Pharmacom and Dragon Pharma

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  1. FakeNattyAlert

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    BRO I SENT YOU PLENTY OF PICTURES BEFORE YOU EVEN MADE THE PURCHASE! I I sent pictures of everything that I had on hand. Why didn't you use a broker like you said you were? @eje1990 bro I've been a member since 2016.
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  2. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Don’t refund fucking @balco He is a scammer that pulls this shit all the time. Fuck him. He ripped off another well known source for $415 worth of TPP/NPP blend. He got stabby with the rubber vial top until pieces fell apart. Total bullshit since nobody else has ever had that issue.

    The fucking dude is bad for MESO and sources should refuse to sell to him. Run his ass out.

    Guys like this are bad for the community because it undermines legitimate concerns and issues.
  3. balco

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    Haha! 3 other people admitted to having the same issue, that's why TGI is changing to silicone stoppers.
  4. balco

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    Post the pictures of the vials, you said you have them so post them.

    You sent me pictures of Anavar and of 25+ products laid out on the floor. You never sent pictures of the two vials since I didn't ask you to like I should of.

    Answer my question, why would I buy two blank vials for $40 each? It makes no sense. Remember to post the pictures of the vials now.
  5. BigBaldBeardGuy

    BigBaldBeardGuy Member Supporter

    He’s only switching cause I told him it would protect him from fucking scammers like you. Dick.
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    @BigBaldBeardGuy , hold my beer bro

    @balco , 9 different sources?!?!? That just proves you are trying to scam. Just from one vendor to another and cause trouble to try and get free shit

    How about this. Get a fucking job, nut up, and pay for your shit like a real man.

    And to get the record straight. Both the people who had “issues” with the stoppers didn’t fucking scam for 415$. They didn’t even except an exchange.

    This isn’t fucking Burger King. You don’t get shit your way. Now go over to you fucking reject

    Give me my beer back @BigBaldBeardGuy
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    Oh and I forgot, fuck you balco
  8. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Don’t waste anymore time with fucking @balco you have much better things to do with your time. He’s a horrible person and the only good thing is that he’s gonna eventually do something really stupid one of these days.
  9. eje1990

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    Okay? And you have 12 posts? What's your other handle? (Obviously you wouldn't answer that if you had one)

    I'm not attacking you but you haven't contributed anything. Now your unloading your gear? Lol. It just looks sketchy as fuck. You what I mean? You could be an awesome dude for all I know. But no one knows you.

    Who we do know is @balco. And quite frankly you don't owe him shit even if those vials were shipped in bubble wrap and still ended up shattered.
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  10. Hold on. @balco paid, the other guy sent them out and now there's an issue with caps and labels? Am i up to speed?
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  11. balco

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    Yes. The cap is more of a cosmetic issue but the labels being blank is the main issue. I assumed they would be labeled Parapharma, why would I purchase blank test from an unknown source? I made the mistake of not asking enough question and getting pictures if the specific vials I was ordering.
  12. maxwin

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    Oh no worry, I was not offended at all brother. I had a good experience interacting with him and since he has a number of leftovers. I thought it might be helpful to give him that little boost and update other potential guys who wanted to cheap LAST ACT stuffs. It was not meant like a damn review or anything. Cheers
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  13. iceman440

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    You would do it specifically so you could scam him
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  14. DrinkFlintWater

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    Hes an unknown source? Really, you dont say?

    Anyway, Pin it....

    ....You wont, NO BALLS.
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  15. eje1990

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    Random person
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  16. balco

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  17. Well, guy. i hate to be the bearer of bad news, but sometimes you don't get exactly what you bargained for.

    This is an underground, illegal trade. Demanding to be refunded any time things aren't perfect is expecting too much. You take your chances with every purchace. There is no BBB here.
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  18. maxwin

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    HOLD UP, I bought A LOT of items from this guy. Everything came undamaged, this is crazy. I bought 5 Primo, 1 Test-E, I resend him BACK his Test-C because he was sending it by mistake. He TOLD me to keep the item for myself, but I had no use for it so I sent it back to him.

    I'm sorry to say but you sound like some broke FUCK trying to get a little bit out this poor man. Seriously, if you are too broke for the game, GTFO fuckwit
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  19. maxwin

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    Do you want me to provide a screenshot of all the shit I bought from hime? Fucking pristine unopened items.
  20. balco

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    I agree, but that doesn't mean people aren't entitled to a refund. I dropped it, I don't have the time.
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