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    “Took one for the team?” Lol. Nobody wants this shit. Should have just bought it all. No need to update any of us. He is not going to be selling here regularly. Good luck man.
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    Lol, right? It’s not like it’s a new source we’re checking out :rolleyes:
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    Are you high?

    Goddamit, i was midway through writing the same
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    Hahaha it's a joke guys relax relax! I did buy some of the stuffs, I really don't need all of the gears. Come on guys :rolleyes::D
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    You send gear first then I send payment?
  6. That's fair. i had a legit guy do that for me. Neither of us ever got shafted. Was actually a good experience. Wish he was still around.
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    I sent my payment first, divided the order into multiple so if I take an L, it won't hurt too bad. I did see he's a long time member and was genuinely decent guy while we were texting to set up the transaction.
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    C.O.D- that good?
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    Fuck, I put smiley face with shades on, it didn’t post. It’s a joke before you take it serious.
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    Items delivered within 2 days. I broke my orders in 3 separate payment and he sent the 3rd order in together with my 2nd order BEFORE I paid him. Communication with him was great and the price is reasonable for an old timer stepping out of the game for a while. Below is the list of what I got.

    5x Primo E 200mg
    400x DP var 100x 10mg
    1x Test-E
    1x Test-C (I ordered Test-E and he accidentally sent me the C, I send it back for him for future buyer, had no use for it)
    120x Balkan var (20 freebies)
    100x Oxanabol
    140x Mixed and Match Primo A tabs.

    Just giving him a review so he could get rid of a few things he has left. Good luck brother
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    What’s left?
  12. maxwin

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    Bunch of Test-C, Dragon Pharma Anavar and pct :) you can just take a look
  13. FakeNattyAlert

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    Can anybody please help resolve this situation. Balco made a purchase and I shipped him 2 stealth test c and the products were received in 2 days. He claims that the tops are dented (I have pics I took before I shipped to prove otherwise) and that products are no good because they have no label. I offered to pay for 3rd party testing and issue him a full refund since he's not satisfied but he said he's not going to send back the products. What should I do?
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    Fuck @balco
    He pulled some squirrelly ass shit on every thread he goes on
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    Tell him to go eat a dick
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    Long story short I made the assumption that I was buying labeled Parapharma gear. When I received the testosterone it was unlabeled and one of the vials aluminum cap is fucked up.

    I should of made sure the gear was labeled beforehand as I never would of purchased unlabeled vials for $80.

    OP can keep the $80 I am done wasting my time, lesson learned.

    Edit:The only positive part of the experience was that OP sent the package out the next day and spent the extra money to send it 2day.
  17. balco

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    Post the pictures of the vials before you shipped them so we can find out if it happened during shipping.
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    What in the fuck am I reading here...
    @maxwin no offense but the "reviews" made me laugh. It's not like this dude is a source or will ever be one.

    @balco God damn bro... Lmao. Go get a hot plate and a couple of beakers and some syringe filters and sterile vials. Then you can't blame anyone but yourself for this stupid shit. From the amount of money you have spent on finished and "got fucked over" for you could have 50 home brewed vials of test by now.

    And anyone else who is considering grabbing this shit off this dude be careful.

    And as for you as well @FakeNattyAlert offering to dox yourself to make a few bucks is just plain stupid. anyone of these new members (like yourself) could be LE.
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    I've used around 9 sources so far and had issues with two. I didn't even have issues with SAS and everyone had issues with him.

    I admitted I fucked up by not asking for pictures of the specific vials OP was planning to ship me, I definitely should have. Who would buy two vials of unlabeled testosterone from a random on meso for $80!? I was paying that much because I wanted labeled gear tested by anabolic labs.