, his programs are very well stractured
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  7. Scout8541

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    Is anyone wiling to share creeping death 2 please. I am getting ready to start a test,npp,eq,mast cycle and would like to log it using this workout. Thank you
  8. Avies48

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    If ur coming of an extended layoff of say 5-10 yrs would it even be worth it to try any of his programs? Now skinny fat...
  9. Cityofgrit

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    I don't see why it wouldn't be worth it
  10. AlwaysHungry

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    I wouldnt run any of his programs after a 10 year lay off.
    These programs are fro interdimate and advanced.
    You will tax your body very much after a 10 year lay off and doing a meadows program probably you wont finish it

    You have not built intensity nor volume after 10 years lay off
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  11. I agree with you on this 98%
    He has two programs that I have run personally that are low volume and lower intensity than all of his others and that would be "Gamma Bomb" and even "Creeping Death 2". But the rest yes are absolutely all intermediate+ skill levels that a beginner or someone coming back from an extended period of time would have trouble recovering from without getting a few months of lifting back under their belt before jumping into one of those program .
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  12. Avies48

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    Thanks, ill check into gamma and creeping death 2
  13. Btcowboy

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    I really liked Creeping Death 2
  14. SaneDog

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    I haven't. I'll be sure to check it out!
  15. showstoppa

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    Run the greyskull lp for 12-16 weeks first before jumping on something like this. Build your strength and body up first and get the gains that come with a linear progression program before jumping to something more advanced.
  16. Mutant_cocks

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    This link is a thread, scroll a little and there’s a mega drop of literally every single John Meadows program out right now.
    Have fun.
  17. Sworder

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    Millard is such a cool guy for not banning your username. It's hilarious by the way. :)
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  18. snerhairot

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    I'm looking for the individual bodypart training manuals from John Meadows... I have the leg training manual and a fuckton of other programs I am willing to trade.
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    Just a reminder that posting hyperlinks to pirated content is prohibited. Support the niche content producers in the bodybuilding community. Don't steal from them.